5 Best POS Software (Point of Sale) For 2022

POS (Point Of Sale) is a great way of growing your business with the help of the internet. Currently, most businessmen and entrepreneurs are shifting their business from offline to online. This not only helped them in branding but also helped them grow and produce much more income than before.

POS Software

5 Best POS Software

Since most people have internet connectivity, it is now easy to make money online. Some of the best POS software are,

1. TouchBistro

The software is exclusively designed for restaurants. The purpose of the software is to manage the stuff related to restaurants ranging from payment and processing to table management. The software company has its headquarters in Toronto and has over 225 employees working. The company provides 24/7 customer services and support. Its features include,

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Planning the floors and table management
  • Management of staff and schedule

The software also gives its users to customize the menu according to their choice. The integration process of the software is very smooth and reliable. Organizing the tables and other management stuff are easily done through this software.

Although the software is easy for a beginner, yet sometimes it gets complicated while navigating. The cost of the software ranges from $69/month for a single license to $399/month with an unlimited license.

2. SquarePOS

This software is supported by both Android and iOS devices. The software is designed for any type of business and is even used in bakeries. The software is highly advanced and the customer support system is highly supportive. Talking about its features,

  • The software is highly reliable and durable that staff could easily cope up with the complexity of the software.
  • Customers can easily get digital slips and bills.
  • The dashboard provides information related to new customers, business, and sales.

The software is free to use and can be easily connected to the Bluetooth receipt printer. Any item saved into the system can be easily deleted. Adding pictures and customization option is also available. The software is only compatible with star printers.

3. Shopify

Shopify has gained huge popularity in recent times. It manages almost all background tasks happening in any store. The software can be easily run on multiple devices which would be a great help for those companies who have multiple cash registers. It comes with three subscription plans ranging from basic to advance.

The basic Shopify plan is helpful for small-scale or newly built businesses. The options provided by the software could be very helpful for growing the business. With the advanced Shopify plan, users can unlock advanced features as well. The customer support service is present 24/7. The features of Shopify are,

  • Highly flexible and accepts credit cards.
  • Digital receipts are available.
  • Helpful in tracking and managing inventory.
  • Selling and purchasing products are very simple, all thanks to device integration.

Talking about its pricing, the software comes with a basic package of $29/month and an advance subscription for $299/month.

4. ShopKeep

The software is an IPad based POS that lets users a solution for quick-serve, retail, Restaurant, and Bars for Franchises. It’s original headquarter is located in New York. Talking about its features,

  • Unlimited users can log in to your account.
  • Easy to get updates related to real-time reports.
  • Great way to deal with the staff.
  • Unlimited inventory items.

The software comes at a cost of about $69/month.


The purpose of this software is to provide a point of sale and inventory management to its users. The software is web-based software that has more than 20,000 active users on the platform. The software can be easily accessed from any corner of the world. Talking about its key features, it includes

  • Easily accessible on a web browser.
  • Suspend sale feature available.
  • The receipt can be printed with a barcode.
  • Items can be added by searching its name.
  • The shipping feature lets users get their items shipped via FedEx.
  • Easy integration with credit cards.

The software takes care of the customer’s complaints and queries. Talking about the pricing, the software comes at a price of $99/month.


Currently, digitalization has taken over the traditional methods of trading and selling items. The majority of the people now prefer buying stuff online. As a result majority of the businesses are running online. This has not only helped them during the pandemic time but also has helped them in branding.

As a result, their profits and income have also increased. Hence, if you’re one, having a small business, looking for alternatives to maximize your profit, you should definitely go for POS software.