Missing Girl Survives Blizzard by Hugging Stray Dog

Can we expect miracles in the present day? That’s correct. It’s not often that a miracle happens. In the Sakhalin town of Uglegorsk, a stray dog was responsible for a miracle.

As Russia’s largest island, Sakhalin regularly experiences temperatures well below -12.2 degrees Fahrenheit (-11 degrees Celsius).

Missing Girl Survives Blizzard by Hugging Stray Dog

Just picture yourself out in the bitter winter storm for more than 12 hours. Nature, it goes without saying, rarely allows the unprepared to survive under such situations. However, our tale for today is not a tragic one.

The remarkable account of a young Uglegorsk girl named Vika Z is today’s featured miracle. Vika went home from school at the usual time of 1 o’clock on the afternoon of January 13. But she wouldn’t make it home in time for dinner that night.

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Vika Z was nowhere to be seen. Tatyana’s mother, who is 34 years old, was terribly concerned. She contacted law enforcement officials to report her daughter missing.

The Search has been Initiated by Local Authorities

Nearly 24 inches of snow had accumulated in Uglegorsk due to the blizzard. About 170 kilometres to the northeast of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin’s capital, was where you’d find this settlement. Weather outdoors was frigid, so they prepared for the worst. The authorities requested the help of the public in their hunt for the missing toddler.

The weather continued to deteriorate, and eventually they could see barely anything.

Head of NCMIC (Sakhalin branch), Evgenia Tuchkova, stressed that they should help their compatriots in Uglegorsk. Their progress, she said, had been hindered by the bad weather. It was nighttime and the girl had vanished. Hopes of finding her alive gradually faded as the hours passed.

During this snowfall, a girl of only 10 years old would not have a chance of survival. Had snow piled up and buried her? So many things could have gone wrong; had she been rescued, for example? Who had taken her? The imaginations of the search team were filled with terrifying possibilities.

They went door-to-door and combed the neighborhood’s alleys and yards. Searchers called out Vika’s name, expecting a response. They interrogated residents. After a long night, the search group finally got a break as morning light appeared. The girl was seen by a local homeowner with a stray dog. Earlier, he had spotted Vika having fun in the courtyard of a nearby apartment building.

Just one stray dog made all the difference!

Vika Z was discovered half an hour after 7 a.m., hidden behind a low balcony by the search party. When the blizzard hit, Vika and her animal companion took shelter in that very spot. An incredible sight met the eyes of the search party: Vika and her canine companion were resting comfortably on a mattress someone had had provided for them.

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Vika was close to her home, about a half a mile away. Due to the balcony, they were safe from the snow. It was 23 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade of the balcony. Fortunately, Vika was able to keep cool in her clothing, which was appropriate for the weather.

Seeing that the girl was still alive was a huge relief for the rescuers. It’s astonishing, Anatoly Ivanov stated, that the girl made it through the storm. Ivanov described how, despite wearing mittens, his fingers were numb and rigid from the extreme cold. It took over 18 hours and nearly 40 people to locate Vika.