5 Best Alternatives To Tamilrockers In 2023

If you love to watch online movies for free and that too with a good quality of content but don’t know where to watch them, you have landed at a right place today! Today i will be telling you about some websites where you can watch some less known movies, indian films and Hollywood movies for free. One such website is Tamilrockers.

Tamilrockers is one of the best sites where you can stream movies and TV show content. Yes, you heard it right. It not only allows its users to watch online movies for free but also Tv shows. One feature of the app which attracts users a lot is that you can even download the content to see it later whenever you are free.


Also, you can see all the new movies here that are released. You must have a question in your mind that new movies are provided here but what about the less known movies or TV shows and some other content?

Well, tamilrocker is a site where you will get to see all these movies whether they are new, less seen or blockbusters. You can easily get wide range of indian content to watch here. The site and user interface makes everything easy for users and looks quite appealing.

Besides the content that is available here, it also have a side catalogue where it provide updates about which movie is going to be uploaded soon here so that you can expect content accordingly.

5 Best Alternatives To Tamilrockers In 2022

These all were features of the ap but it have some problems too. The site gets blocked continuously and even if it is not, many regions are unable to access it and watch content here.

So, if you want an another alternative for Tamilrockers because you didn’t liked the app or it is not accessible to you then you just sit back and chill while reading this article because we will be providing all the solutions to your problems.

1. Netflix

If you are interested in watching a Tv shows or some movies for about 1 month , What’s better than Netflix? Netflix is not a free app but it comes with a free 30 day trial and that period is enough for users to binge watch some of their favourite movie or TV show content.

Everything in Netflix is just great, you will be not frustrated by those ads which keep popping up and you can find everything you like in terms of content in Netflix.

2. Hiidude MV

HiiDudeMv is a site primarily focusing on Asian content. If you love asian content this site is just made for you. Here you can find Hollywood content along with Indian Tv shows, movies, etc.

The ste pops up ads in between but not that too much. Almost all the thing works well with the app, ithave HD quality content and dar theme interface. It is a free site so you can hang in there for unlimited period of time.

3. Movie House

Movie House is also a free site and not an independent side but is connected with some other sites for streaming the content. Hence, the quality of the movie or TV shows you are watching also depends on the provider or the main streamer site. It have a wide range of quality of content. The only thing bad about the site is that it shows a lot of ads.

4. Putlocker9

It is the domain app of putlocker. The putlocker is the original site and putlocker 9 is for all those who are unable to access that site. But its catalogue and content is different from putlocker. It keeps itself updated with all the latest movies and Tv shows, so you are not going to have bad time there.

5. Popcorn Time

It’s A free site and with no ads. Two qualities in one app!It auto downloads the content you are watching in your computer because it is linked to torrent files. It have a huge number of content available. The loading time of content depends on the type of content you are watching and the quality depends on torrent upload.


So you have now been introduced to some of the best alternatives to Tamilrockers. All the apps are for free and you should try any of these apps because surely you are going to have a great time doing that.