Robert Plant Cant Believe People Ask Him About Retirement

At 73 years old, Robert Plant is frequently questioned about retirement. After many decades in the industry, both fans and journalists alike have wondered — and questioned Plant directly — about his retirement status. But the former Led Zeppelin vocalist can’t even understand it.

Robert Plant, the legendary lead singer of Led Zeppelin, is a figure who has left an indelible mark on rock music. Yet, beyond the music, the man himself has been a subject of intrigue and speculation.

From his relationship with fellow band member Jimmy Page to the touching and tragic personal stories behind some of his songs, Robert Plant’s journey is filled with highs and lows. This article delves deep into some of the most asked questions and stories surrounding the rock icon.

Robert Plant Cant Believe People Ask Him About Retirement

“Stairway to Heaven” – a song that evokes emotions, memories, and at times, controversies. As the iconic lead singer of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant has been intrinsically linked to this anthem for decades.

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From its genesis to its cultural significance, the story of this song is intertwined with that of Plant’s own life journey. Let’s explore the legacy of “Stairway to Heaven,” Robert Plant’s thoughts on its renditions, and his life after the meteoric rise of Led Zeppelin.

Robert Plant Cant Believe People Ask Him About Retirement

I’d hear, ‘Well, you must have done enough now,’ and it would hurt.” Plant remarked in a new interview with the Telegraph. “Enough of what, you ask? ‘Enough to retire!’ To think that I’ve been on this journey for 40 years and still don’t know enough to stop is a blessing in and of itself.

Something new can be learned, and it can be taken in a variety of directions. It’s fantastic; I really appreciate it. To quote Plant, being a musician is a “lifetime’s job,” one that satisfies him now as much as it did when he first became interested in rock music.

Notably, Plant has made more solo albums than any other ex-Led Zeppelin member, and he is set to go on tour next year with bluegrass great Alison Krauss, with whom he has just published a second album, Raise the Roof.

Plant, who is known for his powerful lead vocals, was given the opportunity to work in a completely new style on this collection of songs, much like on their first joint LP, Raising Sand, released in 2007.

“He compared it to attending classes at a university after work. I’m still getting my head around all the harmonic bending possibilities. It’s almost like a vocal jigsaw puzzle when I join in.

Hear “Can’t Let Go” from “Raise the Roof” Sung by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.

Krauss, who was exposed to better-balanced vocals from an early age, has been instrumental in providing much of that education. In the same interview, she remarked, “It produces quite a sense to hear him in that harmony role.”

“because to the fact that his lead singing so strongly conveys his individuality. That voice has been an integral component of the musical landscape for generations. Even though Plant is 22 years older than Krauss, he still considered himself a student before and throughout their recording session.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said, “I took it as an incredible challenge to be in her company because she is fascinatingly, almost slightly obsessively, desperately, remarkably capable, and I sort of come in around the corner, with a dustpan and broom, going ‘Oh, hello, I’ll put my vocal on this here!'”

Considering how much there is for Plant to learn, he doesn’t plan on winding down his career anytime soon. He said, “Two generations have passed since I first became addicted to this, and I still have a foot on the pedal.” “I’m still going somewhere. A lunatic has the right to do that!”

Robert Plant on Retirement: Still Rocking On

One of the burning questions that often crops up during interviews is about Robert Plant’s retirement. Despite the years that have rolled by, Plant’s passion for music remains undiminished.

He has often expressed his disbelief and mild amusement that people keep asking him about retirement. For Plant, music is not just a career; it’s a lifelong journey.

The ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Conundrum

“Stairway to Heaven” is arguably one of the most iconic rock songs ever. However, Plant has had a somewhat complicated relationship with it. Over the years, he has mentioned in several interviews his reservations about the song.

This isn’t because he doesn’t recognize its beauty or impact but more because of the constant repetition and the weight of memories associated with it.

Tears at the Kennedy Center

One of the most touching moments in recent rock history was when Robert Plant was moved to tears during a performance of “Stairway to Heaven” at the Kennedy Center.

The rendition, performed by Heart in the presence of the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, was a heartfelt tribute to the band’s legacy.

The raw emotion visible on Plant’s face showcased the depth of his connection to the song and the memories it held.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant: A Bond Beyond Music

The relationship between Robert Plant and Jimmy Page has always been a topic of interest. While they’ve had their differences over the years, their bond, built on mutual respect and a shared passion for music, remains strong.

The duo has collaborated on numerous occasions outside of Led Zeppelin, a testament to their enduring friendship and creative chemistry.

Who Wrote ‘Stairway to Heaven’?

While “Stairway to Heaven” is often associated with Robert Plant, especially because of his soulful rendition, the songwriting credits go to both Plant and Jimmy Page. The lyrics were penned by Plant, and the music was a collaborative effort, showcasing the best of what this duo could offer.

A Personal Tragedy: The Loss of Karac Plant

Robert Plant faced one of the most challenging periods of his life when his son, Karac, tragically passed away at a young age from a stomach infection in 1977. This heart-wrenching event had a profound impact on Plant, influencing some of his subsequent music and lyrics.

Heart’s Tribute: A Rendition That Touched the Soul

When Heart took to the stage at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012 to perform “Stairway to Heaven” as a tribute to Led Zeppelin, it was an emotional moment for all in attendance. But perhaps no one was more visibly moved than Robert Plant himself.

With tears in his eyes, Plant watched as Heart delivered a powerful and respectful rendition of the song that he had co-created. It was a testament to the song’s enduring legacy and the deep personal connection Plant still holds with it.

Life Beyond Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant’s Musical Odyssey

Led Zeppelin’s split in 1980 marked the end of an era, but for Robert Plant, it was just the beginning of a new musical journey. Diving into a solo career, Plant released a series of albums, starting with “Pictures at Eleven” in 1982.

His solo ventures saw him experimenting with different musical genres, from rock to folk to world music. Plant also teamed up with former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page for the “No Quarter” project, a mix of new compositions and reworked Zeppelin classics.

Beyond music, Plant has also been an advocate for various causes and has remained a prominent figure in the rock and roll community, often collaborating with new artists and exploring diverse musical landscapes.

The Controversy of ‘Stairway to Heaven’

While “Stairway to Heaven” is lauded as one of the greatest rock songs ever, it hasn’t been without its share of controversies. The primary contention has been over its opening guitar riff, which some claim bears a resemblance to the song “Taurus” by the band Spirit.

Legal battles ensued, with debates over the originality of the iconic intro. However, in 2016, a jury found that Led Zeppelin did not infringe on the “Taurus” copyright, putting an end to one chapter of the song’s storied history.

The song has also faced scrutiny and rumors over its lyrics, with some speculating about hidden messages when played backward. Such controversies, while adding to the song’s mystique, also underscore its profound impact on popular culture.

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Robert Plant is more than just a rock legend; he’s a symbol of resilience, passion, and the power of music. His journey, filled with soaring highs and painful lows, serves as a testament to the transformative power of music and the enduring spirit of a true artist.

Robert Plant’s relationship with “Stairway to Heaven” is profound and multifaceted. From the pride of creation to the weight of controversies and the emotional resonance of hearing it played by others, the song encapsulates significant chapters of his life.

As for Plant’s journey post-Led Zeppelin, it’s a testament to his unwavering passion for music and his ability to continually reinvent himself. The legacy of “Stairway to Heaven” and Robert Plant’s enduring influence are reminders of the timeless power of art and the artists behind it.