Why is Kelly Clarkson Wearing an Eyepatch

Find out why Kelly Clarkson has an eye patch on while she’s hosting The Voice by reading this article. Exactly why is Kelly Clarkson covering one of her eyes while performing on The Voice? Why does Kelly have a bandage over her eye?

Singer Kelly Clarkson is a huge fan of jewellery. Her jewellery collection includes numerous necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more. In contrast, Kelly Clarkson sported a new accessory, a black eye patch, on the prior episode of The Voice.

For what reason is Kelly Clarkson covering one of her eyes while she performs on The Voice? If you’re curious, keep reading below.

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Kelly Clarkson, the inaugural winner of “American Idol” and a musical sensation, has often been in the spotlight not just for her phenomenal voice but also for aspects of her personal and public life.

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This article aims to provide insights into some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson, a name synonymous with vocal prowess, has been a mainstay in the music industry since her victory on the inaugural season of “American Idol”.

But beyond the spotlight and the stage, Clarkson’s personal life has also drawn attention, especially in recent years. From name changes to custody battles, here’s an exploration of some of the major events in the singer’s personal life.

Kelly’s Eye Covering

Kelly Clarkson sported an eye patch on the prior episode last night. If you’re Kelly Clarkson, you might be wondering why you see her with a patch over one eye. What’s up with the eye patch on Kelly Clarkson’s face? Is this a brand-new add-on?

After the public noticed Kelly Clarkson was wearing an eye patch, speculation began as to why. In late September, Kelly Clarkson surprisingly appeared on her chat show with a black patch over one eye and the words, “I’m sorry I look like a pirate.

I had an accident and now I have to wear this stupid thing because I damaged my eye. Kelly quipped to her guest, “You’re being interviewed by a pirate today.” She has also said that she is going to make this her thing.

What’s up With Kelly Clarkson’s Eye Patch on The Voice?

Kelly spruced up her appearance on The Voice by adding red lipstick, gold earrings, and a black T-shirt to go with her dress and eye patch. So, what exactly happened? When asked about the incident, Kelly recalled, “When it initially happened, it was so puffy and I was like, ‘What am I meant to do?'”

I had to film The Voice for an entire day for a patch called Battle Realities while dressed in all black because it was the predetermined costume.

The Eyepatch Mystery: Why was Kelly Clarkson Wearing an Eyepatch?

In 2020, viewers of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” were curious about the sudden appearance of an eyepatch on the star. Kelly later clarified that she had to wear the eyepatch due to an eye infection during the show’s filming and decided to make a style statement out of it.

Always one to find humor in situations, Clarkson joked about her pirate-like appearance.

A Glimpse into Her Soul: Kelly Clarkson’s Eye Color

Kelly Clarkson’s eyes are a captivating shade of hazel. They’ve often been praised for their unique color, which changes hues based on lighting and her attire.

Body Art with Meaning: The Tattoo Behind Her Ear

Kelly has multiple tattoos, each symbolizing crucial moments or beliefs in her life. The tattoo behind her ear is a cross, which is a nod to her Christian faith.

Personal Battles: Kelly Clarkson and Her Relationship with Her Father

Kelly has been open about her tumultuous relationship with her father. Yes, her parents divorced when she was young, and she’s often referred to the emotional pain she felt due to her father’s absence.

Songs like “Piece by Piece” poignantly address these feelings, with lyrics reflecting the promises broken by her father and the vows she makes to her own children.

A Journey of Self-Love: Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss

Over the years, Kelly Clarkson’s weight has been a topic of public discussion, often with undue scrutiny. Kelly’s weight loss journey, as shared by her, was primarily motivated by health concerns and not aesthetic reasons.

She discovered she had an autoimmune disease and a thyroid problem, which led her to make dietary changes. Kelly emphasized the importance of loving oneself and not succumbing to societal pressures.

Wrist Tattoo: Words to Live By

Kelly Clarkson has a tattoo on her wrist that says “Love Them More.” It’s a daily reminder for her to approach situations with love and understanding, emphasizing the importance of empathy in her life.

The Name Game: Why did Kelly Clarkson Change Her Name?

Interestingly, Kelly Clarkson’s decision to change her name wasn’t rooted in rebranding or an artistic shift. In fact, Kelly didn’t change her name professionally but made a significant change in her legal name.

She dropped her middle name, Brianne, and replaced it with her mother’s maiden name, Jeanne. Kelly once mentioned in an interview that the decision was simply a tribute to her family, especially her mother.

Matters of the Heart and Home: Custody of Kelly’s Children

The dissolution of Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s marriage made headlines, particularly with regards to the custody of their two children, River Rose and Remington Alexander.

In what can be described as a challenging period, the court awarded Kelly primary physical custody of the children. This decision was made keeping the best interests of the children in mind, ensuring their stability and minimizing any disruptions in their routine.

Brandon, on the other hand, was granted visitation rights. It’s worth noting that decisions like these are made after careful evaluation of various factors, ensuring that the welfare of the children is always prioritized.

The End of a Love Story: Why did Kelly and Brandon Split?

Every relationship has its own set of challenges and intricacies, and Kelly and Brandon’s was no exception. After nearly seven years of marriage, Kelly filed for divorce from Brandon in June 2020.

While the exact reasons for their split remain personal, Kelly has alluded to irreconcilable differences in official documents. Over time, Kelly has opened up about the emotional toll of the divorce on her talk show, reflecting on the pain and the healing process.

She has often emphasized the importance of therapy and having a strong support system during these trying times.

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Kelly Clarkson’s journey, both personal and professional, showcases her resilience, talent, and authenticity. From her transparent discussions about family and health to her decisions about fashion and body art, Clarkson remains an inspiration to many.

She’s a testament to the fact that celebrities, much like their fans, navigate the complexities of life, making the best of every situation.

Kelly Clarkson, like many of us, has faced her fair share of personal challenges and upheavals. But through it all, her resilience and ability to channel her emotions into her music have been commendable.

Whether it’s decisions about her legal name or navigating the complexities of divorce and custody, Kelly continues to inspire many with her strength and authenticity.

The journey may be filled with highs and lows, but Kelly Clarkson’s story reminds us that it’s possible to find one’s way back to the light, even in the darkest of times.