Chicago Fire Finale Recap Wedded Bliss and Danger Plus

With Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) returning to Chicago for Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd’s (Miranda Rae Mayo) wedding, the series finale of Chicago Fire promises to be a joyous occasion.

There is always the question of whether or not a pair will get married, and “Brettsey” must decide how to proceed with their long-distance relationship now that she is still residing in Chicago.

Chicago Fire Finale Recap Wedded Bliss and Danger Plus

In addition, Chief Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) is being blackmailed by Emma (Caitlin Carver) to promote her to Violet’s (Hanako Greensmith) position at 51. So, where do all these plot threads stand going into the series finale of the NBC drama? Continue on for more information.

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Stellaride Nuptials

The unfortunate news is that Severide’s mom may not make it. “This wedding is for us, not her,” he tells his future wife. The (excellent) news is that Kidd locates a suitable location for their wedding within a week, and they don’t even have to pay a deposit, thanks to the previous couple’s cancellation.

The members of Engine Company 51 do what they do best and pitch in to make this emergency wedding a reality. But here’s the greatest part: Emma is reassured by Gallo’s (Alberto Rosende) assurance that she won’t be around to need her assistance.

Do not Cross a Member of the 51st.

Brett will be Kidd’s maid of honour, and the two will have a hilarious bachelorette party in the office (with questions like “What is the bride’s favourite position… in the CFD?”).

She also has one of the best scenes in the show when she asks Boden (Eamonn Walker) to be her wedding planner and best man. She tells him that the majority of her “actual family is here in the firehouse.” You’re the closest thing I’ve had to a father my whole life, and I was wondering if you’d give me away.

What a heartbroken expression on Boden’s face. To have that happen would be the highest praise I could receive,” he says. I would find a way to lead you down the aisle if the wedding were yesterday or on the moon.

Is there any Doubt that the Groom Won’t be Late?

After the call in the previous episode, he plans to testify in the drug case he’s involved in, and one of Campbell’s men is keeping an eye on him, to the point where they get into a fight that ends with the man throwing a knife and falling out a window.

Detective Pryma (Troy Winbush) assures Severide it was self-defense and insists he be protected by the police until Campbell is dealt with. Believe me, this wedding will take place.

Severide tells Kidd, “I don’t want anything overshadowing it,” meaning that no one save her and Boden should be aware of it. The fact that Campbell appears to be winding down his Chicago operations and leaving town is a positive sign.

Everyone is relieved to have Casey back after he found someone to cover his shifts; in fact, Gallo greets him with a hearty “Cap” as soon as he enters 51.

This bodes well for the smooth running of the wedding, right? Not at all! Casey thinks, “Severide and Kidd are meant to be,” after learning how much his closest friend has improved, but there’s a significant snag at the venue.

The second couple’s deposit ensured the wedding would go forward. Without success, Herrmann (David Eigenberg) offers to bribe the other groom to switch dates, saying, “they’ve got real commitment difficulties” in reference to Stellaride.

Luckily, Casey figures out a plan B: they can hire a tour boat whose captain is willing to marry them. The fact that Severide’s flight was delayed and she was able to talk to him over FaceTime makes the experience much sweeter.

She may not agree with Severide men or marriage, but she does believe that he deserves to be happy with Kidd. As “All of Me” by John Legend plays in the background as Boden leads Kidd down the aisle, the couple exchanges their wedding vows.

Kelly, I’ll Just Tell You Straight up:

You have magical powers in my eyes. You pick me up when I’m feeling down and you’re always there for me. Kidd tells you, “You are the goodest of men. When I need to hear, you’ll tell me, “You got this, Stella Kidd,” and I’ll know that everything will be OK because it always is when I’m with you.

“Yes, we are taking a tremendous, reckless leap into the unknown, but we’re doing it together. Kelly Severide, you have my undying affection, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

Then Severide speaks: “Stella, I decided a long time ago that if I was going to be with you, I needed to be worthy of you, which seemed impossible. How do I prove that I deserve someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves, inside and out?

You prevent me from putting things away, which is supposedly what makes me a better person. Instead, you took the time to get to know the real me, and miraculously, you still do. Stella, I may never be able to earn your love, but I vow to try my hardest for the rest of my life.

The words “I adore you” All the joy and love in the world can’t prevent something terrible from happening in the end. Someone pulls up in a car and parks outside the cabin as Severide and Kidd begin their honeymoon…

In Brettsey’s Future

Brett tells Violet early on that Casey is content in Portland, having discovered a new passion in being a dad and in combating wildfires. The medic also notes her relief at having returned to her original age of 51.

They don’t talk about the issue until they’re all dancing at the reception. But as Brett tells Matt, “you’ve established a great life for yourself in Oregon, but it’s your life, not mine,” he realises that he can’t force her to stay with him forever.

My entire 51 family is here, and so is my job and my entire life. After all this time apart, how much longer can we keep this up? Even though Casey has no idea, “we’re together tonight.” Sounds like Brettsey is on the outs.

The Emma Problem at Ambulance 61

When Violet clocks out for what could be the last time, Hawkins doesn’t hold out much hope that they’ll be able to catch Emma because she’s already changed her appearance. And when Brett comes back to 51, Emma is sure to say hello (after witnessing how beloved the PIC is).

With the help of Gallo and Ritter (Daniel Kyri), Violet tries to seem as though everything is “OK, fine,” but she eventually breaks the news to Brett that things are actually quite dire. As in, “We’re going to stop this somehow, right?”

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Asked Brett. Violet tells her she can’t give off the impression that she understands anything and that things don’t look good. And yet, the four of them are resolved to work it out. However, I am curious as to how they plan to accomplish this.

Hawkins offers to take the fall if Violet is transferred or resigns, and Brett makes sure Emma understands how much Violet means to her by naming her closest friend and “one in a million,” while also reminding her that she needs to start planning her next mission.

After Emma insists that the others will learn to like her when Violet calls her out on her delusions that her plan will work with all of 51 against her, Emma signs her own pink slip by fleeing a fire and leaves Violet, Kidd, and Gallo to assist a labouring lady.

Once everyone realised who Emma really was, Hawkins told her, “you’re not cut out for 51.”