Queen of The South Season 6 Release Date

The crime drama Queen of the South features intense action and thrilling moments. The premiere episode was shown on June 23, 2016, while the first season premiered on June 23, 2016.

Based on the novel of the same name by Spanish novelist Arturo Pérez Reverta, this American series is a remake of a previous adaption. To date, there have been five full seasons.

Queen of The South Season 6 Release Date

Season one follows the story of poor Teresa Mendoza as she falls in love with a member of a powerful drug gang in the Mexican slum of Culiacán. She believes that if she can find love, it will give her the strength to overcome the despair she has been experiencing.

Queen of The South Season 6 Release Date

But her daughter’s murder prevents it from happening, and she has to flee the nation. She eventually finds safety in the United States, where she joins forces with an unlikeable acquaintance from her past to eliminate the head of the drug ring pursuing her.

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More About The Queen of The South

The show focuses primarily on Teresa Mendoza. She’s a true inspiration because she managed to get through some very rough times. She started out as a money changer in Sinaloa, but now she runs a drug cartel that distributes cocaine across Arizona and has outposts in Florida, Louisiana, New York City, Georgia, and even Europe.

Teresa and James’s romance is the most satisfyingly slow-burning on modern television. Teresa works with her as a partner, and he gives her advice about the industry from his experience.

Teresa Mendoza tries to prove her importance to Camila Varga by making friends with Camila’s faction of the Vargas Cartel in season two. Camila’s husband tries to shut down her cartel and force her to come home, so she needs to struggle to keep it going.

After escaping the clutches of the Mexican cartel and finding safety in the United States, Teresa is now seeking to establish a thriving business empire on her own. But when both new and old foes plot against her, she knows she must put in even more effort and make greater sacrifices to achieve her goal of becoming queen.

In season 3, she establishes a firm in Arizona and Phoenix and “rids” herself of some competitors, giving her extensive influence over the supply corridor between Colombia, Cuidadan, and the United States.

Daily Rodriguez and Ben Lobato took over as showrunners for Season 4 of Queen of the South.  Taking over for Natalie Chaidez, they have been promoted to the positions of showrunner and executive producer.

This season, Teresa takes the reins of a smuggling enterprise that has spread from Sinaloa to Phoenix, Miami, and now New Orleans; she eventually expands to New York City and begins doing business with the Russian mafia.

Teresa has proven her resilience time and time again, and this time she knows that being brutal is essential to making it in the cartel business. In this season, we meet three major adversaries:

Cuban drug kingpin El Gordo, street gang godfather Marcel Dumas, and crooked judge Cecil Lafayette. Season 5 finds Teresa establishing her empire in New York and expanding to Europe.

Her plan to become “too big to fail” and legitimate is derailed by the return of an old CIA foe who she thought she had defeated. Teresa’s loved ones continue to die off this season, but she finally falls in love.

She decides she will not be used as a CIA pawn and begins making preparations to stage her own death so that she can escape the narco lifestyle for ever.

Queen of the South: Six Unmet Expectations

Fans of the show are anticipating a sixth season since they have voiced various concerns and want answers before continuing to watch. The American drama series mixes drama, crime, and suspense.

There are 13 episodes in Season 2, which premiered on June 8, 2017. On June 21, 2018, Season 3 premiered. Season 4 premiered on June 6, 2019, and Season 5 concluded on April 7, 2021.

Season 5’s Cast of “Queen of the South”

Alice Braga, a Brazilian actress, portrays Teresa Mendoza. She first gained international recognition after acting in I Am Legend, but before that she appeared in such acclaimed Brazilian films as City of God and Lower City. Famous actress Doa Camila Vargas.

She is a star in the HBO Latin America series Cappadocia, which follows the lives of Mexican women behind bars. The series Perry Manson, The Falcon, The Winter Soldier, and Why Women Kill have all included her.

Justina Machado portrays Brenda Parra, Teresa’s best friend. Joaquin De Almeida, a Portuguese actor who has appeared in several Hollywood classics including Clear and Present Danger and Behind Enemy Lines, played Don Epifania Vargas.

James Valdez, Camila’s trusted aide, is portrayed by Peter Gadiot. Hemky Madera plays Pote Galvez, Nick Sagar plays DEA agent Alonzo Loya, Idalia Valles plays Isabela Vargas, Alfonso Herrera plays Javier Gallegos, and Yancey Arias plays Albert Cortez.

Do You Plan on Making Season 6 of “Queen of the South?”

Season 5 was the final installment of the show, and there would be no more installments. Without that, the performance of the fifth season speaks for itself in lowering the likelihood of renewal.

The makers of Queen of the South have chosen not to produce a sixth season due to the show’s poor performance in the ratings and rankings during season 5. Since production on the series has been halted, an exact release date is unknown at this time, and may never occur.

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The cast and crew have spoken of their deep appreciation for their time spent working with one another and the characters they got to know. There were rumours that this would be the last season, but now we know for sure.

The show’s executive producers expressed their satisfaction with the team’s efforts over the course of the five seasons. Charmaine of the Entertainment Networks Frances Berwick shared his thoughts on the amazing drama, describing how the show’s strong characters and innovative plotting won over viewers.

In addition, the chairman has stated definitively that this will be the final season of the show.