Demonoid Alternatives for Torrent Lovers

Back in the year 2003, a website that helped a lot of users to share content and help in tracking the torrent files was “Demonoid”. Demonoid was created by the Deimos, to facilitate file-sharing related discussions and provide a platform for searching the torrent file index.

The website has undergone an irregular time interval of extended its pause due to the shifting of the server. It was generally caused due to the different ISP of the country or due to violations of several rules. Around in march 2014, after total 20 months of pause the following website became available to users again. The most positive part is the oldest users of Demonoid are still able to surf it and are not shut by the website. But around 2018 it came to an end. Since then, we got many excellent alternatives to Demonoid. Few of them were available from the time of Demonoid, rest were launched after Demonoid.

Here are some basic points you need to know about Demonoid.

What Happened With Demonoid?

When this website was launched, from the very start it was covered with troubles. Due to the seizure of the US government website changed its domain to Demonoid. me, in the year 2010. Again later following by the year in 2014 domain again changed to

Many website took the advantage of sudden fall of the Demonoid and many fake websites emerged at that time which adversely affected the website. Due to so much complications of the Demonoid it lost its popularity among the users. After this users were attracted towards Demonoid alternatives.

Is Demonoid Safe?

Demonoid is safe and registration does not require your actual email and password. It is adult content free and does not show any interest in pornography.

We talked about torrents and torrent files, But what actually is a torrent, and is it legal? A torrent or a bit-torrent file is a kind of distribution system which consists of a meta-information file that contains metadata about file and folder to be distributed. Usually, it consists of a list of the network locations of trackers which are computers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient.

In simple words, Torrent is a kind of internet protocol that is used to establish network from one system to another to share knowledge lens or any other information. Torrent is legal. As we discussed that it is a kind of Internet Protocol used to share files, but the copyright which is issued by the content company is illegal. Demonoid was our Torrent website.

9 Best Torrent Sites Similar With Demonoid

Here we are going to discuss about 9 sites which serves best as alternative sites or similar sites to Demonoid. So let’s have a look on them.

1. ThePirateBay

The website is an online index and can be given a tag of best Demonoid alternative. The torrent content available over this website generally consist of entertainment purpose or any software development purpose. Being a part of. Onion domain the downtime error is less because. Onion domain is active all the time. Although it has experienced similar issues as Demonoid. This website was also launched around the launch period of Demonoid. The website comes with 35 different languages for the easiness of users.

2. LimeTorrents

Here comes limetorrents which is also so a popular Torrent website. This website is loved by young generations. Having a user-friendly interface it’s one of the most easiest websites to work on. This website includes various genre such as entertainment, gaming, animation and lot more. One downfall of the website can be its unavailability in few countries. This is one of the safest website to work with torrent related files.

3. Rarbg

RARBG was found in year 2008. It is also known as Bulgarian BitTorrent tracker. RARBG has a vast collection of torrent files. You can find tv shows over this website and these are most loved by audience. You can easily download the episodes at the time after release. This website is blocked in few countries but you can use this website with the help of VPN.

4. TorLock

Torlock is a Demonoid alternative, but is not known by much audience. Torlock is a newbie and has start gaining attention of users. Users have to perform a torrent search for finding their desired content. This websites comes with security policy to protect the torrent from cyber attacks. You will be charged if any use of fake torrent is reported.

5. Torrentz2

Its the child website of Torrentz website. It’s a well known website for torrent. It’s a meta torrent tracker and collects various information from websites and displays. It makes work easy for user and has about 61 million torrent files. It dosen’t host anything over it’s website so it’s free of downtaking of website.

6. IsoHunt

Isohunt was taken down in year 2013. It was a popular Torrent website and used to provide various search options for their desired files but you can find various mirror sites of ISO hunt. These websites have same appearance and a same feeling just like the original one. You have to use a virtual private network to connect the mirror website of ISO hunt. It used to consist huge amount of genre and was having a very large user base.

7. 1337X

This website has a large fan base and does not need any sort of introduction. This is one of the most best alternative of Demonoid around year 2007. This website was a general purpose Torrent tracker. It’s interface has quite improved a lot and developers have given it a modern look. 1337X provides lot of content with many range in genre.

The main reason behind it success is it works over different domains you can find these domains online and can take advantage of all the services. It is leading the charts by having third most popular Torrent website in the world.

8. Zooqle

This website was launched in 2018 and is not popular among the users. But slow and steady wins the race. It is gaining popularity with a steady speed. This website was originated in Russia and has a very modern look and a very sensible feeling. The English language is only translatable language available till now. It adds up to 2, 000 new files per day and has about 4 million torrent files till now.

9. SeedPeer

Although this website is not popular among the users of torrent files this website has a loyal user base. It is completely safe from any cyber attacks and is really very reliable. Here torrent files are available of very high quality and this website is best suited for MAC devices. This website does not support any fake Torrent. One of the cons of this website can be it’s mature content which can be a little dangerous for children.

Conclusion, has excelled among users. as we discussed earlier that this website benefitted many users, but due to it’s unstable behaviour it was not successful. Using a mirror option is not a bad idea at all. Infact you can get all the same things over the mirrored website. Although many websites took it’s place but these alternatives are best for working with torrent files. Kindly use anti-virus application while using torrent or VPN would be a best option.

Why to just sit and waste time. Go, try these websites soon!