15 Best Torlock Alternatives to Use in 2021

There is a large group of people who prefer torrent as a viable source for downloading various things like movies, games, software, etc. Although many torrent sites have closed some of them are still running actively.

Torlock was considered one of the most viable and good sites among all the torrent-providing sites. The content possessed on the site was very good and efficient and the speed for download was very speedy.

The site has also survived the ban back in the year 2016 but still managed to keep running. The relation is quite reputed and healthy. One of the major downsides to Torlock was the stability issues it posses. The site has issues of frequently getting offline.

15 Best Torlock Alternatives to Use in 2021

If a user visits Torlock often then it is no surprise to them that the site is not available and is offline for quite some time. Below are some of the best alternatives for Torlock. The list is as follows:

1. The Pirate Bay

This is one of the most popular and most used sites among users. When some of the torrent sites start getting shut down such as KickAss, Torrentz, etc, then this site primarily came to the rescue and gave content. It has garnered a huge audience and traffic in recent times. Although the site is banned in some countries like India it can be accessed via the VPN.

2. 1337X

This site is known for its well-sorted and neat interface. The site has also a very good collection of content at its disposal. 1337X is very highly rated and is widely popularized and garnered a huge audience. The site includes various types of content like TV shows, Games, Movies, and many more.

3. Torrent Hounds

This site is also a viable option for Torlock. The site is primarily known for the unique content and updated content it posses. There is also the availability of the latest movies, software, games featured on the site.  This site is one of the best alternatives to feature on the site itself.

4. Torrent Project

This site is quite similar to Torrent Hounds and is very popular among users. Their interface is very user-friendly and well sorted. The quality of torrent that it posses is very good. The content on the site is diverse and well-versed.


This site is a very good option if you want to download movies and shows. The site is hugely popular and there is a huge catalog of movies and TV shows at its disposal. The site is very well soe=rted and the interface is very user friendly. The movies can be searched based upon language, upload, popularity, and other filtration options.

6. IsoHunt

Isohunt has several features that make it one of the best viable sources available on the web. The content of the torrent is very unique. The interface is also very user-friendly and well sorted. The site is also very good to visit when Torlock has been down for some time.


This torrent-providing site is another alternative and has been garnering a huge amount of users to itself. The interface is very simple and old and kind of looks outdated. This is good as it’s easu=y and very fast to operate. The database the site contains is humongous and iy=t includes all kinds of TV shows, movies, games, and many more.

8. YTS

YTS is also a popular choice among torrent users. This site has various content available such as movies, TV shows, Trailers, and many other video content. The sit is very efficient to use and very fast to access. The site has various content in its catalog. New and updated content is available on the homepage making it easily accessible.

9. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents has been used for several years now. The site is very well sorted and has various torrent files in its catalog like movies, TV shows, Games, and many more. The site verifies the torrents that the user submits.

10. Demonoid

This is also a very good alternative to Torlock and a great site for torrents. This site allows downloading of various movies, games, software, and many more. The interface is very user-friendly and all the content is well sorted and arranged in a good manner. The site due to being popular among users has been on the radar o authorities for a while and gets offline often.


These are some of the best sites where the users can visit and download or access torrents for games, videos, movies, software, and many others. These sites may not be completely legal but these are some of the best alternatives for those people who like to download and watch for free.

These sites are one of the top-rated and approved by the users and considered as one of the best alternatives to Torlock. Each of the above sites has its pros and cons and the users have to choose what they want and which site suits them the best.