Olympics Opening Ceremony 2016 Live Stream

On August 5, Rio de Janeiro will host opening ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympics, putting the “pomp” back in pomp and circumstance.

Many people would tune in to the ehe event just to make fun of Team Russia’s awkward chemistry with the rest of the world in their native tongues while wearing their national clothes.

Things will have turned funny and samba-oriented before 8:00, as the show begins at 7:30 PM Eastern time. At this point, most cord cutters will be frantically trying to locate the appropriate connection.

Olympics Opening Ceremony 2016 Live Stream

People who stream their TV shows and movies on the go from services like Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon have a conundrum during the Olympics. A noteworthy network event is quite uncommon. So how does a person without cable bill tune in?

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Transmission Via Radio and Television Networks

This year, the Olympic Games will be televised on NBC. Although the network’s other cable and paid-subscription channels will feature many of the real sporting events and competitions, their flagship channel will serve as the venue for the opening ceremonies.

An original broadcast network, NBC still uses a transmission tower to broadcast its shows over the air at no cost to viewers. One needs only the proper antenna to tune in. The decision should be taken in relation to the availability of open sky.

If you visit AntennaWeb.org and enter your address, the site will provide information about the channels accessible in your area, the best antenna for your situation, and how to achieve optimal reception.

Acquiring Your Parents’ Cable Password By Deception

As ESPN and HBO had done before them, so did NBC. The network offers a website where customers can watch as much of the Olympics as they like, but only if they can verify that they are paying subscribers to a legacy service.

Here’s where it’d be helpful to bring in mom and dad or an extremely dated but trustworthy pal. You can get access to someone else’s cable or satellite account by asking a friend or acquaintance if they still use their service.

It’s possible you’ll have to either register their internet account for them or instruct them on how to use it to pay their bills online. Then they can download the NBC Sports App, sign in with their cable or DirecTV credentials, and start watching their favourite sports.

Trademarked Video-on-Demand Providers

Streaming services such as PlayStation Vue and Sling are viable alternatives to cable if you value consistently high-definition pictures but are dissuaded from doing so by moral considerations or financial constraints.

They start at $25 and go up to $100 for the most expensive item. The opening ceremonies are only one of the many popular events that can be viewed with a standard subscription.

In addition to the free trial period, cordcutter.com also reports that the opening ceremonies for each service take no more than an hour.

Different Video Hosting Websites

There is an Olympic-themed channel on YouTube. However, broadcasts of NBC-branded events are unlikely to appear on the official channel. However, with some detective work, you might perhaps locate a less-than-benevolent Youtube user streaming the event live.

In contrast, Twitch is primarily used for mock competitions, such as those based on older video games. Go there if that sounds more your speed; you’ll undoubtedly meet other Powerpad enthusiasts and users.

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Social Networking Sites

You can count on Twitter to have at least some textual coverage. The style and method of Rio’s offering can be discussed through the usage of hashtags like #Rio2016 and #Olympics2016.

The RioOlympics and Rio2016 Facebook pages are live, and comments posted there may provide hints as to where viewers might find live coverage of the games. Short of giving a spot to view, users will supply a laugh or two.