13 Sites Like ‘LiveSoccerTV’ Alternatives

Do you love to watch Soccer? Do you want to see its live score and stats live? If the answer to these questions is yes, then LivesoccerTV is an app for you! It keeps you updated with the live score of the soccer match and also provides information about the famous game football.

The app is of Live Sports Interactive inc. It makes easy for you to have various things related to sport on one appitself. You can also see schedules of the matches to be held and the broadcaster who are going to cover its stats from all over the  world.

So, each and every minor information related to TV-live scores, alerts about kick-offs, news, live commentaries and stat is ticcs are available on one single app-LivesoccerTV.

Besides this, background information about matches like list of channels, upcoming matches, bug fixes, fixtures of team, kick off reminders, etc are also available on the app. it also helps you with languages, you can choose language according to your own comfort as it gives multi lingual support.


So, if you are a sports lover, like to watch sports and  and is curious to have a lot of information about it, you should definitely download the Live SoccerTV app.

But if you can’t download the app due to any possible reason or if you are wishing to try on some new apps who provide you similar services, this article is surely going to help you. Here is a list of  some apps which are great alternatives to the Live Soccer TV app.

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In the contemporary digital age, sports enthusiasts are constantly in search of platforms that cater to their needs, offering real-time updates, streaming options, and comprehensive match coverage.

One such platform that has gained significant traction in the soccer community is LiveSoccerTV. Let’s delve into the world of LiveSoccerTV, understanding its offerings, background, and more.

What is LiveSoccerTV?

LiveSoccerTV is an online platform dedicated to providing soccer fans with real-time updates, streaming information, and detailed match schedules. Not limited to just live match streams, it offers information about TV broadcasts, online channels, news, and more.

13 Sites Like LivesoccerTV

1. Time4TV.com

Time4TV is very popular IPTV website in the world, the content is primarily from US and UK. it have all the content relate to news and sports in addition to entertainment. It have some premium channels available on the website which make it amazing lke Sky sports premier league, comedy central, HBO, etc.

The list of channels go around 200which covers wide range of content and you’re definitely going to enjoy it. So you need not come to app only to acth sports and father related information but also to watch news and gave some entertainment!

The sport is not limited to one or two games but goes beyond that like Football, Basketball, snooker, cycling, Ice Hockey, rugby, volleyball, tennis, boxing, golf, motorsport, etc.

And whenever any app or website provides this much vast content, users face a problem of searching through them and finding  something suitable to watch but Time4TV is very organised app and this is yet another feature about

It organises its content well and you don’t need to tangle between a lot of options available. They have organised it by providing various niches, caregories and sub categories. So, this is a great alternative to livesoccerTV app and you should definitely try it.

2. wizwig.com

Wizwig is an amazing website that allow you to watch sports, radio and live TV channels all in one platform. It mainly features sports and broadcast it.

In addition to that, it also provides you with an ability to listen to radio which also broadcasts live news related to sports It is regularly updated website and does not lack on quality of information it provides its user with.

It primarily covers american sports and hence provide information related to it. Games like football, hockey, cricket and basketball are availed. But, wizwiglacks in number of channel it provides and the quality of videos which is very poor.

Also, it is not easily accessible to its users from the past one year and due to this discontinuity users prefer to go for other websites which are affordable and provide good service.

3. 12th Player

12th player is a site which broadcasts sports, mainly football. So if you have a keen interest in football, 12th player is the site for you. it keeps you updated about every single information related to sports and its self-explanatory interface is the feature which makes it a famous choice for people.

This interface provides us with the buttons on the site for live support and updates about various games. You can use the site for free but there are many other things which makes users irritated like ads. The adds and other redirecting links keep popping up which obstructs the smooth functioning of the website and disgusts users. 

4. VIP Leagues

ViP leagues is the worth to use website which is loved by all the sports lovers due to the vibe quantity of content it provides. It do not lag behind in providing entertainments and keeps you updated with all the necessary information.

This is not one sport dominated website but provides you with content related to all sports which are there in international directory. It have all sports related updates right there in the app and you do not need to search here and there for it.

So, if you are a big sports fan and loves to watch variety of sports live, you should definitely try VIP leagues.

5. Offsidestreams.com

Offside streams is not a free website but you require to pay and get subscribed to its services. It have a wide variety of channels and besides that, it do not compromises on quality.

The quality of its services is worth paying and it have XBMC add-on which means its use is not confined to one device and you can stream sports on it through various devices like top boxes and an android device in addition to mobile browser as well.

So what else the user need? Its content ranges from sports to latest TV shows, adult programs, movies, etc It do not pops up continuous ads frustrating users but it is hassle free and you can use this for various purposes.

Number of channels are available which you can stream and your entertainment is going nowhere while you are streaming on offsidestreams.com.

6. Cricfree.TV

Cricfree is a website where live sports is streamed and that too free. You have to pay nothing to enjoy some amazing features of the website.Cricfree TV is a very famous website and is widely used.

It streams various events related to news and keep its users updated with some latest information about sports but because some TV channels have to pay a lot of money to get access to Livesports events they tend to take down websites like cricfree.TV who who stream these events for free.

Therefore, the website is taken down by its creators making it difficult to access. It could be possible that website is taken down due to some copyright issues. But whatever the issue is, there is nothing in the hands of users to bring it back.

Hence, although the website is amazing and have a lot of features which are worth using, it may not work for some of the users.

7. Newsoccer.org

Newsoccer.org is a website specifically for football enthusiasts. It is a live streaming portal where football league and soccer matches are streamed live from all over the world. Yes, you heard it right. All over the world!

Various matches are held related to football in different countries but the live TV channels are unable to stream them all. So, the feature which make newsoccer.org distinct among all others is that it provides up-to-minute live coverage of every event live.

It is a reside suits, streaming and provides the score count of all live events.

Leagues like UEFA is also available and you do not need to do a lot to open these tournaments or see live scores, the website is easy to use and do not consumes a lot of time of its users in these processes.

Further, it is a biassed streaming provider. If you are also the one who is a big football fan, go and try newsoccer.org now.

8. Sportstream.TV

Sportstream.TV is a free website where matches, tournaments and related events are streamed. It have plethora of games to choose from, one can select football, Motorsports, NBA or even NFL.

Besides website, the app is also available which is user-friendly  and can be used on desktop and i pad. Its distinct feature is that users can even watch the latest fixtures while watching TV. It have a great user-interface system and clean design.

It do not pop up ads and various redirecting links while using it, so it assures that its users are not frustrated and can enjoy the pleasure of watching sports without intrusion. There is a homepage with a background of green colour and a centre aligned page carries the list of all the important fixtures that users might love and are interested to see.

You can also find about 3 to 4 links for each fixture in each sports category whether it is Rugby, Tennis, Hockey, Racing, MMA, MLB, football, ice-hockey and gymnastics, etc. Besides this, if you love No filler content, you should definitely visit the website as it is definitely going to entertain you endlessly.

9. Sportp2p.com

Sportp2p is an another amazing website offering its users with a opportunity to watch the matches of various sports live. It is always preferable to use these kinds of website on PC and also the website have organised some leading channels making it easy to use.

It can be used world widely and there is no restriction in any country, so even if you are travelling from one country to another you entertainment from sportp2p is not going to stop.

It is a simple website but have a packed interface to enhance the experience of its users. The streaming quality is high and all this is free, you need not to pay even a penny for this.

10. Sport365.live

Sport365.live is a domain which serves you entertainment by streaming various sorts matches and tournaments. Whether it is volleyball, racing, football, boxing or any other game, you can watch its matches and related events here.

The recording option is also available which enables you to record some important live matches to watch later if you are busy in some wor, and hence unable to watch match on time.

Also, you don’t need to search a lot for your game, the app have organised various categories and you will easily find the sports you love to watch, so you should visit the website at least once.

11. Batmanstream.com

The website batmanstream.com is accessible from all the devices having a web browser. It is a live sports streaming website where you can watch sports like basketball. football, baseball, handball, motor, rugby, tennis, hockey and volleyball. It have an army of web crawlers who search for live sports stream and avail it for users with a simple click.

12. Stream2watch.co

Stream2watch is platform dedicated to sports where a lot of channels are available to choose from. It is a free website and there is no cost which you need to pay to use it. The streaming is of top quality but users can also change it to low quality or vice-versa according to their convenience.

The ads are there but very minimal which do not put any such bad effect on the entertainment. It have a best collection of sports and related channels and hence is a favourite destination for many sports lovers.

You can enjoy any of the sport like football, hockey, b-ball and NHL. If you are also a sports freak, this website is for you.

13. Atdhe.ru

Atdhe.ru is last in the list of these amazing sports streaming websites. Atdhe. ru provides you with all the necessary updates, news and live streaming of various sports matches. It is free to use and users do not need to take a subscription to access it. It is user friendly and is worth using.

Does LiveSoccerTV Still Work?

Yes, LiveSoccerTV continues to function effectively, updating soccer aficionados with the latest happenings in the football world. Its consistency and reliability have made it a top choice among users who are keen to stay updated with their favorite sport.

Who is the Founder of LiveSoccerTV?

The specifics about the founders or the core team behind LiveSoccerTV are not publicly disclosed. As with many digital platforms, details about its creation and leadership might be kept private for various reasons.

Benefits of LiveSoccerTV:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: LiveSoccerTV offers a holistic view of the soccer world, providing details about matches spanning different leagues and countries.
  2. Multi-Platform Streaming Info: Apart from detailing TV broadcasts, it informs users about online streaming options, ensuring fans have multiple avenues to catch their favorite games.
  3. Match Schedules & Updates: The platform is known for its detailed match schedules, ensuring fans never miss a game.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Its design is intuitive, allowing users, even those unfamiliar with such platforms, to navigate effortlessly.
  5. News & Updates: Apart from match-related information, LiveSoccerTV offers news updates, ensuring fans are in the loop with all soccer-related developments.

Is LiveSoccerTV Safe?

Given the platform’s primary focus on providing information rather than hosting content, it is generally considered safe. However, as always:

  • Exercise Caution with External Links: LiveSoccerTV may provide links to third-party streaming sites. Ensure you have adequate security measures, such as an active antivirus program, when accessing these sites.
  • Avoid Downloads: Be wary of prompts to download software or apps from third-party sites, as they may contain malware.

Is LiveSoccerTV Free?

LiveSoccerTV itself is a free platform that provides information. However, it’s worth noting that while it guides users to various streaming options, some linked platforms may require subscriptions or pay-per-view fees.

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So, we have provided you with 13 similar websites like LivesoccerTV and all of them are amazing. These websites are going to make your weekend amazing and you are going to have a lot of fun while streaming sports on these sites.

LiveSoccerTV has cemented its position as a trusted companion for soccer fans around the world. Offering a wealth of information and ensuring fans remain connected to their beloved sport, it truly epitomizes the spirit of the game.

As with any online engagement, users should practice safe browsing habits. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard soccer enthusiast, LiveSoccerTV promises to enhance your viewing experience.