10 Best ‘ExtraTorrent’ Alternatives In 2024

Torrent sites are of utmost importance to users nowadays. This is the reason why there are several torrent sites nowadays in the market. But out of all these, only few of them manage to stay for longer periods of time and grab the following users.

ExtraTorrent was one of those sites which gained a lot of users in no time and became very popular. Though it was popular, its original version is no longer available to be used and hence the users are disappointed due to unavailability of the website.

Nowadays, the users are looking for some other sites or mirror sites of ExtraTorrent to enjoy the similar benefits. You must be wondering about what the mirror site is. Mirror sites are just a copy of the main website sharing the same looks and feels.


The work of both sites are also the same. But the mirror website has very little to do with the team of the original site and hence it is managed by different people. The mirror sites are hosted on a different server than the original site.

Remember that mirror sites are very different from proxy sites. Proxy sites are those sites who help you to access the content of a main website without really connecting with it directly.

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Proxy sites are mainly used to bypass the censorship which is directed on the original site. These proxies are helpful only when the original or main site is working. As the original site of ExtraTorrent is taken down and not working, the only option users are left with is to alternatives of it or mirror sites.

In the digital age where torrents have become a go-to for many users seeking content from movies to software, ExtraTorrent has stood out as a key player. As a major torrent community, its rise and implications are both significant and controversial. Let’s unpack the world of ExtraTorrent.

What is ExtraTorrent?

ExtraTorrent was a prominent online torrenting website where users could search for and share digital content. A part of the BitTorrent system, it served as a decentralized platform, enabling peer-to-peer file sharing of content ranging from movies and TV shows to music, software, and games.

10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives In 2024

Take a look.

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a very popular website. It has contributed a lot in file sharing than any other website has. As with other torrent websites, this one of the oldest websites was also struggling for many years with copyright issues and law enforcement authorities.

Some of the people associated with the team have even been to prison. Apart from all these problems, the site has managed to be still online and available for its users.

The Hollywood parties just want the site to be banned and no longer available but the pirate bay still hosts and avail a vast variety of torrents from different categories, amazing and entertaining its users.

If you belong to different regions than english, then you need not to worry because the site is available in 35 different languages for its users. 

2. LimeTorrents

Lime torrent is a general website used for torrent file sharing and using. The site, despite stagnancy in file-sharing, manages to grow and be popular. The user-interface of the site is worth mentioning.

It has also introduced a new feature called reworked homepage which has a sleek design. The homepage also has organised large buttons for different torrent categories and a very useful search section.

Although, another limetorrents site is not that appreciable but what really matters is the content and limetorrents do not lag behind entertaining its users with different types of content ranging from TV shows, games, apps, music and anime too.

3. 1337x

The site is specially for new users who don’t know how to do file-sharing and thus are unfamiliar with it. The site is very stylish and attractive.

It is a very old torrent website which has been there for users since 2007. The site has entertained its users since then by offering amazing content every user will love. 

4. Zooqle

The next alternative to ExtraTorrent is zooqle. It is emerging as the most preferred alternatives for ExtraTorrent and is widely used. The content variety it offers is huge. If you visit the website, You will find more than 3.5 million torrent files on the site.

Apart from that, the site keeps updating itself everyday with about 1000 torrent files. Not only its content but the design of the site and excellent functionality also have been a reason for its growth among the users.

The site is available in two languages, English and russian. We can expect the availability of sites in more languages in the coming time.

5. YTS

YTS is a succeeding website of YIFY. YIFY was also a torrent website. YTS has a high quality of content including movies. Also, the content doesn’t take too long to be downloaded and hence, attracts the users.

This is done because of the optimization of the site. This is kind of mirror site of YIFY which looks and feels the same but is handled by different people and organisation. The site works amazingly and hence is worth using.

6. RuTracker

RuTracker as the name suggests Ru=Russian is primarily a torrent site having russian and english torrent files available. It is a semi-private torrent tracker site. The account can be created for free having no as such seeding requirements.

Just as other sites, users are from time to time encouraged to share their favourite torrents with others so as to attract the users. This is a common etiquette with all the torrent website and that’s why this should not be paid much attention.

It is difficult to navigate the website into english, so it is advisable to use google translator to translate the site in english language. The RuTracker is easy to use and the newuser don’t need such a guide before using it. It also have an adblock filter through which you can block the ads which pop up anytime on site. 

7. KickassTorrents

Kickass Torrents do not need an introduction. It is quite a popular site. Kickass Torrents was introduced in the year 2008. Since then, site has gained so much popularity that it normally attracts about 1 million users daily.

The site was quite changed or incarnated in recent times which was not loved by people but still it is counted in one of the most visited sites all over the globe. The site is simple and is designed keeping in view the users who are not familiar to torrent sites.

The search bar is main centre of attraction which looks like google search bar. It also has a community section where different members can discuss torrenting.

8. TorrentDownloads

The other alternative in the list is torrent Downloads. The site is good looking where users can access different kinds of torrent like TVshows, movies, games, anime, books, etc.

You will never get bored if you use this site. The site does not annoy or disturb its users with ads and the content offered is mostly safe to download. The malicious torrent is also very rare on this iste. So if you are concerned with privacy you can try this website.

9. TorLock

Torlock is a site with a huge number of torrents in it. To be precise, it has about 7 million torrents and that too verified. Apart from that, the site keeps updating itself everyday with several new torrents.

The users who are confused or don’t know what to watch can access the homepage where a selected list of different files is available and these files are mostly those who are popular and favourite among people.

The site also has adult content but it is available only in specific sections so don’t worry you are not going to download it accidentally. 

10. SkyTorrents

The site can be used in different languages like English, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese, etc. The skytorrents have an advanced search queries section where users can see several positive and negative keywords.

The site is similar to Torrentz2. The index of the site contains about 30 million entries in it which is quite a big number.

Is ExtraTorrent Still Functional?

As of the last known status, ExtraTorrent voluntarily shut down its operations in 2017. The website displayed a farewell message to its users, signifying its permanent closure. Since its shutdown, numerous mirror and proxy sites have emerged, though their authenticity and safety remain questionable.

Who Founded ExtraTorrent?

Much like other platforms in the torrenting world, the identity of ExtraTorrent’s founder(s) remains undisclosed. The anonymity can be attributed to the legal challenges and copyright disputes that such platforms often face.

Benefits of ExtraTorrent:

  1. Diverse Library: ExtraTorrent was known for its expansive library, catering to a broad spectrum of content desires.
  2. User-Driven Content: As a peer-to-peer platform, it thrived on user-uploaded content, making it a massive digital content hub.
  3. Advanced Search Mechanism: The platform offered a user-friendly interface with a robust search mechanism, facilitating easier content discovery.
  4. Community Engagement: ExtraTorrent had an active community forum, which enabled discussions, reviews, and feedback on various torrents.

Is ExtraTorrent Safe?

Safety concerns have always surrounded torrent sites, and ExtraTorrent was no exception:

  1. Malware Risks: Downloading files from the platform could sometimes introduce malware to the user’s system.
  2. Legal Implications: Torrenting copyrighted content without permission is illegal in many countries. Users could face legal consequences if caught.
  3. Unauthentic Mirrors: After its shutdown, many mirror sites popped up, which may not provide a safe torrenting environment.

It’s always recommended to use a reputable VPN service when accessing torrent platforms and to be wary of potential legal ramifications.

Is ExtraTorrent Free?

Yes, ExtraTorrent was a free platform. This free access to a plethora of content was a significant reason behind its soaring popularity. However, users occasionally had to navigate through pop-up ads and potentially malicious redirects, a common trade-off on free torrent websites.

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Even if sites like ExtraTorrent which are so popular are no longer available for its users, there are many other alternatives sites as mentioned above which have high quality of content and will not let you feel the absence of ExtraTorrent.

So keep enjoying these sites and don’t forget to try your most favourite one. While ExtraTorrent served as a beacon for many torrent enthusiasts, it was not without its set of challenges.

The platform’s closure highlights the evolving landscape of the torrenting world and the legal challenges it faces. For users, while the allure of free content is tempting, awareness of the potential risks and implications is paramount. Always prioritize safety and legality in any online endeavor.