5 Best Alternatives To ‘Yahoo View’ in 2024

Yahoo is a well-established web service provider set up in 1994. Yahoo is a highly esteemed and renowned platform in the public eye. It bestows its appreciated services in the form of applications like a yahoo search engine, yahoo sports, yahoo finance, etc.

One of its notable and highly acclaimed service platforms was Yahoo View that enjoyed exorbitant fame and popularity in its remarkable short run. Yahoo View was inaugurated after the downfall of Hulu in 2016.

It follows Hulu along these lines by providing movies, television programs, news and lifestyle content, etc. without any charge. It was famous and celebrated among all age groups as it rendered desired content in HD quality within 8 days after its scheduled broadcast.

Yahoo View

Yahoo, a name synonymous with early internet experiences, ventured into the world of online streaming with Yahoo View.

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As online streaming platforms multiplied, each bringing its unique offerings to the table, Yahoo View sought to carve its niche in this highly competitive domain. Here’s an in-depth look at Yahoo View, its functionalities, its inception, and more.

What is Yahoo View?

Yahoo View was a streaming platform launched as a partnership between Yahoo and Hulu. It offered a selection of TV shows, movies, clips, and episodes for online streaming. A significant portion of its content library comprised episodes from popular TV shows available for streaming shortly after their initial broadcast.

5 Best Alternatives For Yahoo View

But the immense happiness of netizens was temporary and cursory as Yahoo announced that curtains would fall on Yahoo View on 30th June 2019.

It’s been 2 years since Yahoo View bid farewell to us but the urge of people to feast their eyes on content daily has risen expeditiously. Therefore, I enumerate the 5 best alternatives to Yahoo View that you can bust a gut in 2024:-

1. YouTube

Who doesn’t know about YouTube one of the most downloaded, surfed, glamorous, influential, and respected video streaming platforms in the universe.

With over 10 billion downloads surpassing the total population and inhabitants of the Earth Youtube stands at its peak in terms of free videos, quality, security, reliability, and responsiveness.

Youtube also opens earning perspectives by the popularity of the video uploaded by the channel. One can create one’s playlist and watch the videos according to one’s interests, fascination, and desire.

Youtube requires you to register so for availing of new features and following community guidelines. YouTube has even started live streaming as a substitution for T.V.

YouTube also has a premium subscription option in the basket if you want to get rid of advertisements, watch and explore more content. Overall YouTube is a cut above the rest as an alternative to Yahoo View.

2. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel sometimes abbreviated as Roku is a leading content streaming platform in the internet arena. Roku is considered as a second T.V. because it furnishes 150+ premium tv channels live streaming without taking a single penny.

You can also gape at your desired shows in its database that embrace thousands of movies, Hollywood fantasies, lifestyle extravaganza, kids’ entertainment, and cultural programs. It also offers its products and games to its users.

It has a complete guide on how to use it, how to deal with glitches, etc. It also has new and notable, popular, Roku originals, and recently added sections in its glorious interface. Hence, The Roku Channel is the best recourse to become your personalized home television.

3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a transpiring platform that has entered the picture after the closure of Yahoo View. Pluto Tv provides live streaming of over 250 channels including its original creations, thriller dramas, music, news, lifestyle, and so on.

Plus it gives an opportunity to watch 1000+ on-demand shows free of charge. The most prominent feature is that it is supported by all kinds of software in the form of an app as well as a free website portal.

Also, you can enjoy a cable tv experience on your device as it shows the programs list you are currently watching. The reviews are quite astonishing anime allows because most of the reviewers are critics or are from expert backgrounds providing an acceptable rating.

Thus, Pluto Tv can be on your bucket list for your next live streaming schedule.

4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll allows its benefactors to clap their eyes on anime-related content. The majority of the followers of Yahoo View were engaged and engrossed in Japanese animes and dramas.

Accordingly, these sections of viewers can peek at their anime in Crunchyroll that provides the latest and trending animes for free. The animes are offered in HD quality with dubbed and subbed versions in 10 languages available.

It subsequently makes all the content accessible without any interruptions to its premium subscribers. The news related to the anime world is updated regularly on the website. The anime maniacs can also read mangas or play games associated with the anime they are presently binge-watching.

It also has a corner dedicated to featured shows where anime lovers can try something fresh and new tangled dramas. For the Naruto clan, it is not less than a blessing that a separate place for Naruto Shippuuden episodes has been integrated into the design.

Concluding, I suggest Crunchyroll is a must-visit website for every anime lover

5. Tubi

So the last addition to the list is Tubi. Tubi is a free video streaming platform that displays more than 20000+ movies and thousands of titles of TV shows for free of cost. Tubi is a 100% legal website as it is not any torrent or third-party link provider website.

You can browse it in any form of software whether iOS, Microsoft, or Android. All you need to do is to complete a simple signing-up procedure that does not demand your details like dub, credit card, etc. Tubi also does not demand any hidden charges.

You can enjoy your favorite shows with maintaining your privacy as all the content is uploaded by verified users. The advertisements are also ethical and less than 30 seconds as they demonstrate ads from its partner companies only.

If you want to experience an ad-less or premium experience you can subscribe to its prime membership.

Does Yahoo View Still Work?

Yahoo View was discontinued in 2019. The reasons for the shutdown, like many streaming platforms, can be attributed to changing partnerships, evolving business models, and the fierce competition in the online streaming landscape.

Who is the Founder of Yahoo View?

While Yahoo is the brainchild of Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo View was not a standalone startup but rather a partnership endeavor between Yahoo and Hulu. Thus, Yahoo View doesn’t have a “founder” in the traditional sense; it was a strategic collaboration between these two giants.

Benefits of Yahoo View:

  1. Timely Content: One of the main appeals of Yahoo View was its feature of hosting recent episodes of popular TV shows shortly after their broadcast.
  2. Diverse Library: The platform offered a mix of movies, TV episodes, and clips, ensuring a broad range of content for viewers.
  3. Free Access: Yahoo View was one of the few platforms providing quality content without any subscription fees, making it an attractive choice for many users.
  4. Integrated Experience: Yahoo integrated its other offerings, such as news and commentary, to provide a comprehensive entertainment experience.

Is Yahoo View Safe?

As an offering from Yahoo, a recognized name in the digital world, Yahoo View adhered to industry standards in terms of safety and user data protection. The platform was legitimate, and there were no concerns regarding malware or phishing threats commonly associated with unauthorized streaming sites.

Is Yahoo View Free?

Yes, Yahoo View was a free streaming platform. The company monetized the platform through ads, which meant users didn’t have to bear any subscription costs. However, like any ad-supported model, viewers had to watch commercials during their streaming sessions.

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Final Words

Therefore winding up, I say Yahoo View is past and we should not stop our hunt of discovering and experiencing new content. We should try fresh content so that we can develop as a healthy virtual beings with a piece of vast knowledge.

These 5 best alternatives surely deserve a visit once. Yahoo View was a commendable effort by Yahoo to step into the ever-growing streaming world. While the platform had its unique offerings and benefits, it was short-lived in the face of fierce competition and rapidly changing industry dynamics.

However, during its tenure, it provided viewers with quality content without pinching their pockets. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, who knows what new ventures the future holds for brands like Yahoo?