Top 11 Alternatives of ‘KimCartoon’ To Watch Cartoons Online

KimCartoon is an online streaming platform for watching online cartoon movies and other content. You can watch your favourite cartoons for free of cost. This website provides all the Cartoon movies, animes, cartoon series, cartoon tv shows and other sorts of contents.

It contains all the Cartoon movies from latest ones to old series. The newly released cartoon movies are added to the library of the page. This website provides you the search box where you can search your favourite cartoon shows.

It contains popular cartoons from Tom and Jerry, Looney tunes, Mickey mouse, doremon, Ben 10, etc. KimCartoon is a popular website and very useful for the cartoon lover. You can watch your favourite cartoon anytime anywhere.

It is true that in some places and some countries this website can’t be accessed. Then in such cases you have to find the best alternative for KimCartoon to watch your favourite cartoon without any stoppage.


In this article we have a list of 11 Best KimCartoon Alternative to watch Cartoon Online which will help you to find the best alternative for KimCartoon.

Animation has been a cornerstone of entertainment for generations. While various platforms cater to different animated genres, one name has become synonymous with a vast collection of cartoons: KimCartoon.

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This article seeks to shed light on what KimCartoon is, its functionality, and other pertinent details every animation aficionado should know.

What is KimCartoon?

KimCartoon is an online streaming platform dedicated to bringing a plethora of animated shows and movies to its audience. From Saturday morning classics to contemporary hits, KimCartoon has been the go-to for many looking to relive their childhood memories or discover new animated gems.

Top 11 Alternatives of KimCartoon to Watch Online Cartoons

Here’s the list of 11 Best KimCartoon Alternative to watch Cartoons Online. Let’s see detailed information about each alternative website one by one.

1. Streaming Sites 

If you are in the search of the best alternative for KimCartoon then Streamingsites is the best option you can choose. These website provides free online streaming for Cartoon movie and other related contents.

This website has high quality videos which creates the best experience. There are videos and movies categorised on different types. This website has safe videos which are virus free and more safe to access.

This website has clear and detailed description about animes so that you can watch the best cartoon movies. Theses site also contains reviews by users which makes it easier to get the best option to watch.

2. CartoonCrazy

This website is same as KimCartoon. You can access this website without any need to register and without spending a single penny. It has wide range of collection of cartoon movies, animes, cartoon series, cartoon tv shows, etc.

It contains HD quality videos and ad-free videos which creates this website as the best alternative to KimCartoon. The library of cartoon movies is regularly updated so as to provide you the latest cartoon shows for the Cartoon lovers.

This website has more than 25,000 episode which can be watched at anytime. So this website has become one of the popular website for Cartoon lovers.

3. Masterani

Masterani is among the popular website which contains the newest listings of animes. You can watch online animes on this website. You can also see the review and ratings of the users over the latest series.

For streaming online you need to register or sign up to the website. There is no need of payment for subscriptions. There are filters through which you can categorise the anime on the basis of movies, season, episodes, rating, etc.

You can also alphabetically sort them out. It contains more than 2500 Latest cartoon movies in HD quality that can be watched anytime anywhere over the globe.

4. EyeAnomie

Eyeanomie is a popular website from where you can download your favourite movies, webseries, cartoon series for free of cost. You can watch HD quality videos. There are numerous genres in the library of the website.

Latest anime are uploaded on the website when the subs/dubs of the animes are available. You can watch all the anime from old to latest anime. This website is the best for Anime lover.

5. AnimePahe

Anime Pahe is a popular website which contains a large collection of subbed and dubbed anime with more deals and offers and a collection of series for free of cost. The website interface is organised systematically so that you can easily find your favourite anime show’s.

And surplus to this, it contains ad-free videos which creates a greater impact on the Cartoon lovers so that they can watch their favourite movie without any disturbance.

It shows the ratings and reviews of users with description. There is a search box where you can watch your favourite anime in quite few seconds.

6. AnimeShow

AnimeShow is a popular online streaming platform to watch Anime movies. It contains wide range of collection of cartoon movies such as action, comedy, fantasy, drama, patriotic, adventure, etc. The anime at this site contains HD quality videos and with English subtitles.

There are different genres which are sorted out for your ease. The streaming speed of this website is of excellent speed. Hence this website can be considered as the best alternative for KimCartoon.

7. KissAnime

KissAnime is the most popular website which should be mentioned in this list. This website has multiple anime movie of different languages and different countries. You can download a variety of video quality till 1080 pixels.

The website’s interface is quite straightforward which enables the user to access their favourite cartoons very easily. There is no need of registration or sign up you can easily access your favourite cartoon movies.

This website has a larger anime collection resulting in the most popular website for watching anime online. Hence KissAnime is one of the 11 Best KimCartoon Alternative to watch Cartoon online in 2021.

8. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the legal website for watching online animes. For watching online content it is necessary to create an account over this website. This website has two types of contents which are the free type content and second is the paid type of content.

The main drawback of free content is that it comes with more advertisement and promotion that is hectic and you can’t watch the latest episodes of a Cartoon series. Crunchyroll cartoon has both subbed and dubbed cartoon movies and the Asian cartoon dramas and series.

This website provides around 25,000 anime episodes and it also provides 15,000 hours of licensed contents . So this website is surely safer to access as all the contents of this website are legal and licenced.

9. Animefreak

Animefreak is a popular streaming website to watch Cartoon animes online. You can watch HD quality videos on this website. It contains large database of anime movies that are updated with latest episodes and series.

You can search your favourite cartoon animes according to the filter provided by different types of genres, series, website, alphabet, season. Additionally you can watch Mangas latest and old episodes on the category of different genres.

10. KissCartoon

KissCartoon is amongst the one of the oldest websites for streaming online animes. Millions of people visit this website for watching online anime show’s and TV shows. All sorts of cartoon contents are available.

KissCartoon is now the popular website for watching online Anime shows and movies. This website doesn’t need any paid subscription you can watch all the animes for free of cost. The website is continuously updated with the latest episodes of animes and shows.

The library is categorised on the basis of genres like action, horror, Comedy, trending, etc. Hence KissCartoon is amongst the 11 Best KimCartoon Alternative to watch Cartoon online.

11. WatchCartoonOnline

Watch Cartoon online is the trending anime streaming platform that is present on Google. It is the best alternative for KimCartoon. This website has an user-friendly interface which is easier to handle and user can easily access their favourite cartoon animes.

This website can be accessed over all the devices all over the globe for streaming animes and cartoon shows.

WatchCartoonOnline is very popular website and very useful for the cartoon lover among various countries. There is a wide range of cartoon series, cartoon movies and cartoon TV shows. Hence WatchCartoonOnline is one among the Best KimCartoon Alternative to watch Cartoons Online.

Does KimCartoon Still Work?

KimCartoon has faced its fair share of ups and downs, with domain changes and temporary downtimes. The best way to check its current status is to visit the platform directly or rely on trusted forums and communities that track the site’s uptime.

Who is the Founder of KimCartoon?

The precise identity or group behind KimCartoon remains shrouded in mystery. As with many streaming sites, the individuals or team responsible for KimCartoon have chosen to keep their identities private to navigate the tricky waters of online content streaming.

Benefits of KimCartoon:

  1. Expansive Library: One of the primary draws of KimCartoon is its extensive collection of animated content. Whether you’re searching for a niche title or mainstream favorites, chances are, KimCartoon has it.
  2. High-Quality Streams: Most of the content on KimCartoon is available in high definition, ensuring viewers get the best visual experience.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the site is a breeze, even for first-timers, thanks to its organized categories and search functionality.
  4. Community Engagement: Beyond just streaming, the platform offers a community feel where users can discuss episodes, share recommendations, and even delve into fan theories.

Is KimCartoon Safe?

With any online streaming platform, there are safety concerns to consider:

  • Pop-ups & Ads: KimCartoon has been known to have pop-up ads. Using a reputable ad-blocker is advisable when navigating the site.
  • External Links: At times, users might be redirected to third-party sites. It’s essential to ensure your device’s security settings are up-to-date and to be cautious of downloading anything from unfamiliar sites.
  • Licensing: Not all content on KimCartoon may be licensed for streaming, making it essential to be aware of the copyright regulations in your region.

Is KimCartoon Free?

Yes, KimCartoon offers its vast collection for free to users. However, the trade-off for free content often comes in the form of advertisements, which can sometimes be intrusive. It’s always a good idea to check if there are any premium or ad-free viewing options available.

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There are the best Alternatives for KimCartoon that would help you to watch your favourite cartoon animes without any problem. They may contain animes, cartoon series, cartoon tv shows, Mangas, etc. There are many free website where you can stream online cartoons.

But it is very important to use a VPN service to access non-stop online cartoon movies without any viruses and malware virus. So it a must to use licensed website as it is safe to use. You must install a good antivirus software before visiting any of such unlicensed website.

Do not click on any promotional ads or third party website link as they may lead to harmful websites. We must always prefer the licenced and VPN service website as a safety measures.

In this article we have mentioned the 11 Best KimCartoon Alternative to watch Cartoons Online. We have written this article to help our readers. We do not intend to promote any illegal or piracy-promoting website. This article contains the alternative website and their information.

KimCartoon stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of animation. While it offers a treasure trove of animated content, users must always prioritize their safety when navigating online streaming sites.

With an abundance of content at your fingertips and a passionate community backing it, KimCartoon remains a significant player in the world of animated streaming.