10 Best Sites like Cartoon Crazy to Watch Cartoon Online

Cartoon Crazy website provides you facilities to watch anime, cartoons and comics for free of cost. In this article which is 10 Best Sites like Cartoon Crazy to watch Cartoon Online in 2021 contains the best alternatives for Cartoon Crazy to help cartoon lover to watch their favourite anime. Animes and cartoons are loved by all ages of people. This site’s contains animes, cartoons, movies collection which you can watch online without spending a single penny. Cartoons works as a great stressbuster.

Large number of users visit Cartoon Crazy for their entertainment. By using this website you can enjoy your favorite movies and animes anytime anywhere. This website has a user-friendly interface which makes this website easy to access. Due to the straightforward interface, this site can be managed at faster rate. Cartoons has a special place in everyone’s heart. The search box offers you to search your favourite anime from the collection. In this article we have mentioned the 10 Best Sites like Cartoon Crazy to watch Cartoon online in 2021.

Alternative of Cartoon Crazy in 2021

It contains a list of best 10 sites which you can use as an alternative site of Cartoon Crazy to watch online cartoons in the year 2021. You can choose any one of them according to your choice.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a popular website almost each and every person uses it. You can watch all types of movies and animes over this website. YouTube has a wide range of collection of movies, animes and cartoons. You can watch high quality cartoon videos over there which makes a wonderful experience. You can also adjust the video quality. You can add your favourite movies in watchlist so that you can watch your favourite cartoon animes later on in your free. You can subscribe a particular YouTube channel. Watching cartoons on YouTube is a great experience.

You can search your favorite anime in the search box and get more outcomes. You can watch Cartoons in the number of languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, all the Regional languages.

Features: watchlist, subscription, language, free to watch.

2. KissCartoon

KissCartoon is an excellent alternative to CrazyCartoon. This website provides a numerous amount of customized cartoons. This website allows you to watch Cartoon movies, pictures , cartoon series online. You can watch HD quality cartoons for free of cost.

This website has huge collection of cartoon content that keeps you engaged. This website interface is organized systematically according to ratings, anime Characters, movies, series, etc. This website is having great customer reviews. It’s access is even more faster enabling the users to use it more precisely.

Features : customized cartoons, HD quality cartoons, free, good website interface, good reviews.

3. KissAnime

KissAnime enable you to watch the animes free of cost. This is a popular website it doesn’t require any registration. This websites contain all types of cartoon movies from latest to old series and it has continuously updated library. You can also request for any anime which is not present in its library. You can watch all types of cartoon movies from High quality to low quality that is from 1080p to 240p.

This website has user friendly interface which is quite straightforward and this makes its best part. It is also a good alternative for Cartoon Crazy.

Features: high-quality videos, registration not necessary, we can request animes, straightforward interface.

4. Movie4u

Movie4u is an add free website. Hence it serves as a great site for streaming. It has reviews and ratings for each anime marked by users which makes it easier to get an overall view about any anime. Movie4u provide a high quality videos and also other sorts of contents.

The ad promotes the harmful site and also some harmful ads so it is quite necessary to Install a good adblocker system and also a good antivirus software before visiting this site. Stay attentive during visiting this site do not click on any promotional ads.

Features: review and ratings for animes, add free website, high-quality content.

5. GoGoAnime

This is a popular dubbed anime provider while considering it as one of the alternative for Animefreak. GoGoAnime is providing a huge collection of English Anime since a long time. Due to a large collection of English animes it have its fans all over the world who visits this site to watch English Anime. You can watch any other anime here in English language.

Each anime over this page contains a short description about that particular anime and other details like duration, genre, quality, ratings, etc. You can also rate any anime over this page so that it becomes easy for other users using this site to find the best rated animes through the filter. Hence it is the best alternative for CartoonCrazy.

Features: English animes, description about animes available , rating.

6. Fmovies

Fmovies is a best anime streaming platform. It contains a variety of motion movie, cartoon series and other content. It has a dedicated site for newly added series. Also there is a section for short photos. It contains wide range of movies.

Fmovies provide numerous popular cartoon like Wonder park, Easter Land, Lucky and other sorts of movies. The website contains detailed information regarding the movie’s. Animes over this site is of high quality. Fmovies has niters restrictions which contains the includes hence it is very helpful site and is all for free.

Features: short photo section, detailed information about animes, high quality animes, free site, niter restrictions.

7. ToonJet

ToonJet is the best streaming online free website which contains all sorts of cartoon content. It has faster searching options. Timeless cartoon can be enjoyed over this website.

There is no need of registration on this website for further streaming. You can watch the popular cartoons on this website like Tom and Jerry, Looney tunes, Mickey mouse, Oggy and the cockroaches, doremon, Donald, etc. Hence it is a good alternative to Cartoon Crazy. 

Features: faster search, registration is not required.

8. NickToons

Nick Toons is a popular anime website which is available for free of cost. This website can be accessed by anyone and has user-friendly interface. The customer do not face any problem while using this website. You can watch your favourite shows such as Avatars, spongy, etc.

It is amongst one of the most popular website used for streaming cartoon movies and animes for free of cost. Many people across the globe watch the cartoon movies on this website and have a wonderful experience.

Features: user-friendly interface, free to use.

9. AnimeToon

Anime Toon is a famous website on internet sites. It contains lots of cartoon movies and series to watch without spending a single penny. They additionally provide you different types of computer animation. These computer animation has high definition video and serves the best alternative for Anime Toon.

It includes hundreds of computer animation programs that watch all the computer animes and videos on this website. You can also refer to sites called as animes. Hence it is a good Cartoon Crazy alternative.

Features: types of computer animation, high-quality videos.

10. 9Anime

9anime is a good website to watch Anime flick or other content collection. It is a popular website. You get many functions such as filters for searching and other sorts of functions to avail watching animes. It also provides HD quality videos which creates a great time.

You can create your account on this website by registering on it and you can create a list of your favorite movies and animes. You can enjoy advertisements and pop-up free animes by registering on it. It serves a good platform as an alternative for Cartoon Crazy. You can watch all types of cartoon movies like adventure action, horror, etc.

Features: filter and sorting options available, HD quality videos, registration can be done to watch ad-free videos.


All of these above are the 10 Best Sites like Cartoon Crazy to watch Cartoon Online in 2021. At some Times due to server problem or any other we cannot open the Cartoon Crazy website. At that time to continue watching cartoon movies and animes these are the alternatives for Cartoon Crazy which can help you in such cases. Our motive is to help our readers to find out solutions to their problems. This article neither intend nor promote any malicious sites.