9 Most Essential ‘Gadgets For Men’

“Men don’t care what’s on TV. They only care what else is on TV.” The above-written quote was given by Jerry Seinfeld and it highlights the materialistic and quick grasping power qualities of men.

Men are often considered as breadwinners of the family and work day and night to feed their families. There is a misconception among the people that men have minimal requirements while dressing or working.

But it is unethical because some common devices and gadgets are essential for men to carry out their day-to-day activities.

Some gadgets are necessary because men matter. Some important work for a regular salaried employee is to attend meetings, prepare documents, and so on without missing the deadline. For attending meetings they need to look confident and smart.

9 Most Essential Gadgets For Men

Men also need some time to adjust their things and table. They are also required to keep 2-3 phones for attending clients. So some gadgets are essential for all the men especially office employees so that they can work smoothly.

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1. Watch

It is rightly said that watches are practical unlike diamonds because watches are for those who are on run, who are with appointments to keep, and who is with schedules to meet. A watch is a very affordable gadget starting from as low as rupees 100 but if you are looking for expensive ones then you can buy it for as much as lakhs.

A hand watch allows men to manage time and make their schedules accordingly so that their efficiency improves. It also enhances attention towards your work as it is less distractive compared to phones. Thus a watch makes a man responsible and diligent.

2. Speaker

A speaker is also an essential gadget for men as they most of the time work in crowded areas. Suppose you are traveling on the train and suddenly an important call turns up then the speaker is your best companion in those tough times.

You can connect it to your phone with Bluetooth or wire so that you can have a better audio experience. Speakers are easily affordable and available in markets. It ranges from 1000 to some lakhs. But you don’t have to buy a sound system. You only intend to buy a small carryable speaker.

3. Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is a kit of different tools combined in one set so that it performs functions of various tools. A multi-tool usually is a combination of knives that helps in cutting and managing papers.

Other multi-tool functions include a hammer, LED light, lighter, tape measure, and an assortment of screwdriver bits. So it helps men to work effectively and efficiently without any hindrance and increasing their productivity.

4. Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard comes in handy while preparing documents. Mechanical keyboards can be easily connected to the phone, screen, and laptop. Whenever you are traveling or attending a meeting a keyboard is your best companion. It is cheaper and easily available online. You can also carry them in your bags.

5. External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is used for storing documents. Compared to the old era when you have to carry bags full of papers you can easily transfer them to the hard drive and then to various other devices without much hesitation.

The hard drive also improves your image in front of your client. It is essential because instead of carrying some important paperwork with you you can store them safely in your hard drive and use them at appropriate moments.

It is also less costly compared to other storage devices.

6. Beard Trimmer

A good and nicely done beard boosts your confidence and reflects it towards your clients. Beard also depicts the sense of maturity and responsibility in the man. But if your beard is overgrown or uneven it may cause you to look soggy and less confident.

So a man should always keep a beard trimmer with them in the bag. Nowadays beard trimmers are also coming with stylers so that you can design your own beard. Beard trimmers are very cheap starting from 300-400 rupees.

A good man with a good beard with a good look equals to great success.

7. Ballpoint Pen

A ballpoint pen is highly recommendable for men whether you are an employee or a businessman. Ballpoint pen comes in need very often. Gel pen spreads ink when exposed to a small touch of water and creates a rippling effect thus deteriorating the document.

But ballpoint pens have come a way ahead from these problems. The ballpoint pens start from merely rupees 2 and if you are interested in showing your position and status expensive pens are also available. Signatures are highly used in daily life in offices or workplaces.

A man is advised to keep 5 to 6 ball pens with him daily.

8. Camera

A camera is not a new gadget to the new generation. It enables you to capture some precious moments in photographs so that it can become your memories or an important future document. All the work engaged men should carry a camera or a phone with a good quality camera with them.

It enables you to cast images on screen while presenting. The camera enables you to capture the images of important documents for a lifetime in case they get damaged or lost you can retrieve them anytime.

9. Tablet

A tablet should be bought by men as a replacement for a second device or to be used as a second phone. Earlier tablets used to be a luxury item but in past years their cost has come down to 5000.

Tablets has generally more storage compared to mobile phones and you can reserve them in use of emergency. Tablets have a bigger screen compared to phones but are smaller than laptops thus acting as an ideal business gadget.

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Final Words

Well, men, these are some most affordable and essential gadgets that come in handy whether you are in business class or service class. These gadgets are handy and make you productive while doing your business activities. So go and get each of them for yourselves.