7 Best ‘Cloud Gaming’ Services Available in 2023

We all have played video games over the phone or on computers and we all love playing that. But here in this article, we will be talking about the high-powered games which usually take more effort, and also more than just a normal cell phone.

You need to have a console, headphones, gaming controller and specialized gaming computer, and an audience to enjoy watching you play. Because these are not normal gaming videos or stuff like that, you really need to choose the best which comes with beautiful and attractive graphics, catchy stories, and things like that.

But before we head on to that part first let us discuss what exactly cloud gaming is and how it works.

What is Cloud Gaming?

If we go on with the simple meaning cloud gaming services are nothing but game streaming which uses cloud computing to deliver the game on your computer instead of using a local computer.

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In cloud gaming, the gameplay is directly streamed on your computer through outsourcing computing power.

How does Cloud Gaming work?

Basically in cloud gaming services high powered servers are being used to Stream the game on your site, which means the game is being streamed on those servers that you are using and not on your pc.

The game is at the end streamed on your high power internet-connected server and displays.

The Best Cloud Gaming Services

You need to choose the best website available. So here we will be helping you out to find the best Cloud Gaming Service just as right as for you. Now let’s have a look at all possible cloud gaming services you can use in 2023.

1. Shadow

Gaming experience with low latency. The company offers cloud computing services and is one of the most recommended and popular websites among consumers.

The reason is evident as the company has a lot to offer like a good accessible gaming period, high-performance gaming, and a really giant gaming library to choose from. The key features include:

  • The subscription fees are relatively cheap i.e. $35a month.
  • Up to date pc with dedicated GPS service.
  • 4k streaming in ultra-high definition.
  • You can buy storage up to 256GB initially.

2. PlayStation Now

One of the oldest sites to offer cloud gaming services. The site was introduced by Sony back in 2014, sony recommended the Internet speed to be 5mpbs to have a decent gaming experience. The site gives you a monthly subscription like Netflix for providing its services.

The only drawback with this site is that the titles are being taken down every then and now by Netflix itself.

Here are the key features:

  • The monthly subscription is costly but annual plans are cheap starting with just a $59.99 period.
  • You can have a 7 day free trial period before subscribing.
  • You can stream games with just 5mbps of internet connection without any interruptions.
  • The video game quality is 720p only and also no surrounding sounds are available.

3. Microsoft Azure Cloud Games

It is a cloud gaming service that is used by IT professionals and developers to build, manage and deploy cloud applications through a global network of data centers which is specifically developed by Microsoft for this purpose.

The key features are:

  • With a limited number of features, you can get 12 month free services.
  • Data analytics, managed game services, and live ops.
  • A dedicated Azure traffic controller.
  • Easy to deploy and user-friendly.

4. Google Stadia

This one is still on paper and really by looking at its publicity it seems it is going to be one of the best gaming cloud sites. Unlike other gaming platforms which provide services like Netflix on subscription, Google stadia does not offer anything like that.

Here a new feature is being used to access games i.e. you have to buy the games you wish to play instead of having a monthly or yearly subscription.

The site has the following offerings:

  • 4k Resolution with 6fps with Chromecast.
  • You get all the pro games first purchased again if you unsubscribe and resubscribe after a period of time.
  • With crowd, game features viewers can join the live streams to play.
  • Almost no latency with a hefty controller.

5. Steam Link

It is an application with both hardware and software services. On the hardware site, it has been turned down to support the software program or the app. The hardware of the steam link enables to stream of steam content on the pc.

The key features of the application are following:

  • A beta program runs on an android system, but it also runs smoothly on any device with iOS 11 or higher Apple hardware.
  • The app as of now is free of charge.
  • Users can play at 4k with 60fps for streaming live.
  • It requires Bluetooth low Energy Functionality for better streaming.

6. XBOX App

Microsoft introduced the Xbox app in 2019 and then its beta version was released later on. It is serving as a PC version of games for its users.

The key features are following:

  • If you wish to get a family program, then each member must have a separate account and each will have to buy separate games.
  • Through an Xbox pass, you have the chance to play individually on both Windows 10 and Xbox.
  • On Windows 10 there is a feature of online gaming which doesn’t require a streaming fee.

7. HP Omen Game Stream

If you own an omen pc and you wish to stream from it then you should go through this choice. There is no other cloud server other than the omen server for streaming as an Omen PC is used by the server for streaming.

The service is available only for the HP system. The key features are following:

  • Optimized according to bandwidth for streaming seamlessly.
  • The service is limited to the Omen system only.
  • There is no option for 4k resolution.
  • It offers different challenges to users, on completing them you get rewards that give you an upper hand.

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Final Words

The future of gaming is going to be so much of cloud gaming services which are now available in beta programs mostly but still the developers keep in their mind to develop the application in such a way that it gives the users the best experience of streaming the cloud games.

In the near future, cloud gaming services are going to do miracles to redefine video games and so much still left to offer from the industry to its users.