Top 10 ‘SubsMovies’ Alternatives You Must See

Want to watch HD quality movies without paying a single penny? Well, SubsMovie seems just right for you. It is an emerging movie streaming website which has been recently launched.

SubsMovie is one of the best online movie streaming website which offers you high quality movies without any registration or sign up fee however, because of its recent release the website does not offer many options to its viewers.

There are limited number of movies and animation available on the website which dissatisfies many of the website visitors.


In today’s digital age, numerous platforms offer movie and TV show streaming. SubsMovies has been one name that many have come across. Here, we delve into the ins and outs of this platform: its essence, functionality, founding figures, advantages, safety protocols, and its cost structure.

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What is SubsMovies?

SubsMovies is an online streaming platform known for offering a wide range of movies and TV shows, often accompanied by subtitles in various languages. Its vast library ensures content diversity, catering to viewers from different linguistic backgrounds and preferences.

Top Alternatives of SubsMovies

Today we have short listed top 10 alternatives of SubsMovie you must visit if you want to find your favorite movie quickly and watch it in high quality without paying any money.

1. OpenLoad FreeTV

The most popular movie streaming website is none other than Openload. It provides good quality content which is entirely free of cost. They have 25+ genres to select from and have a huge database of movies some of which date back to 1972!

An added advantage of this website is that the interface of Openload is extremely simple and easy to navigate. Users may also note that OpenLoad frequently updates its website which means you get the latest content in electric speed.

2. PutLocker

There’s no way a movie-lover would not know how good of a website Putlocker is. A registration free website which offers you premium standard service is Putlocker. This website has a huge collection of movies in varying video qualities such as 1080p, 720p, 480p, Blu-ray, DVD or even CAM.

They also offer subtitles in many different languages which makes this website stand out. Even if one of the website of putlocker is not working they have got many mirror and proxy sites for the users. You might check that out as well.

All in all you will get a great experience on PutLocker, we guarantee that!

3. YIFY Film

Though it is not a movie streaming website but it is immensely popular in the movie watching community. You might ask, why is that? Yify is a well-known torrent site which offers large collection of torrent files and magnet links. Along with movies they also provide subtitles in many different languages.

Yify also provides details of the selected movie such as its director, cast, year of release etc. The unique feature about this website is that the viewers can write review of the movie and rate it accordingly.

4. Movie4K

The outlay of this website might seem a little messy to you but do not let the looks fool you. This website is always rated among the top movie streaming platforms available today. They do not host the videos themselves instead depend upon third party servers for the video content.

This does not affect the quality of the content available on the website as they only allow service from high resolution servers. We recommend you check out this website.

5. FMovies

A good alternative to SubsMovie is Fmovies. This website delivers you the high quality movies and TV shows. This website has an impressive dark layout which is comfortable for the eyes.

For watching HD quality movies and TV shows on fmovies you don’t need to register or pay any charges, you can simply go to their website and start watching your favorite movie without spending a single buck.

This website has comparatively more number of movies and TV shows as compared to any other on this list. We fully recommend this site to you.

6. 123Movies

123movies is another amazing movie streaming website which allows you to watch hundreds of movies and TV shows without providing any personal information like email, phone number or credit card. In short this is a registration-free website.

The website is systematically arranged into different sections. Also advanced filters like genre, year of release, IMDB rating, enhance your search results. This website has 25+ genre to select from and a vast diversification in content by providing movies and TV shows of 6+ countries.

We don’t ask you to trust us, you can check out this website yourself because we’re sure that it will keep you hooked.

7. AZMovies

The name says it all, you will find any movie from A to Z on AZmovies. This website offers you a huge variety of movies and TV shows from not only Hollywood but also Bollywood. You will definitely find the trending movie or TV show on this website as it is known for its fast uploads. You can find them under the ‘featured’ tab.

AZmovies is an impressive alternative to SubsMovie. Comparatively AZmovies has 10 times more content than SubsMovies. This is a must visit website if you’re looking for a better and smoother working site than SubsMovie.

8. YesMovies

In this internet age many online platforms allow you to watch movies and TV shows without paying any charge but not all websites are legit. Some might use your personal information for wrong purposes, which is why you must always watch movies/TV shows from trusted websites. Yesmovies is one of them.

They don’t ask you any personal information or even force you to sign up. Just visit their website, search your favorite movie and start watching. Known for its fast servers, Yesmovies also offers you advance search filter like genre, country, IMDB rating, etc. to improve your search results.

We insist you check out that website.

9. PutLocker HD

This website can be considered as a veteran in online streaming services. It has been online for over a decade which might tell you that it has every movie you can think of. This website offers an outstanding count of 50+ servers which is more than any on this list.

This website offers everything from movies, TV shows, biographies and even anime! This is truly an all in one website. The only disadvantage we found is that the website keeps on filling the screen with advertisements and redirects to a different site on almost every click, at times this could be annoying.

But, despite this we still ask you to visit this website because it has a movie for every visitor and you will not leave the site disheartened.

10. Viooz

Viooz is one of the best platform from which you can watch and download unlimited movies with ease and without paying any registration fees. You can look up for a movie on Viooz by direct search or with the help of filters provided by them i.e. IMDB rating, genre, top-rated, etc.

The interface is very simple and appealing. In case of TV shows, Viooz categorically arranges them according to their seasons so that you don’t have a hard time in finding them.

You can have a worry-free attitude when you are on Viooz because it allows you to download multiple movies and TV shows every video being of top quality.

Does SubsMovies Still Work?

Streaming platforms often face fluctuations in their operational status due to multiple reasons, including licensing issues or web challenges. As of our last update, SubsMovies is functional. However, for real-time status, it’s advisable to check the official website or related online forums.

Who Is the Founder of SubsMovies?

The digital realm, especially streaming platforms, is characterized by anonymity. Much like several online platforms, the specific identity or identities behind SubsMovies remain undisclosed to the broader public.

Benefits of SubsMovies

  1. Multi-Lingual Subtitles: One of the primary draws is the platform’s focus on subtitles in various languages, ensuring accessibility.
  2. Diverse Library: From blockbusters to indie gems, SubsMovies covers a broad spectrum of genres and eras.
  3. Intuitive Design: Its layout is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing easy navigation even for those less tech-savvy.
  4. Community Interaction: Certain sections allow users to comment, providing an avenue for shared viewer experiences and discussions.

Is SubsMovies Safe?

Online safety is of paramount importance. While using SubsMovies or similar platforms:

  • Beware of Pop-ups: Refrain from clicking on random pop-ups or ads, as they might redirect to suspicious sites.
  • Maintain Updated Antivirus Software: Ensure your device’s protection against potential threats.
  • Consider VPN Usage: VPNs can offer enhanced security, privacy, and sometimes access if there are geo-restrictions.

Always be mindful of the legal aspects associated with streaming copyrighted content in your respective jurisdiction.

Is SubsMovies Free?

Historically, SubsMovies has been known to offer its streaming services for free. However, the catch often comes in the form of advertisements, which serve as revenue streams for such platforms.

For uninterrupted viewing or premium features, some platforms might have subscription tiers. It’s always a prudent step to check the official SubsMovies website for the latest on their pricing model or any premium offerings.

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Here we end our list of top 10 alternative to SubsMovie. While SubsMovie is not a bad site at but its newness in this industry and limited options are the reason why many users are switching from SubsMovies to different websites.

All movies streaming websites we mentioned in this list are absolutely free to use so please think twice before spending your money. Also do not be confused, some of the above mentioned websites offer premium service but it is a choice and not a compulsion to buy that service.

We recommend you always use a VPN while streaming movies online as it a dual benefit. Primary is that your IP address is hidden all the time and secondary is you can easily get access to any websites which might be blocked in your region.

SubsMovies, with its multi-lingual approach and extensive content library, has carved a niche in the streaming world. As with all online platforms, ensuring a safe and legal viewing experience is crucial. Keep abreast of the latest updates and enjoy your cinematic journey!