Heidi Klum Didn’t Know She Accidentally Flashed

During a live episode of America’s Got Talent, Heidi Klum was having a blast. A live audience was treated to a flash by the 48-year-old supermodel, who didn’t seem to notice.

Later, she shared a TikTok to serve as a cautionary tale about the dangers of slouching in a short skirt.

Heidi Klum Didn't Know She Accidentally Flashed

The ‘AGT’ Heidi Klum Reveal

Klum wore a stunning feathered outfit to the premiere of AGT Season 16 to rave reviews. The AGT judges have a serious passion for self-photography. During the commercials, they regularly pull out their phones to check Twitter and Instagram. You should snap as many selfies as possible if you look that stunning.

Sitting on the judge’s table in a bright pink dress, Sofia Vergara posed for a selfie. Vergara took a photo in front of the judges’ table and invited Howie Mandel to join in.

While the two were busy snapping a selfie, Klum decided to join in. While reaching for Vergara, Klum appeared to flash the audience.

Fortunately, someone in the audience was able to record the event on tape. Part of the charm of AGT’s return to a live audience is that it will reveal the show’s inner workings for the first time in a long time.

It seems if Klum had completely forgotten that her dress was quite short. Since this occurred between acts, it was definitely not broadcast on television.

What was Simon Cowell’s reaction?

It’s not the fact that Klum exposed her breasts to the camera that makes this video so great. Simon Cowell’s lack of concern is the main problem.

Cowell is seen at his end of the judgement table, holding his Sonic cup. He is not the type to take photos with the other judges for a group selfie.

Remember that one time he snapped a photo with the judges deliberating this season? As far as I can tell, he just lets everybody else be themselves. He’s in a critical mood and is being a bit harsh tonight. As the episode concludes, he will not be available for selfies with the other judges.

It’s evident that Klum doesn’t mind flashing the AGT audience again. Tonight’s live performance is being broadcast without her trousers. OK, I lied; I wore a jacket without pants on purpose.

As usual, Klum radiated glitz and glamour, and her makeup was flawless. Over the years of AGT, Klum’s wardrobe has included some quite revealing pieces. Literally anything she puts her mind to, she can accomplish.