H.E.R. 2022 Grammys Outfit was Inspired by Aretha Franklin

H.E.R.’s outfit for the 2022 Grammys was a bold statement.

The 24-Year-Old R&B Singer is Famous for Creating Elaborate Fashion Statements in Honour of Her Musical Heroes.

In 2021, she debuted on the Oscars red carpet wearing a cobalt blue beaded hooded Dundas outfit in memoriam of the late superstar Prince. H.E.R.’s “Fight for You,” from Judas and the Black Messiah, was nominated for and won the award for best original song at the time.

H.E.R. 2022 Grammys Outfit was Inspired by Aretha Franklin

H.E.R. is a four-time Grammy winner; she won the prize for best traditional R&B performance in 2022. She was nominated for eight Grammys in total, including album of the year for Back of My Mind and song of the year for “Fight for You.”

Aretha Franklin,

Who won 18 Grammys in her own right, seems like a fitting person for H.E.R. to pay tribute to. H.E.R. stepped out on the red carpet wearing a sequined jumpsuit in shades of yellow and orange and, of course, her trademark sunglasses.

Franklin won the award for best female soul/R&B performer at the American Music Awards in 1976, and this outfit was evocative of the one she wore to the ceremony.

According to Today, H.E.R. told Laverne Cox on the red carpet, “I was genuinely inspired by Aretha Franklin tonight.” It was a classic look for her, and she is a classic.

H.E.R. is Only 24 Years Old,

Yet she has already been nominated for and won a slew of major accolades. According to People, she told reporters at the 2021 Oscars, “There’s undoubtedly going to be an EGOT in my future, hopefully.” Having already won an Oscar and a slew of Grammys, all she needs now are Tony and Emmy statuettes to complete her trophy case.

She told the press, “I am really passionate about acting as well, so you may see me up here as an actress well, and then I adore musicals.” Recently, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with Brandy about how she has been an inspiration to me since since she performed in a musical.

In fact, we predict that she will become the first woman to win all four of the major Olympic medals.