What Is: Gstatic?

Many people are now familiar with the ‘Gstatic’ page these days, not just them but Google users have also reported about sudden redirection to this page, so we will help you know more about ‘Gstatic’ also whether it is safe or not.

What is “Gstatic”?

“Gstatic” is one of the domains that belong to Google, which is basically used to load the contents from the Content Delivery Network – CDN in a much faster way. As the contents of a website are uploaded to the server with the help of CDNs so that they can be later accessed by the CDN domain.


Also, Gstatic stores data of JSlibraries, stylesheets, etc. and to verify the connectivity in Chrome and Andriod devices a website called “http://connectivity.gstatic.com” is used.

Also, there is a deception of this Gstatic domain, which is a virus that has created worries to many people in the form of adware. Adware is a type of application that gets downloaded and installed in the background along with other downloads done on websites.

They track the user’s interests and start working, when the user opens a browser, and then suddenly starts getting advertisements and redirections based on their recent search or interests.

Is Gstatic a Virus?

There are varying reports regarding this question, some of the users say it’s safe while some say it’s really harmful due to the damages caused by it. So it is difficult to arrive at a conclusion and, suggest you perform a scan of your computer regularly to stay on the safer side.

As most of the time, malware/viruses disguise themselves as approved or popular applications and get downloaded into your computer/laptop without your knowledge and infect your computer.

So it is better if you completely scan your computer regularly to ensure there is no virus in your computer, also it’s recommended to use the Windows Defender to scan and to make sure your Operating System is up to date.

How To Run a System Scan?

To make sure your computer is safe and does not contain any malware/virus, do a complete scan of your computer by following the below-given steps:

Step 1: To open Settings, press “Windows Key” + “I”.

Step 2: Look for “Update & Security” below and then n the left pane select “Windows Security”.

Step 3: Now search and select “Virus and Threat Protection” and then click on the “Scan Options”.

Step 4: Select the “Full Scan” option and then the “Scan now” button.

Step 5: The defender will now start the scan to make sure your computer is safe and does not contain any virus.

In most cases, Windows Defender works well, however, if not you can try the Restoro Repair tool, as it will scan your repositories and replace your missing files as well as the corrupted ones. This solution does work most of the time as the issue is originated due to System Corruption, not just that it will also optimize your system.