How Did Rin Died in Naruto

Kakashi was responsible for Rin’s death in episode 371 of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden. Because their adversaries had confined the three-tailed beast known as Isobu inside of her, he accidentally killed her to keep it imprisoned.

How Did Rin Died in Naruto

Multiple villagers would have been slaughtered if that terrible beast had been let loose in Konoha. Kakashi struggled with the thought of killing Rin, a fine person and his friend and partner.

Instead of letting him make the call, she sacrificed herself by running straight into the line of his mighty lightning blade, thereby committing suicide for the sake of her village.

How Did Rin Died in Naruto

Kakashi and Rin’s Backstory

Kakashi Gaiden, a spin-off of Naruto, delves deeply into the backstory of Kakashi and Rin. Kakashi appears in both parts of the original Naruto and in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, although by that point, Rin has already passed away.

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Where being said, it is in the spin-off Kakashi Gaiden that both her and Kakashi’s histories are completely explored. Both Kakashi and Rin share their birthplace of Konoha, and they are of the same age.

Obito Uchiha, another student at their school, is Rin’s best buddy. Kakashi, Rin, and Obito gain admission to the ninja academy at the same young ages as other children. After finishing high school, the trio is assigned to learn from Minato Namikaze.

They must complete a variety of duties before they can take and pass the Chnin Exams. Kakashi, Rin, and Obito, together with their teacher, take on numerous missions to protect Konoha after they complete their tests. In addition, they fight in the Third Shinobi War.

The Kannabi Bridge is an important supply route for one of Konoha’s opponents, and the team’s mission is to destroy it while the fight is still ongoing. They bravely set out on this expedition, but the bad guys end up kidnapping Rin.

Her foes utilise their powers to coerce her into revealing Konoha’s secret war plot, but she manages to hold out until Kakashi and Obito come to her rescue. During the rescue attempt, Obito is tragically killed as a cave in collapses on him. But before he passes away, he gives Kakashi the gift of his Sharingan eyes.

Kakashi’s Murder of Rin Occurs in Which Episode?

In episode 371 of the anime series Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi killed Rin. However, it should be noted that the murder occurred in a previous episode, not this one. However, we won’t see what happened until a flashback in episode 371.

After Obito is killed, Kakashi, Rin, and their mentor Minato carry out the task to demolish the Kannabi Bridge. They carry on with their lives until Rin is abducted once more by foes from Kirigakure or the hidden mist village.

Kakashi comes to her aid again, but on the way back to Konoha she deliberately jumps in front of his lightning sword. His hand-controlled lightning chakra forms a blade that pierces her chest and ends her life instantly.

For What Reason Did Rin Leap In Front of Kakashi?

Kakashi was about to release the three-tailed beast locked inside Rin, so she jumped in front of him and committed herself. As part of the second kidnapping, Rin had one of the nine-tailed animals, known as Isobu, trapped inside of her.

It was planned that whenever Rin returned to Konoha, the three-tailed beast within her would be unleashed, wreaking havoc and killing a large number of people thanks to Isobu’s devastating destructive powers.

After coming to this conclusion, Rin recognised she was a gift from the Trojans to her people. As a result, she made up her mind that rather than going to Konoha, she would end her own life.

She pleaded with Kakashi to end her life, but he refused because of his commitment to Obito’s memory to always shield her. Aware that Kakashi was not going to back down, Rin took matters into her own hands and leapt in front of the lightning blade Kakashi had aimed at their attacker.

Consequently, her death was instantaneous. The way Rin dies in the anime adaptation of Naruto makes it seem like Kakashi murdered her to prevent her from betraying vital information to the bad guys.

Many people began falsely accusing him of being a buddy killer because of this. It was not on purpose that he killed Rin. She took her own life, though.

Kakashi, However, Was Profoundly Troubled By Both Rin’s and Obito’s Deaths.

He frequently paid them gravesite visits, as if to carry on a conversation. His Mangeyoko Sharingan eyes also opened as a result of the discomfort. Kakashi could mimic any action he watches with the help of the Sharingan.

In addition to the Sharingan’s broad category of genjutsu, he was able to take in more visual information and process it more quickly.

Kakashi’s Interest in Rin: Yes or No?

Kakashi liked Rin as a teammate and friend, but he never felt romantic feelings for her. On the other hand, Rin’s emotions remain a mystery. From what we can gather, Kakashi did not return Rin’s emotions of love, yet it has been suggested that she still loved him.

But some other accounts have it that Rin had a secret crush on Obito and didn’t realise he felt the same way. However, there are also accounts that claim Obito had unrequited feelings for Rin.

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Obito’s deep fondness for Rin remains a constant throughout, and over time, Rin reciprocated his feelings. Later, after she passes away (and it’s revealed that he’s still alive, having survived the cave-in), she watches over him patiently until he can join her in the afterlife.

Obito is killed by a villain named Kaguya tsutsuki, yet he is able to join Kaguya in the hereafter. When he finally caught up with her, he profusely apologised for the delay. He expressed regret for having abandoned the righteous road and instead becoming the leader of the criminal organisation Akatsuki for a while.

Assuring Obito that he had done his best, Rin accepted his apologies. Then, to help Kakashi out in a fight, Obito used his teleportation talents to return to Earth for a little while. Thereafter, he reappears, and he and Rin are finally and eternally reunited.