What is ‘Discord Text Formatting’ Guide: Colours Bold Italic Strikethrough

If you are someone who have discord app and is enjoy chatting over there with your friends and family but always get interrupted whenever you get to see someone typing in different kind of stylish letters like bold italic etc.

This happens with most of the people they don’t know how to write their chats in different styles to make it more effective and they end up writing Hii as Bold hii.

If you are also one of them or someone who just want to learn all these things beforehand you are at the right place! In this article i will be giving you step by step information on how to format text in discord.


To start with first let’s understand what is Markdown and Highlight in discord. Whenever you chat with your phone or other device  there is always an engine-like system working which formats all the text you type in background.

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This system is called Markdown in discord. Highlight is a tool with which we can have a code block of discord pointing it towards that syntax highlighting profile. This profile can be later used as an advantage by making our text different and covered up by different symbols.

So Highlight js Is used for highlighting code blocking.

Discord, a platform beloved by gamers and communities alike, offers a plethora of features, one of which is text formatting. This guide delves deep into the nuances of Discord text formatting, helping you to understand and utilize this tool to its fullest potential.

What is Discord Text Formatting?

Discord text formatting refers to the way users can style their text messages using various commands and symbols. This includes bolding, italicizing, underlining, and even color-coding text to make messages stand out and convey information more effectively.

What is Discord Text Formatting Used for?

The primary purpose of Discord text formatting is to enhance communication. By styling text, users can:

  • Emphasize Points: Making certain words bold or italic can stress their importance.
  • Categorize Information: Using colored text or box text can help categorize different pieces of information.
  • Improve Aesthetics: Stylish text can make server announcements or pinned messages look more professional and pleasing to the eye.

How To Format Text In Discord? 

From now while you will be reading through this article you will be well equipped with the knowledge on how to format text in discord. You will be learning how to make it bold how to italicise it how to underline it etc.

This is not going to be a tough process all the steps are very easy and you will learn them in no time. So let’s get into the steps!

How To Bold Text In Discord? 

If you want to make a text bold so that it don’t get lost in group chats or be ignored by reader follow these steps:

First what you need is to write a text and then put two asterisks * at the start and end of the text. You can type asterisks by pressing shift key and 8 numbers on your keyboard simultaneously.

For example **Hey how are you doing**

Then the text will automatically become bold and here you are! That was so easy.

How To Italicise Text (Create Slanted Italics)? 

To write the text in italics i. e. to make the text slanted and change its look in the discord app you have to type asterisks just like we did to make it bold. The difference is that this time you need to type only one asterisk.

So to bold the text we typed We used **Hello how are you doing**. And to italicise the text we  have to use single asterisk *Hello how are you doing*. And note that the asterisk will be typed when you press shift and 8 number keys simultaneously on the keyboard.

How To Create Bold Italic Text In discord?  (Bold+italics)

Ok so now we have learned how to write the text in bold and how to write the text in italics now let’s get an insight into how to write the text into bold and italics both at a time.

To write it into bold italics you need to put three asterisks in the start and end of the task.

For example ***hey how are you doing*** (*=Shift+8)

How To Create Underlined Text In Discord? 

Just like we underline the important things while writing something on a page you can do that in discord too. To make the text underlined  all you need to do is to put two underscores like __ .

If you don’t know  how to type underscores just type the dash button on the keyboard and shift key simultaneously. One press is equal to one dash so just press both of them twice. So to type the underlined text

__hey how are you doing__

How To Create Strikethrough Text In Discord? 

To create strikethrough text in discord you need to type tilde. Tilde key looks like ~ this. Now to write strikethrough text  cross out or strikethrough the two tildes across the text.

For typing tilde key all you need to do is to press and hold tilde and shift key simultaneously.

Here is an example of strikethrough text

~~hey how are you doing~~

Formatting On International Keyboard Layouts

As I have provided thorough guidelines on how to type certain signs too international people using international keyboard layout may encounter the problem typing them. So here is a detail about how an asterisk will look on an international keyboard.

German: Shift+[+] (key in right side of Ü)

Spanish: Shift+[+] (key in  right side of `^ (Spain) or ´¨ (Latin America))

French (France): * (key in  right side  of ù%)

French (Belgium): Shift+$ (key in right side of ^¨)

French (Switzerland): Shift+3 key

Italian: Shift+[+] (key in right side of èé)

Swedish: Shift+’ (key in  right side of Ä)

So users using any of these keyboards like German spanish italian  french could take this guide as a reference before typing asterisks।

Combining Text Formatting Options Even further

Besides formatting the text in a single way we can combine different formats too.

Underlined and italicised text

To underline and italics the text:

__*Hey how are you doing*__

Underlined and bolded text

__**Hey how are you doing**__

Underlined  Bolded and Italicised text.

__***hey how are you doing***__

What Size Formatting Does Discord Use?

Discord doesn’t allow users to change the font size directly through its text formatting options. However, the platform utilizes Markdown language, which has predefined sizes for headers and normal text.

While the text size remains uniform, the emphasis comes through the use of bold, italic, or underlined text.

How to Do Box Text on Discord?

Boxed text, also known as code blocks, is a popular formatting style on Discord. To create box text:

  • Inline Code Block: Use backticks () before and after your text: \text` will appear as text.
  • Multiline Code Block: Use three backticks () for larger boxes: \\Text here“`\ will create a larger box with the words “Text here.”

Benefits of Discord Text Formatting

  • Enhanced Readability: Structured and stylized text breaks monotony and is easier to read.
  • Increased Engagement: Interactive and colorful text can grab users’ attention, leading to increased engagement in discussions.
  • Professional Appearance: Proper text formatting, especially in announcements or server rules, exudes professionalism.

Is Discord Text Formatting Safe?

Absolutely. Text formatting on Discord is just a way to style your text and doesn’t involve any third-party plugins or software. It’s as safe as sending a regular text message on the platform.

Can I Use Discord Text Formatting for Free?

Yes, text formatting is a built-in feature of Discord and is available to all users for free. There’s no need for a Nitro subscription or any other payment to access and use text formatting.

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So that was it for formatting the text in discord. These steps are very simple and you will learn them after you will start typing three to four messages. Till then just save or bookmark this article for further reference.

You just need to remember all those keys which plays a major role while typing the text and how to use them. These are asterisks Underscores and backslashes. And for most of the keys you need to type shift simultaneously because that’s how the things work.

Now it’s all your turn and you have to type your text in these different formats to make them more attractive. Discord text formatting is a powerful tool that every user should master.

Whether you’re emphasizing a point, making your server announcements stand out, or simply having fun with colorful text, understanding the ins and outs of text formatting can significantly enhance your Discord experience.

So the next time you’re on Discord, give these formatting tips a try and watch your messages come to life! Good luck and Have a nice day!