5 Ways to Fix Netflix Site Error

Netflix is one of the top media service provider in the market. Almost everybody heard or used Netflix once it is a great streaming service with premium experience but what if you are going watch your favorite show and you see “Netflix Site Error” that can ruin your mood for all day. We are here to save your day in this article you will get more familiar with this error and its solutions. There can be many reasons for this error like the device or internet connection you are using or your browser as well.

What Causes the Netflix Site Error?

As I have mentioned above there can be a number of reasons but there are some most common causes reported by users. This error can occur on any device and browser hence you necessarily need to use any other device. Now moving onto the most common possible errors.

  • Browser Cache or Cookies: Whenever you visit a new website your browser save some information from that page so that it can load that website faster when you visit it again. However when your browser is filled with lot of cache it starts creating problems like lags and crashing websites. In our case it is the Netflix Website removing cache and cookies should help us.
  • Network Connectivity: Sometimes routers can be cause of this error as well it could be due to faulty settings or bad internet connection.
  • Incompatible Browser: Compatibility issue can also be the cause for this error. There are many browser which still runs on older scripts since they do not support latest javascripts and websites your browser will not open the website instead it will show an error.

How Can I fix Netflix Site Error?

These kind of errors are not big deal you can get rid of this error in just some clicks. As you have read above there are more than one reasons for this error hence there are going to be a number of solutions as well. You can try all of these solutions. Make sure to follow each step in right order. Here are the best solutions for Netflix site error.

Solution #1 Restart your system

Many times system itself have problems like some third party app blocking browser or system stuck on a thread. In that condition your computer won’t going to open any website. In that situation you can do only one thing which is to restart your computer. In order to restart your computer simply right click on Windows icon and select Shut Down or Sign out and choose Restart.


Application Error 0xc0000142

ERR_CACHE_MISS in Google Chrome


Solution #2 Sign in using a different Device

If you are running a very old device with outdated operating system and software then most likely your device is not supporting the Netflix website. In order to confirm that you can install latest updates on your computer and try to visit the website again or you can try to visit the Netflix website using any other device. If any of that works then it means your device must be incompatible with Netflix website.

Solution #3 Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

As mentioned above over flowing cache and cookies can also be the reason behind this hence we need to clear out all the cache and cookies. In this solution we will clear cache and cookies from Google Chrome browser the process is going to be same for Mozilla Firefox browser. In order to remove cache and cookies from Google Chrome Browser simply follow the steps down below.

Step 1: Open your web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

Step 2: Click on top right corner (three dots) and select History.

Step 3: Then choose Clear browsing data and click on Advanced tab.

Step 4: Now deselect other options other than Cookies and cache.

Step 5: Select time From beginning and click on clear browsing data.

Step 6: Close your web browser after the process is complete.

Now you have successfully removed cache and cookies from your browser you should be able to access Netflix website without any error. Removing cache should have speed up your browser as well. In any case if you are still seeing that error then you may try other solutions as well.

Solution #4 Use Compatible Browsers

Since all the browsers don’t support latest scripts then you should use a latest compatible browser. You can use either Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox they are always up to date. You try any of them you can also google which browser supports Netflix website from your device.

Solution #5 Restart your Modem

From common reasons faulty router or modem is also one of the cause for this error. Many times restarting the modem or router should do the trick however if it doesn’t then maybe your router or modem is configured badly. In that case you should re-configure your router. In order to re-configure your modem or router simply follow the steps down below.

Step 1: Open your web browser and type the IP address of your router.

Step 2: Fill in the username and password to log into router.

Step 3: Now go to Settings tab. Copy all the essential details like IP address, DNS Address and Gateway address.

Step 4: Finally click on reset settings.

Step 5: Now login again into your router and fill in all the required fields ( IP Address, DNS Address, and Gateway Address).

Now you have reconfigured your router. Now you should be able to access the Netflix website without any error.


At the end of this article I hope your issue has been resolved. Issues like this can occur to any website but you can solve those using these solutions as well. Enjoy your Netflix.