7 Best Alternatives to Flipagram in 2021

Nowadays there is a lot of craze for video making all over the world. Millions of people create videos of collector pictures from the camera and phone’s photo gallery and share them with people through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and for this, they use various video creating and editing apps.

Flipagram is also one such app that creates slide presentations by combining multiple pictures together and music files are also available in it. You can also put your favorite music or songs in the background. This is video making software about which video making enthusiasts must have heard. This is a popular tool for making videos, with the help of which you can create and share your story with everyone.

It also has features like stickers, text, filters, crop, background, emoji, which you can add to your videos. In this, animations can also be selected.

7 Alternatives To Flipagram In 2021

There are other alternative tools to Flipagram that provide very similar services. You can use them too.

1. PicFlow

Are you an image slides, video creator, and do you like to share videos and stories in public? So you will be aware of the pickup flow. This is a video creator software that allows you to select your photos directly from the camera or gallery and collect them here and make their slides with presentation music. With the help of this app, you can share your memories anywhere online by converting them into stories as per your wish.

You can adjust the slides according to the music. You can also adjust the time duration. You can add up to 100 photos to the video and you can preview it immediately once the video is created. PicFlow application is supported in android and iOS devices. You can use drag to arrange pictures. You can download this app for free without a watermark.

2. Instashot

Instashot is the best Photos video making app using which you can convert your favorite pictures into slides and add your favorite music or song to create amazing videos. It is one of the similar alternatives to Flipagram. By creating a video with this, you can share it on social media platforms like Instagram.

The special thing about this tool is that you do not even need to crop or format the slide show. You can create your music slideshow or video and share it directly on your profile. It allows the user to create a wonderful slideshow by combining their text messages, pictures, and videos. This tool is best for users making buds mash videos. This app is Android and iOS supported. Many related applications are also available.

3. Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker is a useful tool launched for those people who are fond of creating videos. This is another similar alternative to Flipagram. It is an amazing application to present pictures slides and music together. You can add unlimited pictures to create slides. You can add music, stickers, text, and many more styles and effects to the video by selecting the created slides.

This is an advanced tool through which you can customize your slideshow order. Slideshow Maker is Android supported and completely free tool. You can create your own story and share it in public by installing it on your smartphone right now. In this application, the user gets a lot of editing options so that he can make his video perfect.

4. MakeMyMovie

Are you searching for a better and free slideshow-making tool then Make My Movies is one such amazing tool using which you can create your videos and share them with your friends and relatives. Also, you can share your creative video online on social media as well. It offers the same features as Flipagram.

During video creation, you can add themes and pictures directly from your phone’s gallery or by clicking on the camera. You can add your favorite music to the slides, and there are countless themes available that you can use in the background of creating your videos to give them a wonderful look. You can also put the title of the videos as per your wish. This application can only be installed on iPhone devices.

5. Mini Movie

Are you looking for an advanced slide-making tool to create your photo story, then here is one such great tool for you which has been prepared with the best quality and facility named Mini Movie. This is the best similar and free tool to Flipagram. Only one feature differentiates it from Flipagram. That is, it allows users to integrate a professional tool to create videos.

With this, you can easily share the created video and slideshow on social media platforms. You can also set music along with slides. Also, you can customize the picture. This allows up to 100 pictures to be selected for slides. You can enjoy creating slides or videos right now by installing or downloading this application on your Android.

6. VideoShow

Video Show is a popular and best online video-making app using which users can create their favorite ghost videos. JAI allows users to create an excellent video in Delhi. With the help of this tool, you can create any number of long and short videos, it also has various editing options available.

Filters and effects can be used to make the video look colorful. The user can choose any favorite music from the album on his phone and add it to the background of the slides. You can create memes, movies, and videos from pictures here. It allows editing animated videos. You can also create video directly from the camera because its camera is also available.

7. VivaVideo

Viva Video is the best Android app to create a great video, by installing which users can create videos in their own way and their choice. It has many special editing. You can also add unique text to your video along with a musical background. You can use filters to enhance your video.

You can also use emoji to convey expression in the video. This is one of the best free video editing and slideshow-making tool. You can add photos, stickers, fonts, and many more things to videos. You can use this video editing interface to create new-style videos.


Here we have provided you information about the best applications or tools which are very useful and popular in the current li. And all these are similar alternatives to Flipagram which you can use with ease and comfort.

If you love making videos then you can check out its alternatives once. All of them are training in 2021. These applications have very good quality and features that will help you to create your favorite photo slides and share videos with your friends and relatives.

These allow you to create stories for sharing your videos on online platforms. You can create videos for any special occasion. Like Birthday Party Wedding, Anniversary, etc. Flipagram is a photo slide, video-making application with music. It allows you to create amazing videos by selecting photos directly from the gallery.