Err_Proxy_Connection_Failed Error [SOLVED]

In this article, we shall learn about how we can fix the “ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED ERROR. However, before we begin, it is very important for you to know what does the error mean so that you have a clear understanding of the various parts of this article.

“ERR_PPROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED” is an error that is browser-based. This error occurs mostly when there are problems in your proxy settings! The ‘proxy’ server always acts as a medium between the internet and you! Also, it performs various functions like security, providing privacy etc. But how would you fix the error Err_proxy_connection_failed?

All you have to do it read and follow the given steps correctly! Now, in order to fix this error, here are 4 main ways that will fix this error, if followed correctly. These four main ways are:-

These four main ways are further elaborated, consisting of a detailed explanation, steps that are to be followed etc.


In simple words, you use proxy almost everyday. Everyone is familiar with Google Chrome and it’s uses. But, did you know that Google chrome has a connection with the proxy settings? Basically, Google chrome uses proxy to connect to the servers that provide resources to you. However, if there are any issues in your proxy settings, the error:

ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED appears. Thus, to get rid of this, follow the steps provided below:

STEP 1:- In the browser toolbar, click on “Chrome Menu”.

STEP 2:- Go to settings.

STEP 3:- Under settings, select “Show Advanced Settings”

STEP 4:- You will find “Change proxy settings” under Network settings. (Now you can adjust the settings ).

STEP 5:- Now, click on LAN settings in the Connections Tab.

STEP 6:- Type the IP address of the proxy server, in the address box.

STEP 7:- Find the port box option and type the port number which is essential.

STEP 8:- Now, select OK to close the opened LAN settings. Your changes are now saved. You can now browse to any client that you wish to.


TCP/IP is basically an abbreviation- TRANSMISSION CONTROL-PROTOCOL/ INTERNET-PROTOCOL respectively. You must know that changes in these too, can cause the error to occur. Thus, you must reset these, if your facing issues relating to the error.

One way to reset the TCP/IP is to type: netsh int ip reset

In the Command Prompt section. Follow the steps provided:

STEP 1:- Click on START (Present at the bottom left of your screen).

STEP 2:- Right click on Windows key and Search for COMMAND PROMPT.

STEP 3:- Now select Run As Administrator, by clicking right on Command Prompt.

STEP 4:- Finally, select “ Yes” and the changes will be made accordingly.

You may Press “Enter” if required. Once, you have followed the steps correctly and completed the procedure you must restart your computer.


Basically you need the proxy settings so that you can access the proxy server. You can check the proxy settings using the following steps provided:-

STEP 1:– First, Click on Control Panel.

STEP 2:- Now, select Network and Internet connection.

STEP 3:- Then, click on LAN settings.

STEP 4:- Now, uncheck the proxy server option.

Unchecking this option, will help you get rid of the ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED error.

I recommend you to recheck the steps followed so that you do not make any mistakes.


Renewing the IP address will lead your computer to request a new IP address from a server. In order to renew your IP (INTERNET PROTOCOL) address, follow the steps given below:-

STEP 1:- Right Click on Windows key so as to open the Command Prompt.

STEP 2:- Type the following commands in the Command Prompt section:-

  1. ipconfig/release.
  2. ipconfig/flushdns.
  3. ipconfig/renew.

STEP 3:- Now, select Exit, and shut down the Command Prompt.

You have successfully renewed your IP Address. If you haven’t received the updated changes, make sure you recheck the steps that you have followed. It is always necessary to go step by step so that you do not miss any of the above given steps.


We often, come across this error i.e. ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED while browsing through the internet explorer or Google Chrome. However, this problem has various solutions.

in order to solve this error. A lot of people face issues while reading big solutions. Thus, in this article we have provided steps that you can follow in a very simple way. These steps are effective and will surely help you solve you problem regarding this error.