9 Best ‘Free Proxy’ Servers For Safe and Anonymous Browsing

Using a non-secure website is like an open book. Anyone like advertisers, cyber attackers, government agencies can have access to see it. It will feed targeted ads and block you from watching certain web content.

A web proxy is for privacy and avoiding restrictions. Restrictions may be by the government, school, workplace, etc. Web proxy makes the activity anonymous.

A proxy server is just like a middle man while you browse; it protects your privacy. A proxy will encrypt your data making your browsing private. While choosing a proxy, the unknown or untested proxy may not work, as mentioned by them. So, it is better to choose a better proxy by surfing about it on various sites.

Best Free Proxy Servers

The first and foremost feature to keep in mind while searching for a free proxy is the number and variety of servers offered. If many options are present, then it will make your proxy lose connection.

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If the chosen servers are close to you, then it might be reducing the internet speed.  Some proxy servers not only hide your IP address but will also provide additional features.

Proxy is a better option for temporary use. There are some disadvantages of the free proxy web you choose. Usually, the extra feature offered to come with strict limitations. Like only a certain number of cookies can be encrypted.

A common problem of free proxy is traffic limitations. Proxy servers may not guarantee against monitoring. A free proxy may also track some of your online activities.

Despite all these disadvantages, if you want to use a proxy, then these are some of the best proxy servers you can use:

9 Best Free Proxy Servers For Safe and Anonymous Browsing in 2023

1. Hide.me

Hide.me is one of the best options on the list. But the functionality is limited. Hide.me does not go well with YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest. It masks the user’s IP address on servers of only three locations.

It will help you to disable cookies, objects, and scripts of any site. Additionally, it adds an encryption layer along with the URL expiration after every browsing session.

As the Hide.me does not save the databases or an IP address of the user, you can be safe from the hackers or cybercriminals and advertisers.

Hide.me is the best option for users who are more concerned about security than online entertainment. Hide.me also offers an additional feature of a full VPN service along with proxy servers.

2. Hidester

Hidester, though a new proxy, has good reliability as per the user’s reviews. It operates its servers across Europe and the US. They are protected with 128-bit encryption and a secure socket layer (SSL).

Hidester’s loyalty in terms of commitment for free users is vast. However, the paying customers have the advantage of accessing a hundred additional servers.

It offers many free tools, like a secure password generator and DNS leak test, along with web proxy. These are an added advantage to the users concerning security and privacy.

3. HMA

HMA provides the users two options to choose, either a random server or choosing one of six. Among these six servers, two of them are on opposite sides of the US, and four servers are at different countries in Europe. With a small number of servers, a vast geographic area is covered.

HMA proxy offers the users to set up a connection with three options. They are URL encryption, disabling cookies, and removing scripts. But without upgrading to the HMA VPN, the site may sell the user.

4. KProxy

KProxy is a frequently suggested free proxy server. It is one of the best proxy servers. It is very good at satisfying the user almost all the time.

KProxy offers you with ten servers, from which you need to choose one. You can switch from the server at any time manually.

In case if the access to one server is lost, you are still under protection. Unlike some proxies, KProxy does not impose speed limits. Additionally, KProxy is good at avoiding detection and blockage by websites and ISPs.

You can access KProxy in two ways. You can either access it through the website or download the extension to your chrome or firefox.

5. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is also one of the best free proxy servers. It offers encryption and logs the data of your online activity. It masks your IP address. It is like a shield to you from hackers and cybercriminals. Hotspot Shield has worldwide servers and ensures fast and secure connections.

6. VPNBook

VPNBook offers you the most advanced technology and cryptography techniques, saving your online activity from prying eyes and cyber predators. It encrypts your connection efficiently.

It is the best option to protect your data from online activity. It has server locations almost all over the world. It provides anonymity, best connection speed, and access to all websites anywhere.

7. 4everproxy

You have the option of selecting both the server and the IP location before connecting to 4everproxy. You can select the server from about ten options. And more than ten options for IP location.

A perfect and suitable balance between security and connection speed can be achieved by trying different options.

However, speed shouldn’t be an issue for you in any case. Each 4everporoxy server provides a connection speed of one gigabit per second. Every connection offers you an optional SSL encryption and blockage of cookies and scripts.

8. ProxySite

This ProxySite web proxy offers you to switch between the servers manually. It provides twice more servers then Kproxy.

ProxySite servers can be chosen from servers in the US and the European Union. Try one by one in case of difficulty. As the specific locations are not identified, there may not be any effect on your connection speed.

This ProxySite has taken a compatibility test with YouTube. Other buttons are also available on the main page, which takes you to popular sites like Reddit and Twitter. ProxySite is mostly used to make your day to day online activity anonymous.

9. ProxFree

ProxFree has ten servers in total. Seven servers in North America and four servers in Europe. Hence, ProxFree offers high geographical reach as well as decent security. As soon as a server is chosen, you will be changed to the fastest IP location. You can also change it manually.

Just like many free web proxies, ProxFree is also customizable. You can disable the default SSL encryption. You can turn off objects, cookies, scripts, page titles, and disable the “referer” and “user-agent” headers. This will keep your online activity anonymous, or no one can know what computer you are using.

You can happily browse your social media accounts by remaining anonymous. ProxFree is dedicated to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and streaming sites. Therefore, geoblocks can be avoided in most of the videos.

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We do not recommend all these proxies. A trusted VPN is suggested compared to these proxies. If you want to use VPN temporarily, then a proxy is a convenient option. Free web proxies are like the first step to complete protection. Please read about all the proxies and choose the best one.