Robert Plant Cant Believe People Ask Him About Retirement

At 73 years old, Robert Plant is frequently questioned about retirement. After many decades in the industry, both fans and journalists alike have wondered — and questioned Plant directly — about his retirement status. But the former Led Zeppelin vocalist can’t even understand it.

Robert Plant Cant Believe People Ask Him About Retirement

I’d hear, ‘Well, you must have done enough now,’ and it would hurt.” Plant remarked in a new interview with the Telegraph. “Enough of what, you ask? ‘Enough to retire!’ To think that I’ve been on this journey for 40 years and still don’t know enough to stop is a blessing in and of itself.

Robert Plant Cant Believe People Ask Him About Retirement

Something new can be learned, and it can be taken in a variety of directions. It’s fantastic; I really appreciate it. To quote Plant, being a musician is a “lifetime’s job,” one that satisfies him now as much as it did when he first became interested in rock music.

Notably, Plant has made more solo albums than any other ex-Led Zeppelin member, and he is set to go on tour next year with bluegrass great Alison Krauss, with whom he has just published a second album, Raise the Roof.

Plant, who is known for his powerful lead vocals, was given the opportunity to work in a completely new style on this collection of songs, much like on their first joint LP, Raising Sand, released in 2007.

“He compared it to attending classes at a university after work. I’m still getting my head around all the harmonic bending possibilities. It’s almost like a vocal jigsaw puzzle when I join in.

Hear “Can’t Let Go” from “Raise the Roof” Sung by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.

Krauss, who was exposed to better-balanced vocals from an early age, has been instrumental in providing much of that education. In the same interview, she remarked, “It produces quite a sense to hear him in that harmony role.”

“because to the fact that his lead singing so strongly conveys his individuality. That voice has been an integral component of the musical landscape for generations. Even though Plant is 22 years older than Krauss, he still considered himself a student before and throughout their recording session.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said, “I took it as an incredible challenge to be in her company because she is fascinatingly, almost slightly obsessively, desperately, remarkably capable, and I sort of come in around the corner, with a dustpan and broom, going ‘Oh, hello, I’ll put my vocal on this here!'”

Considering how much there is for Plant to learn, he doesn’t plan on winding down his career anytime soon. He said, “Two generations have passed since I first became addicted to this, and I still have a foot on the pedal.” “I’m still going somewhere. A lunatic has the right to do that!”