Top 10 ‘VexMovies’ Alternatives For Watching Free Movies

What about a binge watch during Sunday lazy afternoon? Just you, movie and bed, that’s all you need. Here’s we have come up with the best alternatives of VexMovies. It’s been a long time since the VexMovies streaming website is not functional.

So, all those who are looking for a replacement for VexMovies are in right place. The admirers of VexMovies are missing the website so much. But, why worry if you have many alternatives to VexMovies.



All these websites are free of cost and allow you to watch all your favorite shows and movies. Here we will be discussing the 10 best alternatives to the VexMovies website. So let us talk about our most lovable website VexMovies.

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What is VexMovies?

Vexmovies is a website that allows you to watch copyright content over the web, absolutely free of cost. Vexmovies is a Vietnam-based organization for streaming films which are permitted by clients to watch motion pictures for absolutely free. You don’t need to Register yourself over this website and it is absolutely advertisement-free.

Those days were really great when we used to watch movies with the help of vexmovies website. But as website is not available to us anymore we have figured a new way to watch movies online which is absolutely free of cost.

Top 10 Alternative Movie Websites of VexMovies

Here we will be talking about the top 10 sites which you can use as the alternative of VexMovies movies. So let’s have a look at them.

1. Viooz

This website is specially designed for the upcoming generations which provides a platform for streaming videos. There is no doubt that this is a user friendly website. It’s interface and overall appearance is very catchy and it is almost similar to vexmovies.

One of the cons of this website is it has a lot of irresistible advertisements. Although it regularly updates the website by launching every movie e a little bit early as compared to other websites.

2. CMovies

Here we came up with another website name Cmovies. It has an amazing interface. It is easy to use or in short we can say it’s a user friendly website which is a similar copy of vexmovies website. It is one of the most popular and lovable website among movie lovers.

The uniqueness of this platform is it moulds itself according to requirement of the user. Cmovies have an official account on Twitter consisting of over 1,000 followers. It’s regular user are demanding and are looking forward for new features to add soon to its website.

3. Movie Ninja

This website consists of a huge library consisting numerous TV shows and movie. It consists of various genre and you can find any movie through there varied sections. It has proved a best alternative for vexmovies.

The best part of this website is you don’t have to register yourself to watch anything over the web it has a unique feature in which you can share your favourite movie with your friends and you can create or add content to your watch list.

Movie Ninja website is free and it seeks recommendations from its user for future sessions. This website has a option of download so that you can watch your favourite movie offline.

4. MFree4u

As the name suggests itself it is a reliable and a free website to watch movies over the web. It has a very catchy and an interesting collection of TV shows and movies. It is quite similar to vexmovies due to addition or we can say due to inhabitation from vexmovies website.

This website is loved by movie lovers because it has no buffering problems. It keeps you up to date with regular movie release so that you never get out of movies. You don’t have to register yourself over this website.

As we have discussed due to its high streaming quality the website loads faster although it doesn’t have a user friendly interface but still it is loved by users.

5. SnagFlims

Here comes snagfilms website it consists of a huge variety of genre. Whether it’s a small kid or old age community, it has everything for all of them. Some of its genre are sports korma history, military bright wildlife, kids family and a never ending list goes on.

It’s really easy to use due to its simple and clean interface. In short we can say it has a very keen and user friendly interface.

Instead of being alternative it is really tough competitor of vexmovies in providing free movies online. This website consists of annoying advertisement but if we ignore the fact it is a good website for streaming movies. It has a variety of collections and is really popular among movie lovers.

6. YesMovies

This website is specially designed for Netflix lovers. This is an excellent website that consists of uncountable movies, TV shows, and other popular content. This website have all the wildest collection for or any age group, from any country, and is available in all genre.

Due to its excellent look and collection it has created a huge space among everyone. It has a additional feature of IMDB rating and it provides a short summary of the following movie or show. It has a section where critics provide information about the show or movie so you can easily decide whether to watch it or not.

7. ZMovies

Z movies website is similar to vexmovies and it offers around 3500 movies and numerous TV shows from different nations. This is a famous platform and is widely used by movie lovers. You just have to do a simple registration process and click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.

It has a very smooth and simple interface. They have a very good streaming quality and provides you to stream in different resolutions. It provides you different genre such as action, drama, documentary, comedy biography, horror and much more.

8. RainierLand

Rainierland website has a huge database and it has uncountable options available for different movie lovers. Whether it’s action or it is adventurous you can find anything over this website.

It has a unique solution which consists of recently added or we can see recently uploaded movies or TV shows. Just like any other website you are free to choose any sort of movie of any genre.

This website is relief for those movie lovers who don’t like pop up links or advertisement while watching movies. This makes rainierland website more convenient to use this website. It doesn’t stores your data so if you left your movie at some point you may lost your data if the site refreshes.

9. Vidics

This website will provide all the content available worldwide. It is the best alternative for watching movie online. Due to availability of this website all over the world, no matter where you are you can take advantage of this website from any corner of the world.

You can search any movie or any favourite show of yours with the help of this website. You don’t have to switch website for different movies or shows. It’s organized and user-friendly interface is loved by users.

The TV show portion is totally separated from the movie section so that all the things don’t get mug up and you can easily find for what you are looking for. It regularly updates TV shows and movies.

10. FMovies

FMovies is having most polished and a very attractive user interface. It’s completely free and a best website to stream movies and shows. It comes in the dark mode and which is covered by light blue accents.

It’s really a great advantage for the users love to watch movies at night or in a dark room. It gives a relaxation to your eye while watching. It is a great alternative for vexmovies lovers.

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We hope that you will enjoy this great alternative of vexmovies streaming website. It’s really tough to choose a particular website for streaming movies but these websites are great from one another in there expects.

All these websites are great, you just need to pick a website which full fill all your desire of watching movie. Congratulations!! to those users of vexmovies where it is not banned yet and those users who cannot take advantage of vexmovies can go through these alternative.