8 Ustream Alternatives In The New Cloud Video Era

Since Ustream Inc.  has been shut and no longer available for users and small businesses, what other live streaming video apps and websites are left for users? IBMhas already announced officially that it is going to acquire a live streaming company named Ustream at the aont of approx $130 million.

This acquisition on the part of IBM can be redeemed to be a part of new cloud video services that it is working on. The CEO of ClearLeap, Inc.  Braxon Jarratt is chosen for a position of leader of a new video cloud services unit. This unit will have four companies under it named Ustream ,Cleversafe, ClearLeap, and Aspera.


This acquisition by IBM is Going to work as a Booster of the video of a company for Corporate clients. This process will be performed by using IBM’s site only. So, it is not fixed that after this acquisition by IBM, Ustream services will no longer be available but in case it is done, I have rounded up some amazing alternatives of the app so that you don’t feel the absence of Ustream. 

8 Best Ustream Alternatives

Take a look.

1. YouTube Live Streaming

I know youtube must be the last thing you will think about when looking for some live streaming apps and services bt here i am placing it as a first option. The feature of live streaming on youtube has been introduced in 2011.

To start with the services,you just need to open live dashboard of youtube and then set up a new account for live streaming. The user need not to put so much of information while making an account, just a phone number is needed to verify the account of user by youtube.

Afterwards, once you will create a new account you will be given a special link which you can use to host public live streaming. Besides that, users can also stream while playing games, news, sports, music, tutorials of anything you know well, etc.

You can stream anything and everything you want to. While Doing all this on live stream, you can also connect with your audience and customise any kind of audio or video. You can also shoot a highlight reel and show up ads to monetize the streaming and so much more. 

2. Livestream

Livestream has features which allow users to watch and host live streams. They can also watch several other things like local news, music, sports and many other things happening across the globe all live.

Those who are interested in being host or hosting such live streams can use either their phone, tablets, laptop, computer, ipad, cameras to broadcast it. They can access all the livestream services from the site livestream.com or app livestream. 

Users can also send a link of the app or site to their friends or relatives through Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. and also invite them to your livestream. You can also use the built in chat system to connect with your audience in a better way.

Once can also follow people on Livestream so to get notified every time they stream live. You can use iOS, Roku, Inc, or android devices to watch the live streaming videos.

3. Twitch

Twitch is also called Justin.tv. Twitch is a leading social video platform all across the globe . Here, every month about 100 million community spectators can be seen who interact with each other and watch and talk about video games. Also, about 1.7 million new broadcasters serve on the platform.

These things definitely male Twitch the leading app in its field. Twitch have an app also for android or iOS users where users can watch the live streams they want and videos or chat with other people. Twitch mainly caters to organisations or company of game developers, events, content creators, publishers, media outlets, esports, etc.

4. Bambuser

Bambuser has different tiers that serve different live streaming requirements. These requirements could be anything like free personal account , viewing hours, customizations of page, viewing hours, etc.The bambuse has a special feature of integrating live broadcast videos with mobile apps, so if you are an app developer you can surely use this. 

5. Facebook Live

Facebook live was first confined to the use for celebrities through which they can share their daily life happenings with their fans. But gradually, the feature was made open for more users. The feature is easy to use where you need to first click on update status and then Live video Icon.

Users can select who can view their live and see who is watching it while broadcasting live. If anyone will like your live stream, they can click on subscribe button and then they will get a notification whenever you will coe live.

6. Periscope

The app was primarily like a news app where people can get updates on protests and other important events happening around the world. But now, its scope has been broadened and the app can be used to broadcast live video for your followers and for strangers too. The audience can interact with hosts by sending stickers, commenting, etc.

7. Meerkat

The app helps users to stream on their respective twitter accounts by simply clicking on the Stream button. The streamings can not be replayed in meerkat. What one can do is to re-stream the live streams that are saved in the meerkat library.

Viewers can interact by sending emojis or commenting and even can take over the user’s streaming if they want. The app can be used by iOS or Android users.

8. Blab

The app is more like a live talk show between friends or even strangers. One can have a live conversation through video call by up to four people. The screen will be splitted and other viewers can enjoy the conversation going on. The friends can also debate about some important things. The app can be used by IOS users only.

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So, these were some of the alternatives of Ustream. I presume that you are fascinated by at least one of them and are willing to use it. I hope you liked the article. Thankyou and have a good day!