Why is My TikTok Under Review

And now you’ve made what you think is an engaging piece of content with the video camera on your smartphone. You’re getting ready to promote it heavily across all of your social media channels in an effort to build your own personal brand and gain more followers.

Video is uploaded to TikTok by opening the app, selecting it from the camera roll, and tapping the upload button. You expect the video to immediately appear in cyberspace, but instead you get the notification, “Your video is under review.

Why is My TikTok Under Review

” You scream, “What is the meaning of this?!,” towards the sky while cursing the heavens. In a word, no. When your TikTok video is “under review,” what exactly does it mean?

When Your TikTok Video is Undergoing Review, What Exactly Does that Entail?

You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that if your video is “under review,” it will take longer to upload and its content will be scrutinised. And yet, why does that hold true? In most cases, this is indeed a positive development.

The accounts of celebrities or people who consistently post viral videos on TikTok are more likely to be deleted. TikTok’s developers are always making sure that the app only hosts SFW (safe-for-work) content, given the program’s user base is disproportionately comprised of young people.

It’s possible that they take extra care with some of the more popular accounts because they can’t possibly remove every video that contains scandalous material or messaging that violates its community guidelines.

There is, however, another possibility that your film is now being reviewed.

Let’s imagine you’re not a highly popular TikToker with a tremendously high following count, but you’re still getting the “under review” message for your video.

The delay in adding your videos to the app’s library could be due to the fact that some of your older films have been flagged for review many times.

Videos That Have Already Been Submitted Can be Put On Hold For Review, Preventing You From Promoting or Sharing Them UntilThey Are Approved.

That is, until the end of the “review period.” Not very many people are watching all of the videos on TikTok to make sure everyone is safe.

An artificial intelligence algorithm scans the video for potentially offensive content, such as guns, nudity, or comments spoken or written in the video’s subtitles.

If My TikTok Video is Being Reviewed, How Will I Know?

The video is now being reviewed, but you won’t be notified of this in any way other than being told when you try to view it or upload it. If a video you uploaded is being moderated, no one will be able to leave a comment, and neither your follower nor watch count will increase.

When TikTok decides everything is good to go, things will get back to normal. In addition, you can’t upload your video to social media or embed it on a website. Of course, nobody’s “For You” page will display it either.

However, if your footage passes muster, the review process will be finished in under two days at most.

It’s Possible That Your TikTok Video is Being Reviewed For The Following Five Reasons.

  • Sexual or otherwise inappropriate material for adults
  • Pointless killings
  • Spam
  • Using someone else’s TikTok video without permission
  • Misconduct in the Community

The fact that many well-known creators have posted similar content in the past is no defence against TikTok’s ability to erase any video it deems inappropriate. You are at the app’s mercy, but if you avoid those five actions, you should be fine.

But you know that right this second, somebody is trying to post a TikTok video that effectively does all these things in a single movie. In your estimation, how long will it be before the AI works it out?