Video Megan Rapinoe Scores Olympic Olimpico on Corner Kick

In the thrilling 4-3 victory over Australia that earned the United States women’s soccer team the bronze medal at the Olympics, ace striker Megan Rapinoe pulled off a remarkable individual performance.

Rapinoe put the United States on the board first when, in the eighth minute, he took a corner kick and scored what is known as an Olimpico goal, or an Olympic goal.

Video Megan Rapinoe Scores Olympic Olimpico on Corner Kick

So, what exactly is an Olimpico goal and why is it so special? Okay, let’s dive in down here.

If You Want to Score an Olimpico Goal, What do You Need to do?

A goal scored directly from a corner kick without any assistance from another player is known as a “Olimpico goal.” The kicker must bend the ball in from a nearly horizontal position to the goal, making it extremely unlikely that it will go in.

This is compounded by the swarm of players rushing the box in an attempt to deflect or clear the ball.

After Ces├íreo Onzari, an Argentine striker, scored off a corner kick in a 1924 friendly against Uruguay, the term “Olimpico goal” was coined to honour his feat. The title holder at the time was Uruguay, therefore the name is a nod to the country’s Olympic history.

Megan Rapinoe Scores Two Goals for the United States at the Olympics

There is just one player known to have scored an Olimpico at the Olympics, and she has done it twice: Rapinoe. She scored her first Olympic goal in London in 2012, on a corner kick that sailed inches outside of the far post.

The United States squad eventually won the tournament, and that goal was crucial in the semi-final victory over Canada.

Rapinoe’s second Olimpico, held in Tokyo, was completely different from his first. She scored a “how is that possible?” goal by lacing the ball into the upper back corner of the net, which will require multiple viewings to fully appreciate.