IDGO Com Activate Guide

If you want to activate IDGO channel on the device which is fully compatible for streaming, You need something more than a device and that subscription of the Investigation Discovery Go app. IDGO Com Activate is a simple process on almost all devices.

You need to learn about how to activate IDGO channel on devices like Roku, Amazon fire or Android TV device so that you can watch those American shows which are most talked about. In this article, I will be providing you with all the details and step by step procedure on how to activate it. You need nothing more than a device and a stable internet connection.

How To

Compatible Streaming Devices Allow to Watch Popular IDGO

To watch IDGO shows which are watched by nearly 73.9% of Americans, you need some compatible devices which are Roku, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Android TV, etc. On these devices you can download the Investigation Discovery GO app and then activate it to watch your favourite shows. or investigation Authorised Web Portal to Activate IDGO app

Till now, your doubts regarding the devices must have been solved. You must have been wondering if you could activate the IDGO channel on any device? So, use the compatible devices mentioned above and now, let’s move forward towards unfolding the ways through which you can activate the IDGO app on various devices.

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IDGO Com Activate On Roku 

To use IDGO on Roku app, just refer to the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:Switch on the Roku and navigate towards the home screen.

Step 2:There will be an option available called “Streaming channel”, select it and then tap on the Roku channel store.

Step 3:In the search field available, Type Investigation discovery Go channel(IDGO) and then press enter.

Step 4:Click on the Add Channel option so to add it on your Roku account and then launch the app.

Step 5:After launching the app, it will require you to enter the Credentials like username and password to login into the account.

Step 6:Afterwards,a Unique code to activate IDGO will pop up, take note of that unique code.

Step 7:Open the web portal from any of the devices available.

Step 8:Then,it will ask you to enter the unique code which was sent earlier so enter that code. Finally, click on the Activate option.

The IDGO is activated on Roku now and you will get a message saying congratulations popping up on your screen.

IDGO Com Activate On iOS Devices(Apple TV)

To use IDGO on Roku devices, follow these steps:

Step 1:Switch on the device and open the app store of the apple device.

Step 2:Type IDGO in the search bar and launch it. Afterwards, a sign in page asking for credentials will appear on the screen.

Step 3:Enter the credentials asked like username and password to continue. After entering the credentials, you will get a unique activation code on your device.

Step 4:Note the activation code and then grab your computer.

Step 5:Next,open the browser whichever you prefer and then type, or

Step 6:When the website will be opened, enter the unique activation code which you got just now on apple device and then finally click on the ACTIVATE button.

Now, IDGO is activated on AppleTV. Just get hold of your sacks and drinks now to watch your favourite shows!

IDGO Com Activate On Android Devices(Android TV )

If you want to activate IDGO app on either of your android devices like phone, tablet or TV, this section of an article is surely for you. Just follow these simple steps to activate the app on android devices:

Step 1:Switch on your android device.

Step 2:Next,open google play store app to download the app first. Search for IDGO and then click on install button available.

Step 3:You can also look for it on the app without typing the name. Once done, Launch the app finally and open it.

Step 4:It will ask for your sign in credentials like username and password, enter those credentials and click on login.

Step 5:IDGO will send you an activation code, take a note of it and then switch on your computer.

Step 6:On computer, open whatever browser you prefer to use and search for and then hit the enter button. A website will be opened asking you for an unique activation code.

Step 7:Type that code which was received on an android device earlier and click on the ACTIVATE button.

Now, finally IDGO is activated on android TV. You can enjoy the content provided by it now.

IDGO Com Activate On Amazon Fire TV 

If you want to enjoy the content provided by the IDGO app on amazon fire TV ,you can do that easily. Just follow these simple steps to enjoy your favourite content.

Step 1:Switch on your Amazon Fire TV. Next, open the App store of amazon.

Step 2:Look for the IDGO app on the amazon app store and if you can’t find it this way, go to the search bar and type the name of the app.

Step 3:Download the app once you get it and then finally launch it on Amazon Fire TV.

Step 4:Open the IDGO app and you will see a screen asking you for credentials to log in like username and password. Once you enter them you will receive a unique activation code on the TV.

Step 5:Next,open your computer and then click on the browser which you prefer to use. There, type /activate or

Step 6:A screen will appear asking for an unique activation code, enter it and then press the ACTIVATE button available.

Finally, IDGO is activated on your amazon fire TV. You can enjoy watching your favourite American shows now.

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So, these were the simple and easy steps through which you can activate IDGO on Roku, Amazon fire TV, Android device or on iOS. It will not take you a lot of time to activate the app using these methods. So just follow these steps and you are good to go! You can enjoy your weekends now using this amazing app and watching your favourite content on your device.