5 Best Alternatives to TorrentKing for You in 2021

It’s another month in 2021, and it has been 1.5 years since the coronavirus spread like wildfire and forced us to stay indoors. It’s a time for self-affirmation so that we can feel positivity around us, and the best way to feel it is by watching retro, modern, documentaries, etc.

Various categories of movies, television programs, and online series. To pay heed to our desired series, we have to pay the desired amount to ott platforms. But when it is achievable for a virus to lock 700 billion people in a home dungeon then it is also viable for netizens to download the content absolutely free.

The websites that are used for downloading the content in HD quality using a VPN and peer-to-peer network are known as torrent websites. The most popular among the netizens often regarded as “king of torrents” is TorrentKing.

TorrentKing offers Hollywood, Bollywood, and even regional indies without demanding a single rupee. Its user-friendly and compatible interface allows you to search and download over 10000+ content stuff in HD, Ultra HD,3K,4K, and even SD quality. You can also take the help of filters available on the website like recommended, most popular, etc.

You won’t be anguish if the downloading material got stuck in between or the popped-up advertisements may seem inappropriate. Since piracy is illegal in India so you may not be able to avail of its complete benefits.

5 Best Alternatives to TorrentKing

Let’s discuss the 5 best alternatives available in 2021 so that you can overcome the technical disadvantages you faced at TorrentKing.

1. Popcorn Time

Bought to you by love from some geeks in 2014, Popcorn Time is a leading torrent platform for you to stream your preferred content in HD quality free. It is supported by all forms of software so that you can download its application from its official website. It provides subtitles and dubbed versions of movies to netizens of over 50 countries.

It provides you an endless catalog of movies that is similar to the content you are currently engaged with or a specific genre that you adore. In the end, worry about your popcorn your movie time is with Popcorn Time.

2. Demonoid

Someone said it right “The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune”. The website founded in 2003 suffered a major setback when its founder died but soon in 2019, it was released in a better and updated version that attract huge traffic on the website in 2021. Demonoid is an appealing platform to download and stream your chosen content in HD quality. Since it is old, its database contains several masterpieces like the Avatar for free.

It also allows sharing the files with your family and friends. Demonoid caters to its users through VPN and proxies. Apart from movies it also offers a variety of online and offline games so you can enjoy and forget all your stress in a day. It may require you to register on the platform in case you wish to download the content.

3. BTDigg

The BTDigg is an abbreviation of BTDigg DHT Search Engine: Free Search Engine For Free Torrent Content. The BTDigg, as the name suggests, provides torrent files for downloading and streaming, eliminating your cost. It stands 42078 in Alexa ranking, which is quite reasonable.

It analyses the DHT network to enlist a collection of affiliated third parties that provide the desired content. It provides the files in SD, HD, and 4K quality. Since it is not considered a pure torrent, it is available in all countries, and its search bar has all the filters necessary for a platform to operate.

Its simple and facile interface hardly hangs, and its loading speed is far better than other torrents, so if you don’t want to get entangled in advertisements and low downloading speed, then BTDigg is surely made for you.

4. Torlock

Torlock is a highly recommended alternative to TorrentKing due to its resemblance to the latter. It has approximately 80 lakh verified torrents in its database, and approximately 2000 torrents are added in a day.

One can search one’s content with features like Top 100, fresh and popular, etc. And can even search the categories in which one is interested. It also gives you a glimpse of actors’ life in its news section.

Registration is mandatory to access the files stored in the database. It also has a search bar where you can search for the film even by the name of the directors and producers. Torlock is a famous website because of its minimal advertisements and simple interface. So lock your weekend with Torlock.

5. BitLove

Last but not the least made from a bit of love in the 2000s presenting you BitLove. Bitlove is specifically designed for users who wish to watch everything from torrents as it has an enormous database of movies, tv shows, web series, and games. It is accessible only via a VPN or a mirror website. But it is still a legal website in most countries.

It is only one of the few search engines where you can discover any genre of podcasts. You can even download MP3 content from Bitlove. You can download your content in P2P content which is a timesaving and money-saving option, instead of buying a subscription by paying a hefty amount for Spotify or Gaana.

The UI-enabled interface is loved by all the netizens. SO it won’t be astonishing for you that when you started to use it and go with a flow in it. So just give it a try.

Final Words

In the end, summarising these are the best 5 alternatives to TorrentKing in 2021 that you can use and bring around the positive vibes you have been missing from a past few times.  Torrent websites aren’t new but have gained popularity in the covid era. So I am ending my article with a positive hope for a positive future.