13 Best ‘MangaStream’ Alternatives To Read Manga Online For Free

MangaStream is an online platform to read all your beloved Japanese comics in a single place. This site has gained much popularity in years. The point that adds to its feature is it is free of cost and of high quality, and its interface is not at all sophisticated. It has quite a collection of comics from different genres, be it sci-fi, horror or action, or any other.

Creators all over the world had grudges over the publication of their work in an illegal way because they were not getting any loyalty, and this basically means the manga site was stealing the contents in order to provide free access to the comic lovers.

Mangastream market was flourishing; they had almost the business of 3.6 billion dollars, which attracts the attention of creators all over the world. Owners of the manga comics started putting pressure on the website owners to take all that down, and this became the reason for Mangastream shutting down.


Many mirrors of this website eventually came to the surface, but sooner or later, they are going to go with the same fate. Manga, the Japanese art of storytelling through intricate illustrations, has garnered a massive global following.

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MangaStream was once a leading online platform catering to this demand. But what exactly was MangaStream? Let’s explore its history, benefits, and the questions surrounding its safety and availability.

What is MangaStream?

MangaStream was an online platform that offered users access to scanlations – scanned and translated versions of Japanese manga. Through MangaStream, fans around the world could read their favorite manga series in English and several other languages soon after their official release in Japan.

13 Best Sites Like MangaStream To Read Manga Online For Free

Since Mangastream has been taken down, it became a matter of disappointment for all the manga lovers, and hence we brought you the best alternatives one could try for the same. Here is the list of top websites that can be an alternative to MangaStream.

1. MangaTown

This website has a massive compilation of comics of good quality. The comics are sorted alphabetically from A-Z. The comics have been categorized into different genres like sci-fi, action ad many. The comics are also have been marked on the basis of views and ratings.

The graphic quality would take you to a different world. There is no need to sign up for accessing the comics. Genres that are rarely available on other sites can easily be found here, like webtoons and reverse harem.

MangaTown will definitely give you a great experience. This website is a holy place for all manga lovers that can leave you speechless.

2. MangaDex

A site providing you a decent collection of manga. However, you cannot download the manga but can read it online. This website also has a forum that provides its users the feature of discussion. Users can discuss anything about manga there.

The interface is relatively easy to use. Though the collection is average, the website keeps on updating its contents. This website does not show pop-ups to irritate its users. One significant feature is that users can put their own made alternative endings, and they can share them too.

3. MangaFox

Another excellent alternative to MangaStream that can leave you open-mouthed. The site has been gaining popularity since it has been made that has caused the emergence of many mirror websites. It brings you a vast collection of the database with absolutely no cost.

The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate. The search bar on the top right of the homepage is what makes it easy for users to search for their desired comics. Every chapter of the comics is preceded by a short synopsis given by its users.

Ads cover a good portion of the webpage and can annoy you. You can view the full screen by pressing F11. Every manga has the feature of rating, and users can rate the manga according to their liability. This website keeps in mind your bandwidth.

4. MangaOwl

This website serves as an excellent alternative to the MangaStream, contains a decent collection of comics. This website comes with minimal ads. This website can be explored on any device without expending any amount. Its forum is what makes it even more attractive, and users can interact with each other.

Its website is straightforward and easy to use interface. For users, there are so many helpful sections like the New Release Section, and the Must Read Section, the Latest Update section where their manga list is updated, the Most Popular Manga section, etc.

5. MangaFreak

One of the best websites, where one can download the mangoes too, and read online, is always an open option. It is not that popular, but it is still excelling in the field. MangaFreak also generates history that keeps you updated on which mangas you have read already.

It provides the service free of cost. Scanlation is what attracts users. You will find pop-up ads on the website which can irritate you. The ads need to have a quality check as ads have adult quality content.

English translations are present for all the mangas as English is the most known language worldwide. On the top of the webpage, we get the option of new releases too so that we keep updated.

6. TenManga

TenManga is relatively a new website in this field, and there is a chance you might not have heard about this website, but open your eyes this website does exist, and it is a pretty good website. TenManga also has the potential to detect the first letter or number of its name in the manga.

If you are not sure what you are searching for, the site may also pick a random manga for you as there is a surprise option available that surely can surprise you. Minimal pop-ups attract the most.

7. MangaPark

This site has a huge fanbase. Its service for delivering the highest possible quality and up-to-date content is something that needs to be acknowledged. Even though there are a lot of titles, no plot description is given by MangaPark.

There is the only classification of the genre and a couple of remarks on each chapter. There is a filter that may prove to be useful for explicit content, with no pop-ups to get rid of, discovering new mangas every day from this wonderful resource. There are lots of filters available like you can set a theme according to your preferences.

8. MangaReborn

This site has quite an easy layout to navigate. It also has a segment on the Forum and News that allows the reader to stay updated with the latest news from the manga community. This site is legal, and that is why one does not get many mangas here.

Most indie productions make it to the catalog of Manga Reborn. However, there are no scanlations available. They are mostly in Japanese and official English language translations.

On the top right side of the homepage, you will find a search bar to help you with the required comics you want to read. The website asks for a sign-up after a while.

9. MangaKakalot

The best part of using this website is the cool interface, and not it has not at all a sophisticated layout. As everything has pros and cons, so does this website. This website does not work smoothly over the phone.

Throughout the manga pages, there are very provocative advertising displayed. So be careful not to land on a malicious website with a mistakenly placed click. It is a high-speed website as it very frequently updates readers with the most recent chapters.

As it offers a good database of manga stories, this website is gaining immense popularity among comic lovers. We get a short summary of every manga before actually start reading.

10. MangaGo

In a new tab without any distractions or advertising, clicking on any story brings you to a full-page reader. You do not need to sign up or register if you do not want to join the community.

A prominent feature is this website provides the top five mangas of each genre so that the new users do not find any difficulty in navigating. If you cannot find a manga, you can click on the last updates so as to get new add on to the comics.

You can go for the name of manga or the name of the author in the search bar, and it all becomes ready to go. The service is available on any platform and has a specific feed section for updates as well.

11. MangaReader

Here, we can find scanlations on this website. This site comes free of cost for any comics. Many English mangas are compiled, and that gives you a great reading experience. If you are not sure of which comic you want to read next, this website has a surprise me an option that can choose a random comic for you to read.

Isn’t this a marvelous feature? However, ads can distract you. Mangareader has an amazing printed text quality. All the mangas are sorted alphabetically from A-Z so as to make it easy for users.

12. ComiXology

ComiXology is a wonderful platform for cloud-based streaming manga comics. You can browse, read and even buy the manga from here. ComiXology is compatible with any device.

Another good thing is that it deals with a range of varieties, such as Korean, Chinese, American, Japanese, etc. One would not find many free mangas here as this site is paid. You have to buy a subscription to access most of the database.

13. Viz Media

A good source to read your favorite mangas. This site is free of cost for ios and android, but for PC, you need to buy a subscription in order to access most of the contents. The search bar will help you to find your favorite mangas. The vast library is what amazes us all.

Does MangaStream Still Work?

MangaStream decided to discontinue its services around early 2020. The exact reasons remain speculative, but the prevalent theory suggests it was due to copyright concerns.

Since its discontinuation, several alternative sites and clones have emerged, though their legitimacy and association with the original MangaStream remain questionable.

Who is the Founder of MangaStream?

The identity of MangaStream’s founders or the team behind it has always been shrouded in mystery. Due to the nature of scanlation sites and the legal gray area they operate within, it’s common for site operators to remain anonymous.

Benefits of MangaStream:

  1. Timely Releases: MangaStream was renowned for its swift releases. Fans could read the latest manga chapters almost simultaneously with their official Japanese release.
  2. High-Quality Translations: The site prided itself on providing top-notch translations. The team behind MangaStream ensured that the essence of the original work was retained.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: MangaStream’s design was simple and efficient, enabling users to navigate and find their desired manga series with ease.
  4. Diverse Catalog: From shonen to shoujo, from action-packed tales to romantic sagas, MangaStream had an extensive range of genres to cater to varied tastes.

Is MangaStream Safe?

While MangaStream itself was a trusted platform for many, the nature of scanlation sites poses certain risks:

  1. Legal Concerns: Scanlation sites like MangaStream operate in a legal gray area. Reading copyrighted material without proper licensing can be problematic.
  2. Digital Safety: As with any popular platform, clones and mirror sites can emerge, which may not be safe and could host malware or phishing threats.

Is MangaStream Free?

Yes, MangaStream was a free-to-use platform. Their revenue model was primarily ad-based. However, the nature of such ads could sometimes be intrusive, leading users to other websites.

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Since most of the websites can be accessed free of cost and that has a plethora of contents for its users to read and feel euphoric about. We will recommend you to go through all the above mentioned top alternatives to MangaStream so as to have gained a good experience.

MangaStream was, without a doubt, a giant in the world of online manga reading. While its departure left a void for many fans, it also underscores the importance of supporting official releases and creators.

As the world of manga continues to evolve, fans should remain vigilant about the platforms they choose, prioritizing both their digital safety and ethical considerations.