Who is the Dumbest Person in the World

Approximately 37% of American adults, according to a recent YouGov America poll, would rather be mentally retarded if it meant they could live a happy life.

Finding meaning in such number is challenging. Is it really worth losing your brain to find true happiness, given that happiness is the point of living? Regardless of your opinion, it’s clear that many Americans are fine with the notion that they could be the world’s dumbest people.

Who is the Dumbest Person in the World

We have seen over the past few years, especially in the political sphere, that people are willing to believe just about anything. Also, the internet has helped us learn just how dim these folks really are.

Hundreds of accounts of idiotic actions and statements by humans can be found with a quick online search. We have searched the web for accounts of people who meet the criteria for “dumbest person in the world” and have compiled them here.

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The vast bulk of these anecdotes were culled from the encyclopaedic knowledge base that is Reddit. Check out the list below and vote for the one you think is the most inept human being ever to walk the face of the earth.

#1 She’s Incredibly Smart.

“I know a woman who bragged on Facebook that she scored 84 on her IQ test… She estimated a score in the hundreds. — @Mr Nonesuch

It’s hard to know what to say. Maybe it was a nice attempt.

#2 the police cannot be fooled by a feigned sleep.

“When my friend and I were in high school, we went to a party that had been invited to us. My friend picked me up because I didn’t have a car at the time.

All went fine on our trip to the celebration. On the way back, though, he got pulled over. I told him I was going to act sleepy as we pulled over to the side of the road (since I was the passenger).

Anyway, I saw the police officer exit his vehicle, go over to our car, and then pause at the window without making any kind of contact or making any sort of comment.

His flashlight is so bright I can feel it on my skin, yet I can’t make out a single word he or my friend are saying. After what felt like a lifetime, I cracked my eyelids open to check on things. When I look over, I realise that my friend the driver is also pretending to be asleep. tweets from: @Puppetz1287

People will do the silliest thing to get out of a ticket. When it comes to idiots, this guy has to be the dumbest of the dumb.

#3 Syntax Error Is Not the Answer


“A student at my school made a silly mistake while using a calculator for an exam. In response, she proceeded to type “syntax error.” Tweets by: – @didujustcthat

I’ve heard of people accidentally entering boobs into a calculator, but I’ve never heard of anyone being so dense as to believe a syntax error is the right answer.

#4 Just the Man to Keep the Country Safe

“Oh gosh. Someone that meets this description used to live next to me. The one time I created a “trap” hole in my friend’s backyard and covered it with leaves, he fell in and we had to take him out.

Climbed the tree in his front yard over and over to the top, only to have the same thing happen each time: he’d fall out. Except for that one occasion when he forgot how to get down and we had to call the fire brigade.

He rode his bike up to our house wearing only his swim trunks and a towel around his neck. After leaning over too far, I found my towel caught in the wheel’s rim.

He lost control and the bike fell on top of him as he went over the bars. We kept him away from the trampoline for fear for both of our safety. The army has promoted him to a high position. — @NumbMyLove

It’s unnerving to consider that someone with such a track record could lead our military, but it’s hardly shocking given the track records of some of our current political leaders.

#5 Too Many Wind Turbines

A coworker of mine has a strong aversion to wind turbines. When I inquired as to why, she replied, “There are simply too many sprouting up, and we are going to use up all the wind.” Absolutely speechless here. I’m never speechless.” Thanks, – @EldeererSFW

Yet another possible candidate for the dunce crown. Where will we get our energy if we deplete the wind supply?

#6 Histories, Complicated

Last summer, I had a job with a girl who was incredibly dimwitted. It was humorous at first, but then it became depressing.

She added, after I mentioned that Nelson Mandela was very ill (this was in June), “oh I definitely hope she’ll be alright, her music is so amazing.” She mistook World War II for a conflict between the United States and Africa.

When asked her boyfriend’s name, she responded, “I can’t really pronounce it — so I just call him Mike.” She also believed potatoes could only be grown in the United States. He writes it with a “I” for Michael. To quote the infamous @ GnoHomo_:

You’re left wondering about this one. Which is more shocking, the idea that the United States and Africa fought in World War II or the lack of familiarity with the great Nelson Mandela? You need to be paying attention in high school because of this.

#7 Infrequent Blonde

I worked for a woman named Roxanne who was my manager (Rocky). She got the job because her father owned the restaurant, but she was a bubblehead who bleached her hair every a month and then couldn’t understand why it kept falling out.

Rocky’s only concern was with how she looked to him. She confided in me and another employee that she got a nose job so that her future offspring wouldn’t inherit her crooked nose.

The woman wasn’t joking around. My coworker and I exchanged glances and then both left the room. It was obvious that the attempt would be futile, and so we didn’t bother. To @Adastria

Blondes may be more carefree and playful, but this tale suggests they aren’t all that bright, either. This moron is the epitome of the cliched blonde ditz.

#8 When and how do Dolphins Mate?

“Ex-girlfriend. When asked aloud how dolphins have sex, I once pondered this mystery. ‘There aren’t boy dolphins and girl dolphins,’ she declared firmly.

Simply put, ‘they’re dolphins. To use a metaphor, it’s almost miraculous. To top it all off, she and I have a two-hour long argument. Follow us on Twitter at @OttieandEddie to see what we’re up to!

Somebody obviously doesn’t know their biology.

#9 To Take a Gander at the Gun’s Barrel

“I can sum it up quite easily: We were at the shooting range, his rifle stuck, he looked down the barrel to check what was wrong.” It’s Not Known

People wonder why the world is going to shit. It’s because of dumb individuals like these. If we want to lessen the number of idiots in the world, perhaps we need to build a real-life version of the Squid Game.

#10 Incorrect Titles

My older sister comments on an Obama-Biden sign, “So that’s Obama’s last name? Biden?’” In the words of the great @ZetaLightning94:

You wouldn’t want former American President Donald Trump seeing this one. I imagine he would concoct some sort of plot involving Obama and Biden and alert Fox News to the news.

#11 Deceptions! Make a change and take charge!

I’ve mentioned this before, but back when I was a freshman in high school, our biology teacher requested a female to enumerate the many subatomic particles for the class.

She didn’t understand why her classmates were laughing after she answered, “Protons, Electrons, and Decepticons.” It’s okay to be a lax bro16.

A misunderstanding like that is simple to create.

#12 When I was and in the Navy

“There was a cook on my ship when I was in the Navy. One time he even offered ‘rare’ chicken. Honestly, I had no idea if he was trying to hide his infinite stupidity or if unusual poultry is a thing. He actually bought into that nonsense.

Sometimes he would just throw some ground beef into a pan and call it meatloaf. On another occasion, he was tasked with baking sugar cookies for the entire crew.

He opened the container without checking the contents, and reportedly didn’t even bother to sample the mixture before baking, resulting in salt cookies.

As a result, the remaining salt in the kitchen was used up, and for the next few weeks of the trip, we ate bland food until the captain appointed someone to act as the cook’s personal bodyguard. — @AuspiciousAuspicious

There are certain persons who aren’t suited to a career in the military.

#13 Reasons Why This Is Not the Proper Method of Cleaning

At the age of 22, this young woman washed an electric fan by dropping it in the tub. It seems like the flat caught fire. She was surprised.” It’s Not Known

Words really can’t explain how foolish this individual is. A lot of people’s behaviour makes no sense at all.

#14 King Kong has Nothing on Me!

“My ex-gf thought rhinoceroses were dinosaurs. Then, near the end of King Kong, she inquired as to whether or not the film was based on actual events. — @AnthropomorphicMango

Sometimes, that’s all there is to it. Potentially, a population of enormous gorillas is hiding away on an uncharted island.

#15 America, F*ck Yeah! U.S.A.

In my second year of college, I met a cool guy. I told him the story of the dumbest person I had ever met up to that point and his answer was ‘well.. that’s understandable though…

My ignorance of the United States and the United States of America dates back to as recently as last year. This was our second year of college in the United States. Dude was a 19-year-old full-blooded American.” “- @Sauced Churchill

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No matter how intelligent or inept you are, in the United States of America you can realise your wildest ambitions and become anything you set your mind to.