How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Faking

Here are 7 telltale indications that she’s only pretending.

Each of You Reaches its Peak at the Same Same Time

This is the ideal, but can we really expect everyone to reach their peak at the same time?

The answer is a resounding nay, despite the fact that attractive couples often appear together on-screen.

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Faking

The human body just does not function that way. According to the available data, men typically initiate sex first, while women can take up to 15 minutes longer to reach the same pillow-biting peak of orgasm.

The likelihood that you and your girlfriend will show up at the same time on a regular basis is high, suggesting that she is lying about her whereabouts.

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No red Splotches or Bumps may be Seen on Her Chest.

I’m sure you’ve seen the crimson splotches on your girlfriend’s breast after a passionate makeout session. No? Oh no, my friend, I’m afraid we have some awful news: she’s been lying to you.

Just like you, her body goes through a series of physiological changes during sex, with blood rushing to her heart and genitalia right before she reaches full-on orgasmic climax. Most women experience a blotchy, reddening of the chest due to this surge of blood.

Red stains on her body, which may resemble a rash at first glance, are a sure sign that she has experienced orgasm and is not acting. Vaginal congestion is a normal part of the menstrual cycle, however it does not affect all women. It’s estimated that between 30 and 50 percent of people never display any rash-like signs.

That look in her eyes hasn’t budged.

You may believe that the last thing you want to do when you’re in bed with a naked woman is look into her eyes; after all, you must have stared into her all night long on the date. You can tell if she is being genuine or not by looking into her eyes.

Her pupils will enlarge and look larger than usual if she is getting sexually stimulated and close to having an orgasmic experience. Check the size of her pupils before you start having sex and continue doing so periodically. You may try the cowgirl position, where she lies on top of you while you lie face up.


Listen to how you feel as her complaining gets louder and louder. How about the status quo? You’ll notice a contraction of her vaginal walls just before and throughout the act of orgasm.

According to the theory, the walls pulse every eight-tenths of a second, guaranteeing a regular contraction. You should be able to feel this shift, and it’s the perfect test to determine whether or not she’s acting, as these contractions are nearly impossible to fake.

However, the intensity and duration of contractions in labour vary from woman to woman.

What Happened to her Clitoris?

You might be prone to losing stuff, but you know for a fact that you would never lose her clitoris. After being turned on, a woman’s clitoris will automatically retreat into her hood, a natural step on the road to climax.

The plateau phase of sexual development is characterised by this phenomenon. To determine whether she is faking or not, place your palm where her clitoris would be under the guise of offering assistance. If you feel it and she doesn’t “come,” she may be acting.

She is a regular attendee.

Not every woman will come to bed with you even if you are the best man in the history of manhood. Sometimes, women just don’t get ahead, no matter what they do or how long they strive.

At some time, a woman may stop coming to you for an orgasm due to factors such as stress, emotional anguish, or her feelings towards you. Your girl is only pretending to be there if she consistently shows up. She might not lie every time, but if she has never failed to show up after having sex with you, she probably has.

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As a Person, She’s Really Rigid.

You know how unbelievably calm and sleepy you can get after having sex? If a fire were to start in your room, you probably still wouldn’t move.

If your girlfriend has joined you for sex, she’ll experience the same release in her muscles that you do afterward.

Check to see if she is relaxed and lying in bed after sex, or if she is tense and stiff to check if she is lying. If she appears relaxed and happy, it’s a good clue that she came; if she’s as stiff as an iron, it’s likely that she lied about coming.