CricHD Alternatives for Sports Lovers

With a hectic life and a constant 9-5 job schedule, watching our favorite sport in the comfort of our homes with a bucket of popcorn is impossible. However, with today’s technology and advancement, we do not miss all the fun. Smartphones have advanced so much that watching our favorite sport on our smartphones have saved us from missing all of it. Today, we can watch live matches online on our cellphones at absolutely no cost and can also work on our daily chores at the same time.

There are innumerable websites that work for this cause and provide free and live streaming of sports and matches. CricHD is one of them. CricHD receives millions of traffic every month from sports lovers all around the world. CricHD provides its customers with HD live streaming which increases customer satisfaction and experience. Various sports such as Cricket, Badminton, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, etc. are streamed online by their users on a daily basis. CricHD also gives it users access to various sports’ schedules, statistics, rankings, and fixtures. The users can watch both national sports games like IPL as well as International games like World Cup.

13 Best Alternatives to CricHD

CricHD is one of the most used websites for streaming sports matches online. There are other websites similar to CricHD which provides free online streaming of sports matches. Some of the best alternatives to CricHD are:

1. HotsStar

Hotstar has emerged as one of the most reputed and liked online streaming platforms for Sports along with Movies and Series. They provide fast and secure servers for their users. It is a one stop destination for all sports, movies and series lovers. It gives its customers access to movies and sports in 9 different languages, and the user has the liberty to choose the language of their own choice.

Hotstar uses the latest technology for streaming videos online and offline and also provides the best video quality for its users. The user can also choose the quality of the video one wishes to view the video on, whichever seems fit according to their internet connection.

2. SonyLiv

Sony Liv is one of the leading platforms to watch cricket and other sports online in HD quality. It also provides high quality live streaming of sports such as cricket, football, basketball, tennis, etc. Sony Liv is also known for a platform where its users can watch movies and TV shows of various genres. The platform is constantly updated with the most recent and latest videos of sports and otherwise, in order to entertain its users. This platform also provides a user friendly interface and follows strong design principles on its site.

Sony Liv also continues to create its own content to entertain its users and indulge in meaningful interactions.

3. PTVSportsLive

PTV is a Pakistan national sports channel that provides live streaming of sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey in HD quality. At the online channel, one can watch live and previous matches including sports analysis shows as well. This platform has achieved wonders in the recent past by its efficiency tools and its fast speed, even at a low internet connection.

The online platform shows all kinds of sports and has never disappointed its users from all across the world.

4. SkySports

Sky Sports has, for many years, been a key player in the Digital TV world. It is one of the leading platforms for sports in the digital world for streaming videos online and is considered one of the best live streaming platforms for sports. It is known all across the world for its wide offerings and choices.

Sky Sports is also known for its high quality and fast video speed on which it never compromises. It offers a wide range of sports like Cricket and others to its users with a smooth and simple navigation of the site.

5. CricFree

Cricfree is one of the best alternatives to CricHD. It is one of the best free sports streaming sites where the user can watch online matches at absolutely no cost at all. The interface of Cricfree is also very attractive especially for Football, Baseball (American), and golf enthusiasts.

The website is updated constantly and the latest sports schedules and timings are also fed into the website for its users. The amount of ads shown on the website is less and are also not obstructive in nature.

6. CrackStreams

CrackStreams is one of the best sites for free sports streaming. One can watch seasons and tournaments like NBA, NFL, UFC on this website with amazing video quality. CrackStreams is also easy to navigate and is simple and straightforward.

To be on the safe side, it is always better to turn the VPN on and avoid any security glitches.

7. was a blogging space earlier, which turned into a sports and entertainment space. All kinds of sports are available on this site especially Football and Cricket. However, one would have to do a little more research when looking for alternative matches.

The site is also constantly updated after every 5 minutes so that not a single detail is missed and remains unviewed by its viewers.

8. ReadStream

This is one of the best websites for streaming of Football, basketball, baseball(American),

and a lot more other sports. It is easy and simple to navigate. All the live sports are viewed on the main page of the site that are currently broadcasted and one can take a look at these after opening the homepage of the website. Also, there is an option to check the updates on the latest matches and their time schedules of specific matches.

9. BatmanStream

Batmanstream is one of the best free sports streaming websites. All kinds of sports are available on the site making it one of the most viewed sites for sports. It has viewership from all across the world. The viewership on this site reaches more than a million on a regular basis.

There are a lot of features working on this site too. All the sports listed on this website are categorized neatly and one can easily look for them in the homepage itself. Also, the user can find information on the upcoming competitions and leagues making it all the more likable to its users all around the globe.

10. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is one of the best streaming sites for watching live sports. This site focuses more on sports like Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Hockey and Tennis. This website offers high quality HD live sports streaming to its uses at absolutely no cost at all. The amount of ads shown while watching could be a little disturbing but otherwise it is perfectly good. Despite the fact that there has been some speculation on the authenticity of the site and the legality of the content, Stream2Watch has surely made its way into the sports streaming world.

11. LiveTV

Livetv’s primary focus is to stream videos of sports and events from European states. It is one of the best live streaming sports sites in Europe and it also has viewerships from all across the world making it known and one of the best in the entire world. Livetv is properly sorted into categories making it easier and organized for its users. Since, the site’s focus is on European sports and events, sports that are not known worldwide or the ones that are not found easily are also available in the site increasing its viewership all the more.

Because of its European base, there is less focus and space for American sports like Football resulting in less amount of viewership from the US. The website also announces streams for events days in advance, updating their users for the sports they might like to watch.

12. FromHot

FromHot is one the best sites for sports enthusiasts. One can find all kinds of sports and events on this site. The site is easy to navigate and one can also see a list of the upcoming events and sports competitions on the homepage. Also, the homepage shows the list of events happening live currently. Another benefit of this site is one does not have to register themselves to get access to the site.

13. VIPBox

Vipbox is one of the best alternatives to CricHD. Vipbox provides active stream links for all major sports and supports seven different languages. Any major match of a particular sport can be found here at the click of a button in the search section. Vipbox has been around for five years now and has worked its way up. However, the URL of this website keeps changing making it difficult to keep track of it.


Watching sports online is a part of a trend now, gone are the days of television. Everyone today, watch sports on their smartphones and enjoy the services that various sites and platforms provide at zero cost and hundred percent comfort. There are an unimaginable number of websites that are working to provide us with free streaming options that it has become hard to select one. Therefore, to make it easier the list given above are some of the best websites for the same.