Top 9 ‘Kiss Cartoon’ Alternatives For 2023

Cartoons reside in the heart of every human because that is the inseparable part from our childhood memories. The main source of entertainment for children is cartoons. There are a lot of websites where you can watch free cartoons. one such website is Kiss Cartoon.

In this website you can search and watch a number of cartoons from all over the globe. Another great quality of a website is that it provides HD quality of content you watch.

In the realm of online streaming platforms, many cater specifically to lovers of animated content. Among these platforms, Kiss Cartoon has emerged as a prominent name. This article takes a deep dive into the world of Kiss Cartoon, discussing its origins, functioning, and safety measures.


What is Kiss Cartoon?

Kiss Cartoon is an online streaming platform primarily dedicated to providing users with a vast collection of cartoon and animated series. It’s a part of the broader ‘Kiss’ brand, which has websites dedicated to various genres of entertainment, including anime and dramas.

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Top 9 Kiss Cartoon Alternatives 

But people get bored streaming cartoons on one website and need a change. So, today I will be telling you 9 such websites which you can use to watch cartoons. Also, if you are unable to find your favourite cartoon or favourite anime on Kiss Cartoon, you can land on these alternative websites where you may find the one you are looking for.

Let’s get into the alternatives part and look at different alternatives having their own distinctive qualities even if some features match with Kiss Cartoon.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the one for you if you love watching anime. It has a huge number of anime episodes in its database i.e. 25,000+. But it is not true that it only has a space for anime lovers because it has manga, music, electronic drama, drama, etc. in its database too. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check this website to explore more.

2. 9Anime

As the name suggests, 9Anime is specifically an anime website. One amazing thing about the website is that you will not get tangled between several shows available because 9Anime has organised all of them alphabetically.

So just go to the alphabet section of your favourite show and stay watching. It also does not compromise its quality of streaming, it has high quality cartoon videos.

3. Kissanime

When you read the name of the third alternative, your mind must have been struck by the name of Kiss Cartoon too. Kissanie and Kiss Cartoon are both amazing websites. The primary difference between the both is that Kiss Cartoon focuses on cartoons more and Kissanime focuses on anime shows more.

4. Cartoons On

Cartoons have a vast variety of different kinds of cartoons. You will be so amazed to see different cartoons that your favourite list is going to be full. The website has an attractive user-friendly interface.

The quality of cartoon shows is high and you just need to have a well established connection to stream smoothly. Another feature of cartoons is that you can also choose your favourite character and then you will get a list of different cartoon shows based on that particular character.

5. Cartoon Network

Cartoon network is a very popular channel. Even the very famous cartoon tom and jerry used to be streamed on this channel only. It enjoys popularity among many cartoon lovers.

Cartoon network is a website on which you can stream various cartoons along with songs, trailers and some funny moments separately. So, you are not going to be bored if you are streaming on a cartoon network.

6. Watch Cartoon Online

Another alternative to Kiss Cartoon in the list is to watch cartoons online. It is also popularly called WCO. It has a vast variety of cartoon shows in its database falling in different categories.

The categories include adventure, drama, fantasy, fiction, action, science, mystery, etc. So, its variety falls beyond what other alternatives of Kiss Cartoon have.

7. Youtube

Youtube is the largest app for video streaming and sharing.  How can it fall in the list for cartoon alternatives? Youtube offers a huge number of cartoon shows so you can’t miss watching this amazing app.

It not only offers cartoons from present times but also old cartoons from various decades. Youtube’s database is also not confined to particular genres of cartoon channels but it has cartoon shows from various genres like action, drama, etc.

One important thing to be mentioned about youtube here is that it has launched an app called youtube kids for android users which is specially established for kids, so it has everything kids could love. 

8. Nickelodeon

The other in the list is NIckelodeon. This app is more comprehensive if compared to other alternatives of Kiss Cartoon. Primarily, Kiss Cartoon was an American based cable network and also used to be a satellite network but Nowadays, it has enlarged its base and has been out of its shell.

It has games for players, playlists and clips too. So, it not only satisfies its cartoon lovers users but attracts others too and feeds them with the amazing quality of content they live.

Also, you don’t need to follow an elongated process of registration before watching your favourite cartoons but can stream directly from the website.

9. Disney Junior

Last but not the least, Another alternative for Kiss Cartoon is disney junior. Disney Junior not only offers cartoons but also anime, videos, games , etc. These activities are designed specially to help the kids enrich themselves in extracurricular activities.

It has a large amount of content so you need not to search here and there for your favourite show because you will find all of them in the Disney Junior app. The website is very organised and made according to the convenience of children.

It doesn’t contain any unnecessary widgets which makes websites complicated and difficult to use. So, it can be your go to website for watching different kind of cartoon and games.

Is Kiss Cartoon Still Functional?

Over the years, Kiss Cartoon and its sister sites have faced various challenges, including domain takedowns and copyright issues.

While the original Kiss Cartoon website has faced shutdowns, several mirror and proxy sites have sprouted up, claiming to be the “real” or “official” Kiss Cartoon. Users should exercise caution and ensure they’re accessing legitimate and safe versions.

Who Founded Kiss Cartoon?

The specific identities of the founders of Kiss Cartoon, much like its sister sites, remain shrouded in mystery. Given the grey areas the platform operates within, especially concerning copyright laws, this anonymity is unsurprising.

Benefits of Kiss Cartoon:

  1. Vast Library: Kiss Cartoon boasts an extensive collection of cartoons, from classic series to the latest releases.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The website is designed for easy navigation, allowing users to quickly find their desired series or episode.
  3. Community Engagement: The platform has a comment section beneath episodes, allowing users to discuss content and share opinions.
  4. Mobile Access: With a responsive design, Kiss Cartoon can be accessed on mobile devices, ensuring entertainment on-the-go.

Is Kiss Cartoon Safe?

While the platform offers a treasure trove of content, there are safety concerns associated:

  1. Pop-up Ads: Kiss Cartoon, like many free streaming sites, is riddled with pop-up ads, some of which may lead to malicious sites.
  2. Copyright Concerns: Not all content on the platform is licensed for distribution, making it a grey area in terms of copyright laws.
  3. Mirror Sites: Due to its popularity, several fake Kiss Cartoon sites have emerged, potentially housing malware or phishing scams.

Users are advised to employ reliable antivirus software and ad-blockers when accessing such sites.

Is Kiss Cartoon Free?

Yes, Kiss Cartoon is a free platform, which is partly why it’s garnered such immense popularity. However, the trade-off for free content is often the aforementioned pop-up ads, which can occasionally detract from the viewing experience.

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These were 9 alternatives for Kiss Cartoon app. All of them are distinctive in their own ways and also carry some common features. You are going to love all of them for one or other thing. So, don’t forget to try the one you liked the most.

Whether it is 9 Anime, Kissanime, Cartoons On or youtube. I hope you will find your favourite website in the list of these apps. Kiss Cartoon, while a haven for cartoon enthusiasts, comes with its set of challenges and risks.

As with any online platform, especially free streaming sites, users should tread carefully. If you’re seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane or a peek into the latest animated series, Kiss Cartoon could be your destination – but always prioritize safety and legality in your viewing choices.

Thank you and have a nice day!