H.E.R. 2022 Grammys Outfit Was Inspired by Aretha Franklin

H.E.R.’s outfit for the 2022 Grammys was a bold statement. Aretha Franklin, known as the “Queen of Soul,” left an indelible mark on the music industry. Her powerful vocals and unparalleled talent influenced countless artists, including H.E.R. and Beyonce.

But who inspired Aretha? And how has her legacy lived on? Aretha Franklin, with her spellbinding voice and unparalleled artistry, has undeniably left a mark on the music world. Dubbed the “Queen of Soul,” her impact spans decades and genres.

This article delves into the music style that inspired her, the reasons behind her fame, her most iconic song, and the distinctiveness of her voice.

H.E.R. 2022 Grammys Outfit was Inspired by Aretha Franklin

The 24-Year-Old R&B Singer is Famous for Creating Elaborate Fashion Statements in Honour of Her Musical Heroes.

In 2021, she debuted on the Oscars red carpet wearing a cobalt blue beaded hooded Dundas outfit in memoriam of the late superstar Prince. H.E.R.’s “Fight for You,” from Judas and the Black Messiah, was nominated for and won the award for best original song at the time.

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H.E.R. is a four-time Grammy winner; she won the prize for best traditional R&B performance in 2022. She was nominated for eight Grammys in total, including album of the year for Back of My Mind and song of the year for “Fight for You.”

Aretha Franklin,

Who won 18 Grammys in her own right, seems like a fitting person for H.E.R. to pay tribute to. H.E.R. stepped out on the red carpet wearing a sequined jumpsuit in shades of yellow and orange and, of course, her trademark sunglasses.

Franklin won the award for best female soul/R&B performer at the American Music Awards in 1976, and this outfit was evocative of the one she wore to the ceremony.

According to Today, H.E.R. told Laverne Cox on the red carpet, “I was genuinely inspired by Aretha Franklin tonight.” It was a classic look for her, and she is a classic.

H.E.R. is Only 24 Years Old,

Yet she has already been nominated for and won a slew of major accolades. According to People, she told reporters at the 2021 Oscars, “There’s undoubtedly going to be an EGOT in my future, hopefully.”

Having already won an Oscar and a slew of Grammys, all she needs now are Tony and Emmy statuettes to complete her trophy case. She told the press, “I am really passionate about acting as well, so you may see me up here as an actress well, and then I adore musicals.”

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with Brandy about how she has been an inspiration to me since since she performed in a musical. In fact, we predict that she will become the first woman to win all four of the major Olympic medals.

Aretha’s Inspirations

Aretha Franklin’s early inspirations came from her gospel roots. Growing up in the church, she was heavily influenced by gospel legends like Mahalia Jackson and Clara Ward.

The soulful renditions of hymns and spirituals laid the foundation for Aretha’s unique sound. As she ventured into secular music, artists like Dinah Washington also became significant influences on her style.

H.E.R. and the Tribute to Aretha

At the 2022 Grammy Awards, contemporary R&B sensation H.E.R. graced the red carpet in an outfit that paid homage to the Queen of Soul. The ensemble was a nod to Aretha’s iconic fashion sense and the enduring impact she has on the new generation of artists.

H.E.R., known for her soulful ballads and guitar skills, has frequently cited Aretha as a pivotal influence on her musical journey.

Aretha’s Grammy Journey

Aretha Franklin’s first Grammy win came in 1968 for “Respect” in the Best Rhythm & Blues Solo Vocal Performance, Female category. This anthem became a defining song of her career and remains a powerful statement of female empowerment.

Throughout her illustrious career, Aretha amassed 18 competitive Grammy Awards, cementing her place as one of the most decorated artists in the history of the awards.

She also received the Grammy Legend Award in 1991 and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994.

Beyonce and Aretha’s Enduring Influence

Beyonce, the multi-talented global superstar, has frequently spoken about the artists that inspired her, and Aretha Franklin’s name often surfaces in these conversations.

With songs that emphasize female strength, independence, and resilience, it’s evident that the Queen of Soul’s influence is woven into Beyonce’s musical fabric.

During various interviews and performances, Beyonce has paid tribute to Aretha, showcasing the lasting impact the Queen of Soul has had on her career.

Musical Roots: Gospel Meets Secular

Growing up in a devoutly religious household, gospel music was Aretha’s initial muse. The hymns, spirituals, and gospel legends like Mahalia Jackson and Clara Ward played pivotal roles in shaping her voice.

However, as she transitioned into secular music, R&B, jazz, and blues became central to her sound, intertwining with her gospel roots to produce a style that was uniquely Aretha.

Rise to Fame: More than Just a Singer

Aretha Franklin wasn’t just famous; she was a force. Her fame was propelled not only by her voice but by her ability to convey raw emotion, turning any song she sang into an immersive experience.

Tracks like “Respect” didn’t just showcase her vocal prowess; they became anthems of empowerment and change, resonating with civil rights movements and women worldwide.

Iconic Tracks: The Unforgettable “Respect”

While Aretha had a myriad of hits, “Respect” stands out as her top-selling song. The track, originally written and performed by Otis Redding, was transformed by Aretha into a powerful call for dignity and equality. It became synonymous with her and the causes she championed.

Aretha the Hero: Beyond Music

Aretha’s heroism wasn’t limited to her musical contributions. She was a figure of resilience, breaking barriers for Black artists in the entertainment industry. She used her platform to support civil rights movements, always standing up for what she believed in. Her legacy isn’t just that of a singer but of a trailblazer.

The Magic of Aretha’s Voice

What made Aretha Franklin’s voice unique? It was a blend of raw power, intricate technique, and deep emotion.

Her range spanned multiple octaves, allowing her to deliver sultry lows and powerful highs effortlessly. But more than the technical aspects, it was the emotion she infused into every note, making listeners feel every word she sang.

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Aretha Franklin’s legacy goes beyond her incredible music. She inspired generations of artists, transcending genres and eras. Her influence is seen in today’s top artists, from H.E.R.’s fashion choices to Beyonce’s powerful anthems.

The Queen of Soul’s voice may have been silenced, but her spirit and influence resonate louder than ever in the world of music.

Aretha Franklin’s journey from a gospel-singing child in Detroit to the global “Queen of Soul” is a testament to her talent, resilience, and dedication. Her music, her voice, and her legacy continue to inspire, reminding us of the power of authenticity and the importance of staying true to oneself.