Lily-Rose Didnt Attend Johnny & Ambers Wedding heres Where

Family comes before all else. No matter what the news cycle brings, Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose Depp’s bond as parents and child will remain unbroken. There has been much speculation about Johnny Depp and Chanel Model, Amber Heard, since Johnny’s defamation case against his ex-wife went through its ups and downs.

Johnny and his then-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis welcomed their daughter Lily-Rose in 1999. With the French model he dated from 1998 until 2012, the Golden Globe winner also had a son named Jack.

Johnny quickly moved on from his breakup with Vanessa to start dating Amber Heard, who plays Mera in the upcoming Aquaman movie. They worked together on the set of The Rum Diary and met for the first time in 2009.

Lily-Rose Didnt Attend Johnny & Ambers Wedding heres Where

Years later, in an April 2022 court hearing, Johnny would reveal that he had begun developing feelings for Amber while working on the film, despite still being in a relationship with the mother of his children.

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Like Johnny, Amber had a significant other prior to meeting him. However, each celebrity neatly splits up with their respective partners before reconciling in 2012. Johnny and Amber had been dating for several years when they finally tied the knot in 2015.

A restraining order against the Edward Scissorhands actor was issued after Amber filed for divorce in 2016. They settled their divorce out of court in 2017, with Amber receiving $7 million, which she reportedly gave to charity.

Their relatively amicable divorce became ugly the following year, however, as the Zombieland actress wrote an op-ed on her experience as a domestic abuse victim and published it in The Washington Post.

Although Johnny’s name wasn’t mentioned, it was clear from the article’s timeline that the actor from Unbelievable Beasts was the focus. After Amber’s story went viral, Johnny sued his ex-wife for defamation in the United States for $50 million, saying that her claims were completely false.

In a related libel claim, the actor sued the owners of the British daily The Solar for publishing an item that referred to him as a “wife-beater.” By the year 2020, the courts in Britain had finally ruled in Johnny’s favour.

Meanwhile, in April of 2022, his trial in the United States began. People who have been following Amber’s charges and the subsequent case in the United States have since been curious as to what Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, thinks about the allegations against her father.

Read on to find out where their relationship is now, including if she is on his side or his ex-wife Amber’s.

Exactly how did Lily-Rose Depp React to Amber Heard’s Accusations?

Lily-Rose, the daughter of a famous actor, has never been very forthcoming about her father, and her response to Amber Heard’s charges mirrors this. While Lily-Rose hasn’t commented publicly on her ex-allegations, stepmother’s she has shown support for her father.

After news of Amber’s initial charges spread, Lily-Rose defended his reputation in a now-deleted Instagram post from 2016. She accompanied an old photo of herself and her father with the words, “My dad is the sweetest, most loving human I do know, he’s been nothing but a great father to my little brother and I, and anybody who knows him would say the identical.”

Vanessa, Lily-mother, Rose’s was a fan of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actress as well. In a letter to the court, she defended Johnny’s character, saying, “In all the years I’ve known Johnny, he has never been bodily violent with me and this appears to be like nothing like the person who I lived with for 14 great years.”

In her first interview after her father’s lost defamation lawsuit in the United Kingdom, Lily-Rose offered a more oblique take on the fact that nobody is good. You probably can’t always perform at a high level.

Everyone is bad. Interval. For Lily-Rose, “that’s just the reality of life,” as she explained to Leisure Tonight. Still, “I feel that a large part of keeping a superb head on your shoulders is simply having a lot of self-awareness and never feeling like you take yourself too seriously to place your choices back into question,” the author says.

She went on, saying, “I believe it’s at all times good to have a superb self-reflection concerning the issues you’ve accomplished and always excited about how you possibly may be better.”

How did Lily-Rose Depp and Amber Heard Meet?

It’s only natural that Johnny’s kids would bond with his ex-wife Amber, given that he and she were together for so long. But how did Amber and Lily-Rose interact as father and daughter? Johnny claims that there are a number of factors contributing to the tension between Lily-Rose and Amber.

According to Us Weekly, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said in court that his daughter Lily-Rose did not attend the wedding in April 2022. For various reasons, “she and Ms. Heard were not on particularly good terms.”

While the actor did not reveal the reasons for Lily-absence Rose’s from his wedding, it provides a very clear picture of where she stood with the actress. However, Amber has maintained that she and Lily-Rose had a strong friendship.

Amber called being a stepmother to Lily-Rose and her brother Jack “an honour and the best, most amazing present I’ve ever obtained” in a 2015 interview with Marie Claire. After a moment, she continued, “I actually feel new flavours that I didn’t know existed.

I now see colours I never knew existed before. Thank you so much, it makes me happy. Amber testified in court years later that she felt “protective” of Lily-Rose, despite only having known her for a short time.

At trial, she claimed, “I felt protecting over Lily-Rose and anxious and naturally they weren’t my kids, it’s not my place and I recognise that, I do realise it’s a touchy matter, so I get why Johnny became so upset with me.”

She then accused Johnny of encouraging his daughter to do drugs. As Amber explained to Individuals, she felt protective of his daughter when he introduced her to marijuana because she was so young.

If I had weighed in on it, I wouldn’t have made him so offended. When confronted with these allegations in a libel suit filed towards The Solar in 2020, Johnny strongly rejected them, saying he “by no means inspired my daughter to consume marijuana.”

How do Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose Depp get Along Right Now?

Where do Johnny Depp and Lily-Rose now stand? It looks like Johnny’s kids will continue to be his top priority. The actor said at the outset of his defamation trial in April 2022 that he needed to “clean the file” for the sake of his children, Lily-Rose and Jack.

Johnny said of Amber’s abuse charges, “Since I knew there was no substance to it at all, I considered it my responsibility to stand up not just for myself in that occasion but rise up for my children, who were 14 and 16 at the time.”

Although Lily-Rose has yet to comment on her father’s trial in 2022, she has indicated that she is willing to work closely with him in the future. The young actress has followed in Johnny’s footsteps and gone into the acting business; she has even featured in films with her father before.

In a recent interview with Leisure Tonight, Lily-Rose was asked if she would ever work with her father again, and she responded, “By no means say by no means.” To be honest, that’s not the first thing I take into account.

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The plot itself is interesting, but what really piques my interest is finding out whether or not I like the main character. “But yeah, I mean, I want to work with nice actors,” she clarified, giving her father a backhanded compliment for his acting skills.

Meanwhile, Johnny’s daughter has always held a special place in his heart. He told the Daily Mail in 2015, “Lily’s genuinely together, she’s a sharp child and one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met.”

I’m here for her whenever she needs advice, no matter what she’s up to. Children will ultimately make their very own decisions, and as a parent, all you can do is provide support. “And I do.”