How To ‘Download Twitch VOD’

We’ll explain to you how to save Twitch videos inside this piece. Twitch VODs, but on the other hand, perish and thus are instantly erased from Twitch infrastructure since a set duration, that primarily depends here on streamer’s Twitch type of account.

VODs pertaining to broadcasters with sequences of data vanish after fourteen days, Fortunately, spectators can readily acquire VODs of popular favourite broadcasts, and broadcasters can quickly obtain VODs over their own channels, but the technique for obtaining a Twitch VOD differs dramatically relying if you’re a watcher or perhaps the host of the broadcast.

The following instructions will explain you how to save Twitch VODs onto ones desktop: In the realm of live streaming, Twitch stands out as a premier platform for gamers, entertainers, and content creators.

One of its significant features is Video On Demand (VOD), which has gained tremendous popularity. This article explores the nuances of Twitch VOD, its benefits, and how users can interact with it.

What is Download Twitch VOD?

Twitch VOD refers to the “Video On Demand” service offered by Twitch. Once a live stream concludes, Twitch automatically saves it as a VOD, allowing viewers to watch the replay at their convenience. Downloading Twitch VOD enables users to save these streams to their devices for offline viewing or for archiving purposes.

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Is Twitch VOD Used for Chat?

Yes, one of the distinctive features of Twitch VODs is the chat replay. When watching a VOD, viewers can see the chat as it happened during the live broadcast. This feature ensures that viewers get a holistic experience, understanding the streamer’s reactions to specific chat messages or events.

How To Download Your Twitch Broadcasts

Twitch presenters could save their past programs to their computers by visiting the Twitch homepage.

Contingent if you’re really a  regular customer, a Twitch Associate, or even a Twitch Ally, you get Fourteen to Sixty days after the original event to acquire prior broadcasting. The clip would then be deleted automatically.

Enable Auto-Archiving

With a simple key, you could instruct Twitch to store current streams routinely. This is where you’ll discover it.

Step 1: Select Configurations from the pop menu in the top edge of the Twitch homepage.

Step 2: Choose a conduit and clips to watch.

Step 3: Toggle on the option to save previous broadcasting.

Step 4: After your upcoming broadcasts are finished, these would be saved to one’s record.

Download Your Videos

Unless you’re the proprietor of the broadcast from which the VOD has been downloaded, obtaining the VOD is a fairly simple procedure which you can undertake upon that authorized Twitch webpage with no other assistance.

You must do the following to activate broadcasting self-archiving for any Twitch streaming:

Step 1: Go to and assure you’re plugged into.

Step 2: Choose Configuration from the options list inside the upper edge.

Step 3: Look for the Station plus Clips hyperlink then tap upon that.

Step 4: Toggle to the Station Configuration window on the following tab.

Step 5: Discover the Periodically preserve my transmissions menu and click the mark next to it to make it active. After this update actually occurs, all of the performances would be stored as VODs to one’s Twitch channel.

Users might retrieve any broadcasts once they have been preserved as VODs on one’s portfolio. To get a Twitch VOD with one of ones sessions, perform the following:

Step 1: Go to and assure you’re plugged into.

Step 2: Tap Video Creator from the options list inside the upper edge.

Step 3: You’ll be transported to libraries that contain every one of the recordings linked to one’s Twitch membership, comprising VODs of previous broadcasting as well as films you’ve posted to Twitch. To pick something, visit the popup , subsequently select Previous Broadcasting.

Step 4: You’ll get into all the VODs of previous broadcasts which are presently accessible to play, along with a Download option beside each graphic. To begin accessing a VOD to one’s device, clicking on The  download icon underneath the VOD you wish to obtain.

How To Download Someone Else’s Twitch Videos

Twitch Leecher is indeed a fledged 3rd-party programme created just for obtaining Twitch VODs, so it is still the Twitch majority’s preferred option for said task.

Twitch Leecher is not affiliated with Twitch, and indeed the streamed network doesn’t really encourage its usage, which is a well tool with an informative although simple GUI.

Its interface would be even better than Twitch, but it does have an engaged group of designers focusing on it which really heed to customer comments. If you ever want to utilise Twitch Leecher to obtain Twitch VODs, follow these steps:

Step 1: To acquire the most recent edition of the programme, head towards the authorized Twitch Leecher webpage via GitHub.

Step 2: One’s system will ask you whether you want to launch or access the software. To load the application on your system, choose Run then read the information.

Step 3: Launch Twitch Leecher when the setup is finished.

Step 4: Inside the main interface, choose the searching bar.

Step 5: Go over to the Twitch platform and pick Videos from the drop-down menu.

Step 6: Click on it rightly the clip you wish to obtain and select “Save Target As.” Click Duplicate Link Location from the drop-down menu.

Step 7: Choose the Urls column in Twitch Leecher once again.

Step 8: Pick Browse after pasting the embed Code through into white area.

Step 9: The clip you selected from Twitch must now show. In the bottom part, click the Download option.

Step 10: Chose clip download’s quality, nature and magnitude and address on one’s system on the following page. You may also assign it a unique title and specify where the movie should begin and stop.

Step 11: Hit Download after you’ve finished configuring all of these choices. This clip would be accessible in the preferred installation directory shortly.

How Do I Convert Twitch VOD to MP4?

Converting a Twitch VOD to MP4 allows for compatibility with various devices and players. Here’s a simplified process:

  1. Download the VOD: Use a reputable Twitch VOD downloader to save the video to your device.
  2. Use Conversion Software: Numerous free and paid video conversion tools are available online. Upload the downloaded VOD, select MP4 as the desired format, and initiate the conversion.
  3. Save and Play: Once converted, save the MP4 file to your preferred location and play using any standard video player.

Benefits of Twitch VOD

  • Flexible Viewing: Missed a live stream? Twitch VOD allows you to catch up at your own pace.
  • Chat Replay: Experience the stream as if it were live with the chat replay feature.
  • Content Archiving: Streamers can highlight memorable moments or significant streams for long-term storage on their channel.
  • Monetization: Streamers can run ads on their VODs, generating additional revenue.

Is Twitch VOD Safe?

Twitch takes user safety seriously, and VODs are no exception. As long as viewers are downloading and interacting with VODs directly from Twitch or using reputable third-party tools, the experience is generally safe. However, always be cautious of suspicious websites or software that promise VOD downloads.

Is Twitch VOD Free?

Yes, Twitch provides the VOD feature for free to both streamers and viewers. However, some streamers may choose to make their VODs available only to subscribers, which requires a paid subscription.

It’s essential to note that downloading or converting VODs for commercial use without the streamer’s permission infringes on copyright rules.

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The downloadable VODs would allow you to view the films without being interrupted by intrusive advertisements. You may view the recorded film as many occasions as you want without having to worry about internet consumption.

Twitch VOD is a testament to the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experience. Whether you’re a streamer looking to archive content or a viewer who missed a live session, VODs offer an invaluable solution.

With the increasing popularity of live streaming, understanding and maximizing the benefits of VODs can greatly enrich one’s Twitch experience.