Romulus Mayor Leroy Burcroff Democrat or Republican

Romulus Mayor LeRoy Burcroff has admitted that thousands of dollars in questionable campaign spending were initially questioned by 7 Action News.

Romulus Mayor Leroy Burcroff Democrat or Republican

The Michigan Secretary of State has been looking into Burcroff’s campaign since early this year. A complaint detailing a string of costs was the impetus for the probe, which we had previously mentioned in our reports.

Burcroff’s lawyer, Daniel Wholihan, admitted to the state in a letter issued in May that $4,500 in wedding costs were paid for out of Burcroff’s campaign account. He also acknowledged giving approximately $15,000 to his personal church through the fund.

Romulus Mayor Leroy Burcroff Democrat or Republican

Wholihan said Burcroff had sought legal counsel and been told the costs were reasonable in both situations, but that Burcroff now realises the Secretary of State may disagree.

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Burcroff Stated Earlier This Year That He will Not Run For Re-Election.

Seven Action News questioned the use of Burcroff’s fund to pay for a Jeep Wrangler, a membership at a local yacht club, and charitable contributions to Burcroff’s family last year.

“It’s a bit out of the ordinary,” said campaign finance attorney Steve Liedel in December. “I think it’s fair to have some doubts.”

Burcroff, through his attorney, has now explained the rationale behind some of the disputed expenditures, including the $4,500 spent on an open bar at the Belleville Yacht Club for his daughter’s wedding.

His lawyer maintained, however, that the wedding was actually a campaign event because many of the guests had helped with his campaign.

Experts in Campaign Finance Were Not Convinced.

If your daughter’s wedding could be a campaign event, then what kind of event couldn’t be? said Michigan Campaign Finance Network Director Simon D. Schuster.

I find it surprising that elected politicians have so wide flexibility to at least try to explain away potentially unethical financial activities.

Burcroff’s lawyer agreed that the mayor’s decision to pay for his daughter’s wedding was “bad optics,” and that the Secretary of State, who is still looking into the matter, may not ultimately consider it a legal expense.

He claimed that Burcroff had reimbursed his campaign for the approximately $5,000 cost.

Burcroff has admitted through his counsel that he has been spending campaign cash to support the church he visits on a regular basis.

Almost $15,000 was Raised Through the Donations.

Burcroff repaid the money because his lawyer said he might not be able to deduct it if the Secretary of State decides it wasn’t legal.

When 7 Action News questioned his spending, he donated a total of $20,000.

In your opinion, does this seem to stand for an act of remorse? It was a question Schuster posed. “Perhaps. The department’s receptivity to that idea is questionable, but it’s worth a shot.

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Despite The Ongoing Inquiry Against Burcroff, The Secretary of State Declined to Comment.

Burcroff’s use of campaign funds to purchase a membership to the Belleville Yacht Club and a Jeep Wrangler, however, have been deemed acceptable by the mayor, who has stated that Burcroff will not be required to repay the cash.

Through his attorney, he insisted that he had solely utilised both in the service of his mayoral and electoral obligations.