How To ‘ Activate Card’ Complete Guide

Wisely Direct Card is an innovative and excellent thought conceived and made into reality by the founder. This card is made to make the millennials work easier as compared to others.

Wisely card gives its users data regarding various metrics like savings, expenditure, monthly spent, and many others. These analytics will make the users to keep an eye on their money transactions and will help to minimize their expenditures and to improve their savings as well. Activate cards are easy to use on a daily basis. These cards can be managed and used for an easy and simple purchase option with no need to swipe, read card details, or enter any personal information.

How To

These cards will allow you to use and shop using these cards without any unnecessary information. This is different from the card readers that the cashiers use at the purchase time to know the amount you have on your card.

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You can even use the credit card with just a simple registration process that gets activated in a simple go. All you need to do is to swipe and make a purchase at the billing section. Activate Wisely card is a brand new and unique service that allows the users to activate particular goods like deodorants, detergents, with just a single click.

Using the direct card is a simple yet effective way to have packaged goods online without taking the trouble to go to the offline store. There is a special and unique use of these cards with which we can use them for various purposes other than purchasing the packaged products and goods as well.

The Activate cards can be used in numerous and multiple unique and useful ways. These cards allow the users to undergo up to 10 activations and transactions which is so much useful as per the customer’s perspective.

There is a one really important aspect you need to keep in mind which is to check the card’s expiry date and the year prior to its usage.

These Activate wisely cards can be activated easily and we can choose the retailers from the available options which also include some big brands like Walmart Stores, Target across Canada, and other countries.

This card can also be used anywhere irrespective of any location constraint. The Activate Wisely cards are used for unique usages which you will use on a regular and daily basis like paying restaurant bills, clearing monthly bills, and many more.

The Activate wisely cards make it easy for people to check their bills and save money in order to find the best deals as well. Another interesting aspect of these Activates Wisely cards is that they can be linked to your account so as to make it accessible for you to check the balance at any given time.

Wait, if you are wanting to know the activation process of the Activate Wisely cards? We will guide you on how to do the exact process.

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  • Visit the website or you can also opt to call the helpline.
  • Then, select the swipe type and the card number.
  • Access your account and start using it.

This is truly an awesome card for one to have in their pockets as this card will allow you to shop easily with lesser efforts and strain. There are different swipes available with variations in terms of fees & credits.

One of the most doubtful queries is if it is really required to use the PIN (Personal Identification Number) for the ATM cards? If yes, where to find one?.

Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with all the required details. So, ensure to check the blog till the very end.

Understand These Before You Activate Wisely Card

Wisely Activate is the unique, first contactless payment method that allows you to save your time, money, energy. Since, this is a secure, private platform users can trust these cards for making any kind of payment.

These cards provide the users with a wide range of options and tools that help them manage their daily activities.

The users can also make awesome and creative use of it by influencer marketing by leveraging these cards and its usage in order to gain reach on social media handles. After activating the card, you can get to enjoy all the premier benefits.

What Do The Benefits Of The Wisely Card Include?

Using a Wisely card comes with its own benefits. Some such benefits are listed here. It is a cashless system that helps the efficiency of the city. It helps the employees serve better and avoids cash transactions. It will also help you to manage and keep an eye on your money.

How To Get a Wisely Card And Use It For Better Living?

This card will help you to by keeping a track of your expenditure and spending on a monthly basis. The Wisely card is made to help users save money and to encourage the users on various things like Spending limits, keeping an eye on expenditure, and others.

Customers who sign up from the bank end will receive the card as a part of the process. This card comes with a limit, alerts on expenditure, and others. It also helps the users to track various aspects for easy understanding and analysis of their money and savings.

Benefits Of Wisely Pay Card

This card is ideal for those who have low or irregular income level to track and limit down their expenditures. It advise the users on how to spend and save the amount and other things as well.

This card improves the wellness of your lives and improves the standard of living by spending the amount you only have on your card.

  • The card you get will include your name.
  • Direct Deposit without any charge or fares.
  • This card comes with EMV built-in chip for fraud protection.
  • Save income from the second jobs and other Government benefits.
  • These cards allow the users to deposit cash directly.
  • Money spent will be easily monitored on the Android & ios devices as well.

How to Activate Wisely Pay Card Using Activate Card Portal?

If you are using a Wisely card you can activate it online by following simple steps. You can also opt to navigate to for the card’s activation to be easy and smooth. This site is useful to activate all the wisely cards in a single place.

As the activation process is simple, the users can easily complete the activation process in one way. Portal is a web page that will intricate the users for an easy activation process of the wisely cards.

Step 1: You can go to the wise app or go to and activate the card here.

Step 2: For this process, you need to be ready with details like 16 digit card number, pin number of the card.

Step 3: Enter the 16 digit card and Pin number along with the expiration date on the card. Click on the “Activate Card” option thereby selecting the “I’m Not Robot” option.

Step 4: During this step, users need to select a PIN in order to activate the card.

Step 5: Enter all the promptly asked details as required and select the Activate option there. Activate Card For US Cardholders

This card allows users with various unique benefits and the card also holds the bearer’s name. The Wisely card is very useful as it has information related to your savings, expenditure, behavior, and many more.

Follow the steps listed below carefully for successful activation of the Wisely Direct app. This will make your activation easy and successful without any mistakes and flaws.

Step 1: Go to the Wise App or visit to activate your card from the page here.

Step 2: Keep yourself ready with details like 16 digit card number, Expiry date, and year on the card for quick activation purposes.

Step 3: Enter the 16 digit card and Pin number along with the expiration date on the card. Click on the “Activate Card” option thereby selecting the “I’m Not Robotoption.

Step 4:  During this step, choose a PIN which you need to remember for further usage.

Step 5: This is the last and final step, After entering all the required details correctly, you need to click on the “Activate” option.

This will activate your card and you will now be able to use the Wisely card easily. Following these steps will make the activation of the Wisely Direct Card easy and accessible for you.

Now, you can use the Wisely card for various benefits like Transaction monitoring, saving tracking, expenditure minimizing, and much more to add to the list.

Wisely Direct Card | Activate My Wisely Direct Card?

As Wisely card comes with a lot of benefits, advantages for the users, and users can avail these benefits without even owning a card. This card removes all your worries of carrying your wallet to shopping.

This also has an online app that allows you to track your money matters. Wisely card is available to use at all the Kroger stores in and across the US. Go to or call 1-866-313-9029 in order to activate your card and you can also earn the cashback and exciting rewards on your purchases.

Once your card gets activated, select the PIN. This Pin will allow you to do shopping and transactions at transport, vending machines, and more. You need to go through the process in order to successfully activate the Wisely Direct Card for your daily usage monitoring and tracking process to have a detailed eye on your unnecessary expenditures.

This will give you an idea on how and where to cut down your expenses and to boost your savings to the rocket level.

 ActivateWisely Pay Card Login Portal

This website is made to allow users to avoid payments via cash. Wisely card helps you to make payments faster and easier with just a swipe and no extra effort. Dev Copeland is the one who developed this app for a faster user experience in terms of cash transactions.

He conceived this idea when he was in college to buy some snacks. Logging into your account on your mobile device and it will give you access to options like the ones that are listed below. Activate your card at or use the myWisely app.

Try to download the required app as listed and make a portfolio of yourself. Manage your account with the money you have in your savings account. Ensure that your card is activated, and upgrade the card so that you can access the premium feature available in your account

This allows you to make online payments, create an account to enable you to use your personal PayPal information. Activate Card FAQs

This is a company that extend its services to create the digital products for your business. From the available options, you will be required to choose the Activate Card button for the usage of the clients.

This card can be customized as per your requirements like personalizing it with your company’s logo and colors to make it look like the card is a part of your brand.

There are some FAQs about the Activate Card that you should know before owning a one of your own.

What Are the Requirements For Using Activate Card Portal?

You need to carry or have some must-have credentials with you at the time of activation to ensure you have an easy and simple activation process.

  • Expiration date and year on the card
  • 16 digit number
  • Card CVV
  • PIN of the card

What Is Activate Card For?

Here is the detailed answer on what is and how to activate the Wisely Direct Cards using the same. is a smart webpage that can be used for activating your wisely Pay card easily without any disturbances.

This webpage can also be used to access the Wisely card login portal that gives you access to view your card transaction history, card balance debit alert, and many more… to keep a track of your money and savings as well.

What Is Login Portal?

This will give you to answer on how and what is the Login portal of Wisely Direct card and how to use it.

The login Portal is specially designed for the users who want to quickly access their payments, card details, payment history, and other related details without using the wisely app. This webpage can be used to access wisely pay card account anywhere in the world.

How To Download App?

If you are ambiguous about how to download the Wisely Direct card then, this might come to your use. Since it has all the information related to the Downloading process of the Wisely Direct card for the financial transactions and monetary tracking of the user’s saved money in their accounts.

Activatewisely is a mobile-friendly app that gives you free content from your selected choice of favorite companies. It is easy for the users to download and use, and it provides a lot of value in terms of the services it provides and the time saved.

Downloading the app is so easy and simple that it gets done in just 2 minutes. Head to the App Store or Google Play from the selected device of your choice. Enter “activate wisely” in the search bar. Once you find it, tap download and follow the steps to start using the app right away!

How Do I Activate My Wisely Direct Card?

This will give you an elaborate answer on how to activate the Wisely Direct card using simple steps. These steps will make the whole process of activation of the card super easy and hassle-free for you.

There are different ways to activate the Wisely Direct card and those are listed below. Prefer the one that suits your need. If you are comfortable using the website choose to go with the first method. If you prefer calling and making the activation done, then prefer the second one.

The users of Wisely Direct card can visit the website or can contact 1-866-313-9029 for activating the Direct cards services.

This will give users an opportunity to win the rewards and cashback on every purchase they made using the Wisely Direct card. This card allows you to do much more shopping on the go and is easily accessible to you all.

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This is all about the Wisely Direct card activation steps, the process you need to go through in order to activate the Wisely Direct card in a simple and easy manner.

The activation of the Wisely Direct Card can be made successful by following various methods which are listed in the article. Carefully select the one that best fits your requirement. Hope this article is helpful and serves its purpose.