SockShare Alternatives for Movie Lovers

Nowadays technology has advanced very much such that we can watch entertaining videos like movies from our device itself. There are many applications that are Streaming videos on their platforms. Although Some of them are free, a few are providing premium services. If you are a movie lover, you must probably know about SockShare.

It is a famous site where you can watch movies, TV shows, etc for free. We can sort videos by the genre or language in it. There is a wide range of search options on the given platform. Many files like videos, games, anime, trending videos are equipped. SockShare provides links for other websites, where the free videos are uploaded.

So it maintains legal status. Dismally, it has closed down to avoid the eternal shut down of the website. As a result, users are in a dilemma on how to watch their favorite shows. Hence, in order to help the folk who utilize SockShare for downloading or watching shows online, we are providing the 10 best alternatives for SockShare.

List of Top 10 Sockshare Alternative of Movie Maniacs

Here in this article, we will discuss about a list of best ten sochshare alternative of Movie Maniacs. Go through the article to find them and you can choose the one which suits your needs.

1. YifyTV

YIFY was founded in the year 2010. It is a torrent site where we can download movies with HD quality. YIFY also offers magnet links. It was renamed YTS In 2014. YTS stands YIFY Torrent Solutions. It’s observed as one of the famous references in the peer-to-peer sharing society.

Unfortunately, in the USA it was banned. The most added advantage is it doesn’t require any subscription or log in. On YIFY TV we can also see IMBD ratings, movie descriptions, and so on for free of cost. We can also watch TV shows on it.

2. PutLocker

Putlocker is a streaming platform for a number of TV shows, entertaining videos like movies etc. It is a website that is a file hosting index. Putlocker altered its domain address many times. It is developed in the UK. Here you can search your favourite shows according to country, year or genre.

Putlocker provides flexible searching options. It also provides ratings and subtitles for several shows. This site also has a login option that can be used to save our downloads. But it is not mandatory to login for watching videos.

3. BMovies

Looking forward Bmovies is another torrenting platform where movies are streaming online. The quality of the videos is much clear. It has trailers and a Summary of TV shows on Its website.

We can search for movies alphabetically so that we can easily find out our favorite shows. In contrast, the most annoying thing about this website is it shows too many annoying pop-up ads.

4. MegaShare

As we know, MegaShare is a famous website for streaming movies freely. It has almost all the movies on its website. It also supports various languages. You can also search movies by genres, languages, actors, or year in MegaShare. To avoid legal issues, it employs third-party website content.

It provides videos with HD quality. MegaShare can be considered as the best alternative for SockShare. Like other sites, it also doesn’t require registration. It also indicates the trending movies so that we do not miss them. MegaShare is also a user-friendly online streaming site.

5. YesMovies

Itis a website used to access new films on the internet. YesMovies is a torrent Website. This site is visited by a number of people across the world. It is blocked in India and the US. But it operates with the help of different proxies.

We can say that YesMovies is a user-friendly website. It is the best website to watch movies online. Although, we don’t recommend it to download movies because while downloading videos it diverts to unnecessary sites.

6. 5Movies

Itis a torrenting website where we can watch HD and free movies. 5movies is available without registration similar to other sites. This website like others provides content from third parties to prevent legal issues. 5Movies is also a user-friendly site that offers flexible options. But it also contains pop-up ads which might be annoying.  To sum up, it is a good option for movies to download using 5movies.

7. Vumoo

This is a website where we can explore a wide range of movies and TV shows. It is a user-friendly site where the options are easy to handle. We can download or watch movies online from Vumoo. The drawback of this website is that it does not Categorize the list of movies. But it also has an added advantage I.e. it contains animated series or movies. It is good news for anime lovers who are searching for anime shows.

8. Yomovies

Itis an Indian torrenting website. Yomovies is used to watch movies or TV series online. It uses various proxies so that the website cannot be blocked. Yomovies has the advantage of watching movies in 3D.

On this website, sorting can be done based on IMDB rating or language. It also contains most of the Indian and other languages TV shows. This site like others does not require login details. Yomovies can be used to download shows in HD quality.

9. CmoviesHD

Itis also the best torrenting website where we can watch movies for free online. This website maintains the content from third-party websites in order to avoid legal issues. CmoviesHD is used to watch movies with HD quality. It is similar to SockShare. Sorting in movies HD is done based on genre, Region or language. On this website pop-up, ads are a little better when compared to others.

10. iOMovies

Going ahead iOMovies is one of the greatest torrenting sites. It is used to watch Indian movies online. We can also download movies from this site. Unfortunately, Google banned this website. But Some countries may able to use this website. Like other torrenting sites, it also does not require signing up. We can also watch TV series in HD quality in iOMovies.


These are only a few search engines that provide high-quality videos whether movies or TV shows. They also provide free service which does not require any registration or sign up. On the internet, there are several other sites that may offer the same content. The mentioned sites can be used as alternatives for SockShare.

Many of these websites won’t upload content. They just provide links to other parties where we can find required files. However, most of the torrenting sites come with pop-up ads. So we have to choose which website we have to refer to so that we get the quality content.